June 22, 2021
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Arizona police shoot suspect who struck multiple cyclists with vehicle
Flying Car Makers Want to Build ‘Uber Meets Tesla in the Air’
30 Fayetteville businesses receive bicycle friendly awards
Tesla launches its fastest car, the Model S Plaid
Federal regulators warn of risks to firefighters from electrical vehicle fires
House transportation bill a loser for consumers
Boyfriend of woman found shot to death in wrecked car is charged with murder
Bike to Play – How Did Bicycling Celebrate Bike to Play Week?
Tesla-inspired automotive designs that show why this company is at the peak of modern innovation: Part 3
Scooters A Viable Mode of Transportation In Omaha
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Arizona police shoot suspect who struck multiple cyclists with vehicle Flying Car Makers Want to Build ‘Uber Meets Tesla in the Air’ 30 Fayetteville businesses receive bicycle friendly awards Tesla launches its fastest car, the Model S Plaid Federal regulators warn of risks to firefighters from electrical vehicle fires House transportation bill a loser for consumers Boyfriend of woman found shot to death in wrecked car is charged with murder Bike to Play – How Did Bicycling Celebrate Bike to Play Week? Tesla-inspired automotive designs that show why this company is at the peak of modern innovation: Part 3 Scooters A Viable Mode of Transportation In Omaha

Bicycle ride to highlight historic Route 66, downtown Edmond

EDMOND — The inaugural Cycle 66, an urban and rural bicycling tour and festival along historic Route 66, will be Nov. 7, 2021, with diverse cycling routes showcasing the Mother Road’s uniqueness via starting and finishing lines in downtown Edmond.

“Oklahoma’s love of cycling, Route 66 and family fun all comes together with Cycle 66,” said Cycle 66 founder Mike Osburn, an Edmond businessman and civic booster. “Whether you’re a competitive cyclist, started biking as a pandemic distraction, or just like fun and food, Cycle 66 is for you. We are thrilled Edmond is getting in on the action of Route 66, a national attraction we are privileged to have as a part of our community.”

Organizers unveiled Cycle 66 on the 94th anniversary of Route 66’s establishment in 1926. Cycle 66’s title sponsor is OU Health.

“Cycle 66 offers cyclists three distances to enjoy and the rest of us a chance to cheer them on at a family friendly festival showcasing all downtown Edmond has to offer,” said Jennifer Seaton, director of Visit Edmond.

“Oklahoma is leading the nation in Route 66 tourism as the Mother Road approaches its 100th anniversary, and dynamic events like Cycle 66 are one reason why,” said Oklahoma Lt. Gov. Matt Pinnell, the state’s secretary of tourism and branding.

“Cycle 66 is a dream for people like me who love cycling, cherish Route 66 and believe in Oklahoma’s potential as a recreation and tourism destination,” said Pinnell, an avid cyclist.

Cycle 66 will offer routes for all riders, from amateur to competitive cyclists. All three routes will include support and gear, relief wagons, signage, rest stops, first aid stations and traffic control.

The routes will include:

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Ride Around Washington | Cascade Bicycle Club

Due to the uncertainty surrounding COVID-19 and an inability to guarantee that we will be able to run this event at the capacity required we are forced to make the decision to cancel the 2020 Ride Around Washington.  We are extremely disappointed, but 2021 plans are already in progress and we plan on delivering an amazing “welcome back” party for all of our dedicated supporters.  Check back for more 2021 tour details by May 1st and we will open registration in the fall for 2021. 



23rd Annual Ride Around Washington

Several bicycles lean against a worn wood-sided building during RAW

Cheney, WA to Chewelah, WA

Saturday, August 1 to Saturday, August 8

NEW FOR 2020!  For the first time in RAW history, we will have six days of great riding but only two campsites. That means only one move day!  And for those who prefer clean sheets each night, there is the option to make motel reservations in both Cheney and Chewelah.  

RAW 2020 will offer four loop rides, one out and back ride, and one point-to-point ride on the day we break camp in Cheney and set up in Chewelah. This year riders will also have the option to drive themselves to the Finish line in Chewelah, where they can leave their cars for the week, and purchase a shuttle ride to the Start Line in Cheney. This is a perfect option for those living outside the Seattle area.  For those in the Seattle area, there is still the option to purchase round-trip bus transportation from the University of Washington to the Start in Cheney and from the Finish in Chewelah back to UW.

