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Buying a new car in 2019? READ and SAVE $$$

Last Modified: March 17, 2020 by Jeff Ostroff  | Originally Published May 7, 1999

Using our car buying advice and tools, you’ll get a great deal that is more than fair for the dealership. If you set out to and aren’t prepared, then prepare to get ripped off, it’s that simple. We’ll explain how to get the most out of tools like TrueCar and RydeShopper.

People have no problem taking weeks to plan a vacation, but don’t spend a few hours doing research before they buy a $30,000 vehicle. Remember, the lowest price is not always the best “deal.” There are other factors that you need to take into account. You’ll be able to save a ton of money by following our advice.

1. The Best Car Price Doesn’t Mean You Got a Good Deal

A good deal means that you were treated fairly and the dealership made a reasonable profit. The most important thing you’ll read here on CarBuyingTips.com is to make sure that you don’t just focus on the final price. Some dealers will play the “Cash Flow Shell Game” so they can rip you off while making you think you’re getting a good deal. An example:

  • They give you a very low new car price.
  • Finance manager sneaks in car buying fees.
  • The dealer undervalues your vehicle trade-in.
  • Your car loan APR is increased.

The buyer in this example thought they were getting a good new car deal because of the low price, but they actually got ripped off. We’ll explain all of the tricks to look out for and teach you how to avoid becoming a victim. To save the most money make sure you read the whole site. If you miss one valuable topic on CarBuyingTips.com it can cost you thousands of dollars.

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Begin by getting the lowest price using services like TrueCar, RydeShopper, Edmunds and Cars.com. Don’t be a “monthly payment buyer” and only look at the payment amount – that is the worst thing you can do. Doing this or becoming a “trade-in buyer” is exactly what the dealer wants and you’ll play right into their hand. Once this happens, you’ll get ripped off, I guarantee it!

2. When is the best time to buy a new car?

This is more complex than you think. The incomplete answer is there are two “best times.” September and October, as dealers sell off cars to clear space for the new models. Also, December when everyone is out shopping for XMAS gifts, leaving dealer lots void of customers, motivating them to cut prices to meet year end sales goals. For complete details visit our article: Best Time to Buy a Car.

3. All Prep Work Can be Done from Your PC, Tablet or Phone

The last time I bought a vehicle I was able to do all my homework without leaving my house. In the