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Miami mayor on his fight against coronavirus: ‘I’m hopeful that I can hug my family soon’

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Miami Mayor Francis Suarez joined “Your World with Neil Cavuto” Thursday to discuss his personal struggle against the coronavirus and how his city is fighting the pandemic.

Suarez began by updating Cavuto on his condition 13 days after disclosing that he had tested positive for the virus.

“I feel great. Thankfully, I’ve been in that category of people that is fairly asymptomatic, which of course is also a problematic category because that’s a category of people who can also spread the virus,” Suarez said. “I’ve been in quarantine now for two weeks.”

Suarez noted that he had tested positive for the virus on Monday, but “I just took a test today and I should have the results by tomorrow and hopefully beginning the process of leaving quarantine based on … CDC guidelines. So I’m hopeful that I can hug my family soon.”

The mayor also detailed what his city is doing to combat the spread of the virus, including implementing a 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew in the hope that it will impact the “curve” of infections.

“We want to do everything that we can in the city, understanding that the city of Miami has the most cases in the state of Florida, … [to] reduce the curve or flatten the curve so that we can return back to normal.”

“But we’re going to be aggressive in disciplining our residents to make sure that we can get out of this as quickly as possible,” Suarez warned.


Suarez did say he did want residents to “recreate” but to do so while observing “social distancing.”

“What you can do is, you can go out for a walk. You can walk your dog. You can ride a bicycle. We do want people to have, to be able to recreate so long as they observe social distancing,” Suarez said. “And if you’re from out of town, please go home.”

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Nashville Mayor David Briley Signs ‘Declaration Of Transportation Independence’

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The hidden prices of transportation affect thousands and thousands of people every single day. For rail, pipeline, road and cable transport, your complete approach the automobile travels should be constructed. Vehicles, buses, and vehicles permit people and issues to travel to certain places.

Briley signed an outsized model of the doc Monday night, capping a half-hour dialog with Janette Sadik-Khan , a former commissioner of the New York Metropolis Division of Transportation who advises on transportation issues professionally.

A few of the primary capabilities and advantages of a transportation management system are cargo load planning and shipment routing optimization, routing guide, execution management and service communication, shipment tracking, freight bill audit & payment, enterprise intelligence and reporting, claims management, returns management, appointment scheduling and so forth.

Make this metropolis’s investment in Metro pay off by making bus service and RapidRide Plus extra frequent and reliable by means of redesigning corridors, eliminating site visitors bottlenecks, optimizing sign timing, enhancing connections to Hyperlink Light rail stations, and having better pedestrian entry to transit hubs.

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