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How To Pay Wholesale Prices For New Or Used Cars

Hi, Josh Rosenberg here. I’m a recently-retired Auto Broker who’s still devoted to helping the average person get a great deal on the new or used car of their choice. Most people hate the whole car buying process. On the other hand, I actually love it and somehow became quite good at it.

So, I’m here to simply pass along my knowledge and experience to, in effect, help you become your own Auto Broker and to take the mystery, distrust and stress out of car buying … and all while getting just the very best out-the-door prices possible. I’m talking at, near and below actual wholesale prices for most vehicles.

Ready to get started? Learn the best new and used car buying techniques below.

New Cars:

Chevrolet Cruze

How To Always Get The Lowest Price

Why TrueCar Quotes Are Valuable

My target prices for either new and used cars are almost always “wholesale”. For new cars, this can be a little hard to pinpoint because the readily available “invoice price” numbers on the web no longer truly reflect a dealer’s cost. But you’ll get a much better feel for “wholesale” on a specific new car by learning the lowest prices already paid in your area (more on this in the above articles).

Used Cars:

Toyota Corolla

Best Used Car Buying Method

Wholesale Auto Auction Opportunities

Wholesale Opportunities On Dealer Lots

For used cars, wholesale represents a purchase at or below a vehicle’s trade-in value. And what is a vehicle’s true trade-in value? Well, this can get a little tricky. But essentially, it’s the price a Dealer would pay for the same vehicle at any given moment in time at a Dealer-Only car auction. (Here’s more on “wholesale” and “trade-in” values.)

Car Loans:

Ford F-150

How To Get The Lowest Rate Car Loans

Try to stay away from traditional Car Dealership loans. They’re simply the most likely to put a much bigger dent in your wallet. Most car buyers don’t realize that while Car Dealers are obviously trying to make a nice profit on the car, they can also ring up big extra profits on the financing as well. It can be a real double whammy on the unaware and you can likely do much better elsewhere.

Car Insurance:

Jeep Wrangler

How To Save On Car Insurance

It seems like the vast majority of people take little interest in their auto insurance. Well, they’re very likely flushing away a significant amount of very hard-earned dollars. Insurance may be boring, but spending a few minutes to review the key factors as well as where to get quick and easy quotes from competing insurers can rack up thousands of dollars in savings over time.

A Message From Josh:

Honda CR-V

I know a lot of people who love the thought of driving around in a new car, but hate the thought of going through the agonizing, stress-filled and distrustful process of buying one. Why does buying a new or used car have to be so unpleasant, anyway?