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Bike Maryland

Bike Maryland

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Legislative Champions 2019As you may have noticed – Cyclists had a pretty good legislative session this year.

In order to properly celebrate and give appropriate thanks, we will be using this space to thank those Delegates and Senators who did so much to help keep cyclists (and pedestrians and all road users).
Speaker Mike Busch

Speaker Busch never took the lead as the primary sponsor on any of Bike Maryland’s priority bills, but his leadership played a critical role in each and every one of our legislative victories. The Delegates who championed our issues were able to succeed because they had the support of their coach, Speaker Busch. Over the 17 sessions he served as Speaker, Maryland has made significant progress on intermodal transportation policy, and in this past session, every bill we actively supported passed the House of Delegates. That simply would not happen without the strong leadership and support of the Speaker.

Delegate Brooke Lierman

At the beginning of the session Bike Maryland, with our partners at Rails to Trails, went to Delegate Lierman with a bold proposal to DOUBLE the money allocated to the Maryland Bikeways program. Delegate Lierman didn’t hesitate in agreeing to be our sponsor – she did warn us though, that a bill requiring money be spent in future budgets would not be an easy task to get through this year and she told us that we would need to work HARD to get this bill passed. We did work hard, and Delegate Lierman was leading us every step of the way. She used all the tactics in the playbook to ultimately pass the bill (we even had an hour and fifteen minutes to spare in the legislative session).
Senator Jim Rosapepe


Senator Rosapepe has been a champion for bicyclists longer than most of us here at Bike Maryland. The front of his office is adorned with his many accolades in the support of cycling. Naturally, he stepped up immediately to be our Senate sponsor of the Bikeways bill. Most of what he did, he did so behind the scenes, out of the limelight, simply guiding our bill through the Rules Committee, the Budget Committee, and the floor of the Senate. However, on the last day of session, as the bill went for final passage and any delay would likely kill it, Senator Rosapepe stood up to defend it against an attack on the floor – making certain it passed the Senate in time to go back to the House for final passage.
Delegate Julie Palakovich Carr

Bike Maryland recently learned (from a podcast cuz we’re nerds) that Fernando Valenzuela was the only player to ever win Rookie of the Year and the Cy Young in the same year. Our Fernando Valenzuela Award goes to Delegate Palakovich Carr who sponsored