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Tandem Bicycle Central – The online resource

I fell in love with tandem bicycle riding shortly after I married my wife.

We both enjoyed riding bikes and looking at the beautiful scenery offered along the bluffs of the Mississippi River here in Iowa. But there was a problem. We were of greatly different skill and fitness levels.

I had been riding for many years and my wife hadn’t been on a bike for quite some time. The furthest she had ridden was 5 miles to town and back and that was quite an adventure for her.

Some of our friends, like Paul and Deb in the first photo below, enjoy getting together once a month for tandem bicycle rides. What better way to go out and spend time together! Go for a bike ride with your friends, eat dinner at a nice place and hang out. We made the decision and ordered a new tandem bike.

What a wonderful journey it has been!

Tandem bicycle stories aren’t exactly in the headlines of the paper everyday.
But they are very popular

In fact, if you don’t ride one, you probably don’t even see them. But when you do get one, they seem to be everywhere.This is like when you buy a new car, all of a sudden there are lots of them on the road.

You’ll find there is a great deal of information out on the internet about bicycles, but comparatively little information about tandems. I decided to set out and create a site where those of us interested in tandems, triples and quads along with the adventures available on them can come to find out more.

For everyone from newbies to the seasoned teams, tandem-bicycle-central.com wants to be your stop for tandem related stuff.

Look around

Find answers to things like traveling with your tandem, good choices for transporting your tandem, clothing for this weather or that and goodies for captain and stoker alike along with links to places where you can find tandem related goods and services. There is even a section on painting your bicycle.tandem bicycle

Just choose a section on the left to find out what you need to know about tandems.

If you would like a picture of your tandem posted in the online photos, please send it via the link on the Tandem Photos page.

Table of Contents

How to ride a tandem information
Get some basic tips on learning to ride a tandem bicycle before you buy one.
Bicycle gift
Looking for that special bicycle gift for the favorite cyclist in your life? See the collection of great bicycle gifts here.
Bicycle maintenance for your tandem and single bikes
Keeping your bicycle in top shape is important. Your diligent bicycle maintenance will keep easily preventable breakdowns to a minimum. Don’t skimp, learn how to do it here and save money in the long run.
Great information on bicycle bags
Check out the information about selecting the right bicycle bags for your bike. Panniers and rack trunks as well as handlebar bags

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