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Automotive Repair Questions Answered by Mechanics

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Automotive Repair
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No new postsBrake Repair Help
Changing brake pads, drums and rotors can be tricky depending on the type of vehicle you have, ask questions here and find out if its easy enough for you to fix yourself.
353 2360 Jan 30, 2020, 12:45 PM
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No new postsCar Troubleshooting
Get general automotive repair and service questions answered and free helpful automotive advice in this forum.
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No new postsEngine and Car Noises
Does your car make a squealing or grinding noise when you are braking or steering, Then ask for help in this message board.
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No new postsEngine ODB2 Fault Codes
Post in here when your trying to find out your cars computer fault codes or engine fault codes.
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Automotive World
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No new postsAntique Car Talk
Talk and discuss anyhting relating to Antique Cars. Are you rebuilding an Antique, looking for a project car or just wanting to chat about car shows then it belongs in here.
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No new postsMotor Vehicle Inspection
Post questions on car inspection here, whether you failed due to a high NOX reading or some other car problem.
18 87 Nov 19, 2016, 9:39 AM
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No new postsTraffic Ticket Help
Talk about how to seek help if you where caught speeding or better yet how to avoid traffic tickets all together.
9 51 Nov 15, 2014, 10:41 AM
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Truck Repair
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Motorcycle Repair
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No new postsOpen Posting
In here you can talk about anything in general car related or not. Please keep this section Clean since this is a family friendly site.
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No new postsBoard FAQ’s
This Section is to help

10 Most Ceaselessly Requested Questions About HOV Lane Legal guidelines

When one thinks of 7 passenger vehicles; they usually will suppose of a large automobile. Pointless engine idling pumps CO2 into the ambiance by way of a vehicles exhaust fumes and it has been proven that the implementation of vehicle monitoring & driver behaviour options will help to dramatically cut back the period of time a driver spends idling.

Engine oil is of course one of the vital properly-recognized and significant fluids for automobiles and vehicles. When operating such massive vehicles, commercial drivers must be particularly vigilant in the operation of their own vehicle and in preserving an eye fixed out for passenger vehicles.

If the indicator is yellow, it could indicate some failure within the brake lights, trailer hitch, or gas supply, and the car needs to be serviced, although it is still driveable; if red, it could point out a failure in the starter, ignition, or lighting system that wants rapid service.

@anonymous: Addendum to my different remark – I regarded into insurance coverage cost for older vehicles. However if the driving force requires sooner acceleration both engines will operate collectively. This could be a error within the driver’s logbook, or a sign that he worked extra hours than permitted in a particular time-frame, which is a safety hazard.

The first place you will get caught with auto dealer scams is in negotiating the worth of the vehicle. The two electrical vehicles on our calculator, the Chevy Volt and Nissan Leaf, current particular challenges in this regard, as there’s not enough historic data on either automotive to confidently predict future expenses like depreciation and repairs.

Some public sale areas inspect and prepare the automobiles for sale if the listing vendor so chooses (at a premium). MMP protects your vehicle from the price of costly repairs not lined by your manufacturer’s warranty. For the reason that device screens miles pushed over 80mph, I’m expecting to have some distance in that category over time, since I sometimes velocity as much as move a slower driver or semi truck.…