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Transportation Journal

Transportation Journal is devoted to the publication of articles that present new knowledge relating to all sectors of the supply chain/logistics/transportation field. These sectors include supply chain/logistics management strategies and techniques; carrier (transport firm) and contract logistics firm (3PL and 4PL) management strategies and techniques; transport economics; regulation, promotion, and other dimensions of public policy toward transport and logistics; and education.

Submit your paper for a special themed issue “Retail Logistics: Exploring the Changing Logistics Costs and Competitive Environment.” Submissions are due March 31, 2020. Visit the “Submissions” tab for details.

Journal News

Announcing the 2018-19 Best Paper Award Winner

“Examining the Impact of Shipping Charge Fairness on Consumer Satisfaction and Behavior” by Angela L. Jones (Howard University), Stanley E. Griffis (Michigan State University), Matthew A. Schwieterman (Michigan State University), and Patricia J. Daugherty (Iowa State University) and published in Transportation Journal 58.2 (Spring 2019) has won the Best Paper Award.

2017-18 Best Paper Award Winner Transportation Journal 57.2 (Spring 2018): “The Impact of Out-of-Stocks and Supply Chain Design on Manufacturers: Insights from an Agent-Based Model” by Claudia Rosales (Michigan State University), Judith M. Whipple (Michigan State University), and Jennifer Blackhurst (University of Iowa).

2017-18 Outstanding Reviewer

David Cantor (Iowa State University) was chosen as the 2017-18 Outstanding Reviewer for his service to the journal. Thank you, David!

It is a journal of the Association for Supply Chain Management.


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To submit a manuscript to the editorial office, please visit http://www.editorialmanager.com/transjour/ and create an author profile. The online system will guide you through the steps to upload your manuscript.

Special Issue Retail Logistics: Exploring the Changing Logistics Costs and Competitive Environment

Transportation and logistics service quality that has traditionally been more relevant in B2B commerce (i.e., lead time, lead time variance) is now increasingly salient to consumers. However, consumers may not necessarily be knowledgeable enough to discern service differences among traditional transportation companies, such as Fedex,


CAR Journal Website

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