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Bicycles in Nevada 

The bicycle is often thought of as one of the purest forms of transportation. We owe much of our modern transportation environment, including our roadways, to the early development and use of the bicycle. In modern times the bicycle offers people of all ages and abilities an efficient form of transportation, a way to school, work, or errands, and provides a viable alternative to the use of the motor vehicle.

Did You Know…

stock-question-markEach month NDOT will provide a question and answer about bicycle safety.

Question: When are lights required?

Answer:  Nevada law specifically defines when lighting is required;

Every vehicle upon a highway of this State, must display lighted lamps and illuminating devices as respectively required in this chapter.

(a) At any time from one-half hour after sunset to one-half hour before sunrise;

(b) At any other time when, because of insufficient light or unfavorable atmospheric conditions, persons and vehicles on the highway are not clearly discernible at a distance of 1,000 feet ahead; and

(c) When directed by an official traffic control device.

        (NRS 484D.100)


For more information, click the link to access the FAQ Book

For a list of bicycle Restricted Areas click here

Biennial Nevada Bicycle & Pedestrian Summit

The Nevada Bicycle & Pedestrian Summit will be changing it’s recurrence to every other year starting in 2017.  There will be no bicycle and pedestrian summit in 2018. The summit will be held in the fall of 2020. Click here for more info. 

Planning And Infrastructure 

IMG_0098(1)NDOT’s Bicycle and Pedestrian Planning group coordinates the planning and development of bicycle facilities, as well as establishment of routes, throughout the state. This also includes the development of the Statewide Bicycle Plan and Statewide Bicycle Touring Map. In close work with local planning partners, specific needs are recognized, plans developed and infrastructure development pursued, which provides for a diverse bicycling environment suitable to differing bicycling skill levels.

Education And Safety

dt_common_streams_StreamServerThe Bicycle and Pedestrian Education Program provides a framework by which local communities can establish safety education programs. The use of community outreach, hands-on training, safety curriculum development and diverse funding programs, serve to enhance the educational environment for both bicyclists, as well as drivers of vehicles. Also available is the “Guide to Frequently Asked Questions” that answers the most commonly asked questions about cycling.

Safe Routes To School

SAFEROUTES_150The Nevada Safe Routes to School Program provides resources and expertise in providing an appealing, safe environment to enable school age children, grades K-8, to walk or bicycle to school. Children getting to school under their own power can lead to less roadway congestion, cleaner air, and enhanced student health, when compared to traveling to school by vehicle. Innovative encouragement techniques, education programs, safety and infrastructure improvements, as well as coordination with local law enforcement and community agencies are all part of the Safe Routes to School Program.

Nevada Bicycle And Pedestrian Board

NBPABLOGOFINALThe Nevada Bicycle and Pedestrian Advisory Board was created by the State Legislature to provide


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ATM Freeway Signs to Go Live Starting March 25 in Clark County.

 Click HERE for additional information. 

Road Closed – on US-95 South at Cal-Nev-Ari in Las Vegas, Clark County Nevada. Road Closed all traffic is being diverted to SR163. Please use cautiion in the area or seek alternate routes.

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Nevada Health Response: COVID- 19

Stay Healthy. Stay Socially Distanced. #StayHomeforNevada

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