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Transportation Fuel Market Size, Industry Share and Growth Rate 2018-2026

Transportation fuels drive the world by providing energy for transportation. Transportation fuels are essential in every transportation medium. People opt for private transport over public transport due to the advantages of comfort, affordability, and less time required to travel. This has led to an increase in the number of people owning vehicles in most of the countries. The demand for transportation fuel has also increased in parallel.

As the Governments of various countries have now put forward strict emission norms, therefore there has been an increase in the utilization of other fuels which are not derived by crude oil. This has led to the transportation market to get even bigger as there are new ways to feed the vehicle and opening the door for new competitors to enter the market.

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On the basis of fuel, the global transportation fuel market can be segmented into gasoline, diesel, biofuels, aviation turbine fuel, CNG and others. Fuels derived from petroleum are the most used for transportation. But as the emission control norms are becoming strict, there has been a drift towards the usage of other cleaner fuels.

On the basis of the end users, the global transportation fuel market can be segmented into roadways, airways, railways, and waterways. Different type of fuel is used for different means of transport. Gasoline and diesel account for most of the fuel used for road transport. Aviation turbine fuel is used for air transport.  For railways, diesel is the primary fuel followed by electricity.

The key market driver for the global transportation fuel market is the increase in the number of vehicles. The rise in the disposable income of the people has also been an important factor for the increase in the number of vehicles, which has led to the growth of the global transportation fuel market.

Key market restraint for the global transportation fuel market is the environmental issues caused due to the burning of transportation fuel. As the emission control norms have become strict in each country, the pollution caused by transportation fuel acts as a key market restraint in the growth of the global transportation fuel market.


Some of the notable companies in global transportation fuel market are Exxon Mobil Corporation, Hindustan Petroleum, Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited, BP plc, Chevron Corporation, Total SA, Allied Aviation Services, Inc., Valero Marketing and Supply Company, Royal Dutch Shell Plc, Siyanda Oil Holdings (Pty) Ltd., Petronas, Gazprom, Rosneft, Sinopec Group, and Centrica




By Fuel

·      Gasoline

·      Diesel

·      Biofuels

·      Aviation Turbine Fuel

·      CNG

·      Others

By End User

·      Roadways

·      Airways

·      Railways

·      Waterways

By Geography

·      North America (the US and Canada)

·      Europe (UK, Germany, France, Italy, Spain, Russia and Rest of Europe)

·      Asia Pacific (China, India, Japan, Australia, Southeast Asia and Rest of Asia Pacific)

·      Latin America (Brazil, Mexico and Rest of Latin America)

·      Middle East & Africa (South Africa,


Automotive Engine Cooling System Market Size, Industry Share and Growth Rate 2019-2026

Automotive engine cooling system is an integral part of vehicle that maintains the temperature of engine by using air or liquid, in order to remove the excess heat. An efficient cooling system allows engine to perform better, thereby offering a better mileage and power to vehicles. Increase in manufacturing and sales of automotive vehicles is expected to spur the market growth over the forecast period.

Moreover, the smart engine cooling systems are gaining popularity due to various advantages offered, such as increased fuel efficiency, reduced tailpipe emission and less parasitic engine load. According to secondary research, it is estimated that by 2026 approximately more than 30% of vehicles will be equipped with engine cooling system whereas the remaining 70% will cover the hybrid and electric vehicles market.

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Implementation of stringent vehicle emission standard by governments across the globe is leading the manufacturers of cooling systems to improve the performance of these systems, in order to reduce emission of harmful gases such as NOx and CO. Moreover, engine downsizing is emerging as a novel technology in which smaller engines are capable of producing same power and torque as of larger engines that are embedded in compact vehicles, which is spurring the development of advanced engine cooling system modules.

In terms of cooling medium, liquid cooling system is most utilized engine cooling system owing to its compact size and better cooling performance, as it generates comparatively high amount of power than the air cooling engine. Moreover, emergence of multi-fuel engine technology is expected to provide lucrative opportunities to the players operating in this market.

Key Players Covered

Some of the major players in the automotive engine cooling market include Visteon Corporation, Mahle GmbH, BorgWarner, Calsonic Kansei Corporation, Continental AG, Valeo SA, Delphi Automotive LLP, Denso Corporation, Sogefi, Schaeffler Group and Perkins Engines Company Ltd.




By Vehicle Type

· Two Wheeler

· Passenger Vehicles

· Commercial Vehicles

      – Low Commercial Vehicles

      – Heavy Commercial Vehicles

By Engine Type

· Air-Cooled Engine

· Liquid-Cooled Engine

By Geography

· North America (USA, Canada and Rest of North America)

· Europe (UK, Germany, France, Scandinavia, Italy, Spain and Rest of Europe)

· Asia Pacific (Japan, China, India, Australia, Southeast Asia and Rest of Asia Pacific)

· Latin America (Brazil, Argentina, Mexico and Rest of Latin America)

· Middle East & Africa (South Africa, GCC and Rest of the Middle East & Africa)

Regional Analysis

According to Asia Pacific Vehicle Aftermarket Summit 2017, Bangkok, ASEAN trade bloc is expected to become the world’s sixth largest automotive market over the forecast period. Growing environmental concerns in the emerging economics such as China, Taiwan, India regarding eco-friendly system or CO2 free vehicles have boosted the demand of automotive cooling system in APAC. It is being witnessed that, the European Commission is promoting reduction of CO2 and other greenhouse gases by supporting the manufacturers for technological implements. Moreover, the growing concerns regarding increasing global warming has


Georgia unemployment rate skyrockets | 11alive.com

ATLANTA — The state says Georgia unemployment claims more than doubled last week.  The state issued orders Thursday softening the rules for those collecting unemployment while stretching the amount of time they can collect.  

From March 15 to 21, the state Labor Department says it received 12,140 claims. The previous week, there were 5445.

The Labor Department issued a new rule Thursday extending from 14 to 26 the number of weeks a claimant can collect unemployment.

The state also loosened its rules on incidental outside income, allowing an individual making up to $300 per week in a job to still claim full unemployment benefits.

“The year was actually going pretty good,” said Phil Colvin, who has seven tattoo artists working in his two Atlanta shops.

“We were getting busier and busier, and as soon as the corona virus started hitting, we saw the business starting to drop,” Colvin said.

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All of the workers abruptly lost their jobs around the time the state’s unemployment claims soared.

“We go from having a daily income to zero. There’s no way to prepare for it,” he said.

It’s become a common theme in what was once the thriving world of Atlanta business. Especially small businesses – like those serving what had been Georgia’s robust movie industry. 

Bob Lucas runs a prop and set warehouse for filmmakers – who have all but stopped making movies in Georgia.

“My business has gone from robust to zero,” Lucas said. “We went from a very busy March – my order board was chock full of stuff going out every day – and went from completely full to completely empty.”

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Lucas says he laid off nine people last week – nearly all of his staff.  The state says unemployment claims from shuttered businesses appear to be setting record numbers, exceeding the rate of the 2008 recession. 

Lucas says he has applied for an emergency Small Business Association loan to try to keep his business solvent until the crisis subsides.

Robyn Elliott, who runs Bicycle Tours of Atlanta, says she had to part ways with all of her tour guides.  

“This is kind of a side gig for them, but a lot of their other side gigs are kind of falling apart. One guy is an actor, one works in the restaurant business, another juggles a couple different jobs – then juggle this one. So, we’ve all felt the impact,” she said.

Elliott says spring is normally high season for bike tours – especially in an economy that had been roaring.


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