Although the number of camping venues has decreased for 2020, the heart of what attracts riders to RAW remains the same – stunning routes, variable terrain, low-traffic roads, challenging climbs, and thrilling descents, all coupled with great support! There is a lot of mileage for those who want it, but on most days there are shorter options for those who prefer a more moderate ride. And having just two base camps will enable staff to enhance and improve the in-camp experience for riders, thus ensuring that RAW 2020 will be a most memorable experience!   

*Non-Refundable Deposit Upon Registration $270 $270
**Final Payment (Add-on) 5/1/20 $820 $820
Total Cost 5/1/20 $1090 $1090

* A non-refundable deposit is required to reserve your spot on RAW

**Final payment add-on can be purchased during registration or by 5/1/20. See instructions for paying your remaining balance (final payment).

Final payment add-on DUE by 05/01/20

RAW is a fully supported bicycle tour with overnight camping accommodations. The tour includes three meals per day; hot showers; daily ride support (snacks, water, and mechanic services); daily luggage transport to and from each overnight camp. Along with professional staff, the tour experience is designed and supported by Cascade Bicycle Club volunteers, fellow cyclists dedicated to sharing a love of cycling in Washington state with our guests. Please join us in 2020!

Check out this video from


Ride a bike and help the environment while losing carbon emmissions : bicycleforaday.org


Bicycle for a Day is my effort to help protect the environment, improve personal
health, and have fun with my friends and family. Our mission is to help empower
individuals with tools which they can use in their everyday lives to make a
measurable, tangible difference to our community, our environment and our
personal health.

There are dozens of things each of us can do that have an immediate, positive
impact on the environment. Bicycling is one. Here are some facts about

  • The average person loses 13 pounds their first year of commuting by bicycle.
  • 3 hours of cycling per week can reduce your risk of heart attack or stroke by
  • In 1964, 50% of kids rode to school and the obesity rate was 12%. In 2004, 3%
    rode to school and the obesity rate was 45%.
  • The United States could save 462 million gallons of gasoline per year by
    increasing cycling from 1% to 1.5% of all trips.
  • Each auto-commuter in the U.S. spends an average of 50 hours a year stuck in
  • In 2003, cars stalled in traffic wasted 5 billion gallons of fuel.

At our first event last September in New York City, more than 14,000 people
visited the South Street Seaport and learned more about Bicycle for a Day
(BFAD). Families came together, friendships were formed, and participants had a
great time learning more about their city, their community, and what they can do
to renew their commitment to a greener, cleaner earth.

Thanks for visiting the site.


matthew modine

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KCMO/Kansas City’s Kelly Urich To Ride 100 Miles On His Bicycle Today To Benefit …


Kelly Urich Begins Ride At 9a (CT)

CUMULUS Classic Hits KCMO/KANSAS CITY morning host KELLY URICH will ride his bicycle 100 miles starting TODAY (4/10) at 9a (CT) to help feed the hungry in KANSAS CITY. Earlier this week, URICH challenged his listeners to pledge 50 cents for every mile he rides. KANSAS CITIANS raised over $6,000 in just a few hours. He will start and end his 100 mile ride at Union Station.

URICH said, “Anyone who listens to our show knows I’m lucky to have a job, so this is the least I can do. And HARVESTERS! How can you say no? Cycling is one of the few social distancing activities you can do, so I’m thrilled to combine my passion for HARVESTERS and my favorite sport. I’ll ride as hard as I can! Thank you to everyone who has given so much and to everyone who helps us promote this worthy cause.”

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Need a Ride? Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

If you have a car and are able to drive yourself to your appointment but cannot afford to pay for gas, you could get money for gas. The amount of money you get depends on how many miles you drive to get to your appointment. The reimbursement rate is 24 cents a mile.

