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Publix adds kiosks for customers to renew their vehicle registration

Looks like you can now grab your favorite ‘Pub Sub’ and renew your vehicle registration at the same time.

Some Publix stores in the Tampa Bay area have rolled out kiosks where customers can pay for their vehicle registration renewal. The Florida MV Express kiosks are currently located at tax offices and three Publix locations, according to the Orlando Sentinel.

Unfortunately, customers in Orlando will have to renew their registrations the old fashioned way, since there are reportedly no agreements in place for the Central Florida area. The closest location to Orlando is at the Polk Tax Collector office in Davenport.

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“We are actively talking to and pursuing every county that we would deem viable for this program,” Andrew Ginter, spokesman for Intellectual Technology Inc. told the Orlando Sentinel.

The kiosks in Publix stores are reportedly part of a pilot program which Ginter would like to expand.

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In an email to the Orlando Sentinel, Publix spokesman Dwaine Stevens said there are no plans to expand the pilot at this time.

According to the website, the Florida MV Express kiosk will allow customers to renew their registration in three easy steps that will take under 2 minutes. All you need to do is enter your renewal notice PIN or license plate number and date of birth. Second, you pay for the service. Your vehicle registration and license plate decal will then be printed out.

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Renew your vehicle registration | Alberta.ca

COVID-19 response

To help support Albertans in isolation and practicing physical distancing, we are extending expiry dates for Alberta driver’s licences, vehicle registrations and other permits and certificates until May 15, 2020.

For more information, visit COVID-19 info for Albertans.


Vehicle registrations expire on an assigned month based on your surname. You can look up your expiry date on the registration expiry date chart. Or, check your licence plate tags or registration certificate.

There are 3 options to renew your registration.

Renew online

The online site can only be used if you are renewing your registration without changes. If you require any changes to your registration, for example a name or address change, you must apply for the renewal in person at a registry agent office.

If you have any outstanding fines, you won’t be able to renew your registration online. If you choose to pay your fines online first, you must wait a couple days for the payment to process before you can renew online.

If you are less than 10 business days away from your expiry date on your registration, please renew your registration in person.

To renew online, you’ll need:

  • your vehicle registration certificate
  • the insurance details from your pink card
  • a credit card (VISA, MasterCard or American Express)
  • a current web browser (Internet Explorer 6 or higher, Firefox, Chrome or Safari)

Start your online registration renewal

Renew by mail

To renew your passenger vehicle and motorcycle registration by mail, please complete one of the mail-in renewal applications below. If you have any outstanding fines, changes to your registration (for example your name or address), you must apply for the renewal in person at a registry agent office.

You should only use the mail-in renewal option if your registration expires in 30 days or more to allow time for mailing. If your registration will expire in less than 30 days from the expiry on your registration, please renew your registration in person or online.

To renew by mail, you’ll need to:

  • Complete one of the mail-in renewal forms below, including the insurance declaration and signatures from all registrants, provide payment (cheque or money order)

The vehicle registration renewal fees are outlined in the Registry Agent Product Catalogue.

Renew in person

To renew your vehicle registration in person, please visit any authorized Alberta Registry Agent.

To renew in person, you’ll need:

  • your driver’s licence
  • valid proof of insurance (‘pink card’)
  • current vehicle registration certificate (optional)

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Renew Registration

  • Renewing your vehicle and/or trailer registration can, in most cases, be completed
    online, at any of PennDOT’s
    Online Messenger services or through the mail.
    Mailing instructions can be found on the back of the applicable forms.

renew online
you will need your registration plate number, title number, insurance information, odometer reading, a valid credit card, and a printer. At the end of the transaction, you will be
given the opportunity to print a receipt and a permanent registration
credential. PennDOT will no longer mail a registration card for registrations renewed online.


Please refer to Form MV-70S, “Bureau of Motor Vehicles Schedule of Fees,” for a complete listing of current renewal fees and for a reduced processing fee in leiu of registration for individuals who qualify for
retired status.

If you are renewing a truck/trailer, the
registration fee (PDF) will vary depending on the registered gross weight. 

The applicant’s county of residence may implement an annual $5 fee for local use for each non-exempt vehicle registered to an address in that county. The $5 is collected by PennDOT at the time a vehicle is initially registered and annually at the time the registration is renewed. The fee is based on the number of years a customer registers their vehicle. Customers who register their vehicle for multiple years will pay the annual $5 fee for every year of registration. This means customers will pay a fee of $10 for a two-year and $25 for a five-year vehicle registration. For more information regarding the fee for local use, refer to the Fee for Local Use – Participating Counties Fact Sheet, found on our website.

Optional Two-Year Registration Renewal

Act 89, which became law on November 25, 2013, amends many sections of Title 75, the Pennsylvania Vehicle Code. Act 89 represents an investment in Pennsylvania’s future: increasing public safety, driving commerce, creating jobs and providing reliable funding for our transportation needs without leaving the bill to our future generations.


Act 89 also provided for optional two-year registration renewal. Customers may elect to pay a two-year registration fee for a two-year registration period for certain types of motor vehicles. The fee shall be two times the amount of the registration fee payable for the motor vehicle registration. Motor vehicles registered under the International Registration Plan, and motor vehicles with a seasonal registration or circus carnival plate are not eligible for two-year registration.


For initial issuance of registration plates, a customer may choose a two-year registration period. In addition, registration renewal coupons with an April 2017 expiration date or later will include both the one-year and the two-year registration fees. If the fee listed in the “2-yr fee” block on the registration renewal form is shaded gray that vehicle type is not eligible to renew for a two-year period.  In addition, vehicle owners who pay a processing fee in lieu of registration are not eligible for a two-year registration period.


Duplicate Registration Cards and Plates

Apply for a Duplicate Registration Card Online 

Duplicate registration