by Randy from DealerRater.com

November 6, 2018

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We looked and looked for the specific vehicle we wanted, and finally found it at Advantedge Quality Cars in Wichita. We inquired about the vehicle, it was brought to the showroom door, and we took it for a drive. It was exactly what we wanted. As we returned to the dealership, I started to tense up thinking about all the hoops we would be led through: The hassle regarding trade-in value, dealing with a pushy salesman and sales manager, all the paperwork, etc. OH MY GOODNESS! Salesman: “This is what your trade-in is worth.” Me: “Not enough.” Salesman: “What would you need to get for your vehicle?” I told him. He left, and came back within the minute: “OK – we will give you that amount.” We asked for gas – we got gas. We asked for a second key to be made at their expense (fob within the key – expensive!). No problem. EVERYONE was friendly, cooperative, no pushing WHATSOEVER! I had looked at a vehicle about a year prior (didn’t buy due to personal preferences), and that, too, was a very positive experience. I cannot say enough good things about this dealership! I am bad at remembering names – but the salesman (Gabe, I think?) behaved as if he was there only to meet our wants/needs, (without the typical fake salesman kissing up).. I brought the title to our trade-in, thinking we were set if we decided to buy. In my mind: “Wife has her purse – we’re prepared.” No – I had just assumed she would have a checkbook. The finance dept. allowed us to use two credit cards, amounting to thousands of dollars, and didn’t charge us a penny in fees! Go . . . look . . . and if you fall in love with a vehicle, know that you will love everything about the purchasing experience to follow! (No, I’m not being paid to submit this review – I just have NEVER felt grateful that someone sold me a car! This time, I kinda’ do!)

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