  1. Before your appointment, call MTM, Inc. at 1-866-907-1493. Ask for trip logs to be mailed to you.
  2. Fill out the trip log with the following information:
  • Your trip number (get this from MTM, Inc.) Medicaid & BadgerCare Plus Mileage Reimbursement Trip Log Image
  • Appointment date
  • Appointment time
  • Type of trip (round trip or one-way)
  • Starting address
  • Health care provider’s phone number
  • Health care provider’s name
  • Health care provider’s address
  1. At your appointment, ask a doctor, nurse, or front desk staff to sign the trip log.
  2. Within 60 days, send the completed log to:
  • MTM, Inc., Attention: Trip Logs
    16 Hawk Ridge Drive
    Lake St. Louis, MO 63367
  • Fax: 1-888-513-1610
  1. MTM, Inc. will mail you a debit card with money on it and a letter that will tell you how to activate your card. Keep this card as it will be reloaded with money from future trips.
  • Gas money can be paid to you or another driver.
  • You can get gas money for trips to your children’s appointments.
  • You can include a trip to the pharmacy on your trip log.
  • All trips must be verified to get money for gas.
  • Any money you get for gas is put onto your debit card every Wednesday.

If you don’t get the trip log in time for your appointment:

  • Print the trip log from the MTM, Inc. website.
  • Get a note from your provider that has a signature, and send that note with the trip log when you send it to MTM, Inc..

Anyone, including health care providers, can file a complaint with MTM, Inc. about ride services. Complaints may be about issues such as having a hard time getting a ride, long wait times, or drivers who are late. You can file a complaint by:

  • Calling 1-866-436-0457
  • Writing to:
    MTM, Inc. Quality Management
    5117 W. Terrace Dr., Ste 400
    Madison, WI 53708
  • Going online

When filing a complaint, you must have your ForwardHealth ID number, name, and date of service or trip number.

After receiving your complaint, MTM, Inc. will mail you a response within 10 business days. If your complaint is not resolved within 10 business days, MTM, Inc. will mail you a final response within 30 business days of receiving your complaint. You can request an appeal of a MTM, Inc. decision.

If you are unhappy with how your complaint was resolved, there is further complaint information in the letter MTM, Inc. sends you.

If you were denied a transportation service by MTM, Inc. and you do not think it should have been denied, you have the right to appeal. Denials may include a denied ride or denied payment for mileage.

To appeal a denied transportation service, you can either appeal to the MTM, Inc. ombudsman or


How to Ride a Bicycle (with Pictures)

About This Article

Article SummaryX

To learn to ride a bicycle, first find a flat, open area that’s far from traffic. Put on a helmet in case you fall, and consider wearing knee and elbow pads when you’re first learning. Place your bike on a flat surface, and adjust the seat so both of your feet can touch the ground while you’re seated. Before you try riding your bike, walk next to it and practice pressing on the brakes until you get a feel for how they work. Then, sit on your bike, place one foot on one of the pedals, and place your other foot on the ground. When you’re ready, push off with your foot that’s on the ground, and see how long you can glide on your bike without pedaling. Keep your eyes forward and look toward where you want to go, which will help you balance. If you feel yourself starting to tip, place your foot back on the ground to catch yourself. Keep doing this until you’re comfortable balancing on your bike. Then, do the same thing again, but this time start pedaling with your feet. Continue pedaling and steering in the direction you want to go. The faster you pedal, the easier it will be to balance. If you need to come to a stop, stop pedaling and press down on the brakes. Consider asking a friend to spot you as you practice pedaling farther distances! Keep reading to learn how to ride your bike on a slope!

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Why Ride a Bicycle When You Can Drive a Car

The Landover Baptist Church Forum

The Freehold Truth and Light Baptist newspaper Featured editorials, letters to the GODLY Pastors of Landover, local news, advise columns.


DefaultWhy Ride a Bicycle When You Can Drive a Car –

11-21-2019, 01:18 AM

Sometimes I marvel at the stupidity of Europeans. They are Godless, but also brainless.

Take the City of Copenhagen. It is packed with bicycles. There is even bicycle congestion.

I do not want to see adults riding bicycles in Freehold. We are a city of practical people who don’t waste our precious time poking along on sweaty bicycles.

Isaiah 24:1-3 Behold, the LORD maketh the earth empty (2)…as the taker of usury, so with the giver of usury to him. (3) The land shall be utterly emptied, and utterly spoiled: for the LORD hath spoken his word.

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DefaultRe: Why Ride a Bicycle When You Can Drive a Car –

11-21-2019, 03:31 AM

Your average vegan tree hugger avocado toast eating LIEberal hipsters are the main proponents of this bicycle riding craze, and I’ve done some calculations to show just what idiots they are:

31,000 calories = 1 gallon of gas = $2.50

31,000 calories of avocado toast = $117.80

If that weren’t enough, keep in mind all the water it takes to grow the wheat and avocados, the fertilizer (made from fossil fuels), diesel trucks and trains for transporting them, the energy it takes to bake the bread and make the toast. Sure gasoline emits CO2, but so do humans – in addition to methane (farts).

This makes Freehold, Iowa probably the most sane place on earth (and Jesus would agree).

1 slice of avocado toast = 200 calories ($0.76 each)

(Note: 1 avocado per 2 slices of toast)

1 avocado (medium, whole) = 250 calories ($1.27 each)

1 slice of toast (wheat bread) = 75 calories ($0.12 each)

Hell’s foundations quiver at the shout of praise;
brothers, lift your voices, loud your anthems raise.

…and get off my lawn

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DefaultRe: Why Ride a Bicycle When You Can Drive a Car –

11-21-2019, 04:12 PM



Learn how to ride a bike in LA!

This webpage is a resource hub for those who are interested in learning about biking in LA and eventually making biking part of their travel routines. You can sign up for


classes to learn how to bike in an urban environment or go on group rides. Ultimately this website should provide everything you might need to get biking!

Learn about biking

by signing up for free classes that can provide you the knowledge and skills to bike confidently and safely.

  • Experience biking

    in a car-free or group ride setting to get you more comfortable on a bike and enjoy the fun!
  • Ready to bike on your own?

Why bike? Check out the top 5 reasons here:

1. It’s convenient:

Short trips of 3 miles or less can often be quicker by bike than by car, especially in traffic. Once you arrive at your destination, you don’t have to hunt for a parking space – bike parking is usually near an entrance. Travel times running errands by bike are more reliable than by car because bicycles are rarely affected by traffic congestion. Enjoy the freedom of traveling on your own schedule and making multiple stops along the way without worrying about rush hour traffic or finding parking!

2. It’s a money-saver:

Bicyclists in the U.S. save “

at least $4.6 billion a year by riding instead of driving

.” It costs an average of just $308 per year to maintain a bike. Compare that to the average $8,220 that drivers spend each year to travel by car and you’re looking at a pay raise!

3. It’s enjoyable:

Studies have shown that hopping on your bike improves mental health. You can go on a bike ride alone or with friends and families to enjoy beaches, nature, architecture, food tours and so much more!

4. It’s healthy:

Bicycling is good for your heart, brain, and blood vessels. Regular bicycling builds muscle and increases bone density while it’s easy on your joints. Bicycling can also reduce stress. Studies have shown that biking to work can reduce stress by up to 40%!

5. It’s green:

Bicycling is ZERO-emission and making more trips by bike (or on foot) helps reduce air pollution, improving the air we all breathe in LA, and helps reduce greenhouse gases, contributing less to climate change.

Metro sponsors classes at varying skill levels to get you comfortable with your bike and riding in an urban environment. These classes are FREE, interactive, and take place all across the county.

Bike 1 – Back to Basics

Bicycling for Beginners group picture

Ideal for:

this is for people who know how to ride a bike, but are not very comfortable getting on a bike. (Note: this is not a learn-to-ride class)


this class covers bicycling basics and shows participants how to improve their bike control skills. Participants will gain a sense of confidence to get on a bike for everyday travel or recreation.

Course topics:

biking necessities (helmet fit, lights/reflectors, locks, clothing), pre-ride checklist, basic bike handling skills,


MTA Bike & Ride



When you use transit and your bike, you’re making a transportation choice that’s inexpensive, healthy, good for the planet, and fun!

Check this page regularly for information and regular updates about how MTA and your bike can

get to your destination safely and comfortably.