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Automotive Stocks Gear Up To Fight COVID-19

Major automotive and auto component manufacturers have seen their stock prices decline by an average of over -30% year-to-date, due to the Coronavirus pandemic. While General Motors stock is down by about -41% year-to-date, Ford is down by -47%. However, Tesla has bucked the trend, rising 68%. The health crisis has meant people really don’t need to drive much right now, and not many are buying new cars either. Irrespective of what local and country governments prescribe or guide, we don’t believe this is likely to change in a hurry. Discretionary spending is likely to drop as the economy slips into a recession, impacting auto sales.

Though steep declines have happened, more pain and declines are possible in the coming weeks as earnings and accompanying guidance confirm the bad on-the-ground situation. That said, given the U.S Federal Reserve’s backing, most of the companies should survive. All said, it might be wise to wait to invest in the theme, however brave investors could choose to invest a fraction into the theme now, still keeping funds ready if things unfold for the worse in the coming weeks and months. As part of our theme: Autos Fight COVID-19, we discuss further our analysis of the recent performance of key automotive stocks, the survival risks the key auto names face, and the potential downside.

Performance Summary

Our Automobile portfolio of 10 stocks including Ford, General Motors, Tesla, Navistar, Harley Davidson
, Advance Wabco, and Lear, shows an average decline of about -2% in the last five trading days (through April 23) compared with a -1.5% decline in the S&P 500 over the same period. Year-to-date, the portfolio is down by about -21% (or over -30% excluding Tesla), compared to about -14% for the S&P 500. Harley Davidson and Ford were the worst performers, posting declines of about -50% and -47% respectively year-to-date. On the other hand, Tesla has soared 68% year-to-date while Wabco Holdings, an auto components manufacturer, has seen its stock remain relatively flat. Overall, there is a significant variance and summarized on the dashboard Autos Fight COVID-19

Survival Check

We dive a little deeper to look at the vulnerability of key automotive players through the current downturn. Our analysis Can GM survive the crash indicates that with over $19 billion in cash in hand, General Motors will have a relatively low probability of bankruptcy. On the other hand, Advance Auto Parts, which has higher relative fixed costs and a lower cash balance faces more uncertainty. The company recently issued $500 million in notes to better manage its liquidity. View our analysis Advance Auto Parts: A COVID Recession can consume $513 Mil in cash during 2020 for more details on how a demand shock will impact the company’s financials and cash flows.

How Low Can Automotive Stocks Go?

Automotive stocks could be poised


Good News from the Industry as it Rallies Against the Spread of Covid-19 [Update: Muc-Off Launch Anti-Bac Fight Back Program]

Among the constant bad news about the worsening spread of the COVID-19 pandemic, brands and people in the bike industry are trying to make the most of a bad situation. Check out some of the positive news stories to come through our inbox.

Muc-Off launch ‘Anti Bac Fight Back’ project

Muc-Off has added to their recent efforts of assisting with the shortage of plastic bottles for hand sanitiser by launching their new ‘Anti Bac Fight Back’ project. The new program from the UK based company sees them take three different approaches to the situation. Support front line workers, protecting people and global support.

Adding to their previous efforts Muc-Off is now providing ITU nurses with anti-bacterial moisturising creams to help with the soreness creating by wearing face masks during their shifts. The aim is to donate 100,000 products to front line health workers.

They have also released a new range of anti-bacterial sanitisers and gels for everyone which will see 10% of profits from the products go to the World Health Organisation’s COVID-19 Solidarity Response Fund. Finally, they have also started using their R&D team’s 3D printer to produce PPE faceguards for local hospitals.

You can find out more here.

Oakley Donate 20000+ units of protective eyewear to Healthcare Workers while also developing protective shield for front line health workers.
Oakley has announced on social media that they have so far donated over 20000 units of protective eyewear that will be sent across America and Europe. In addition to their sizeable donation, the company have also put their R&D and Manufacturing teams to work on a protective shield that they hope to mass produce for first responders and front line medical staff.

bigquotes Wanting to help in these trying times, the R&D and Manufacturing teams here at Oakley, have been working diligently to put their time and talents to good use. In collaboration with the local medical community, the teams have developed a protective shield that will be mass-produced and provided to our first responders and front-line medical workers. In addition to this we have also made a donation of 20,000 units of protective eyewear that will be shipped across North America and Europe. We will continue to offer our support wherever possible throughout this crisis. We’re all in this together. Oakley

Santa Cruz Bicycles’ R&D Team Uses CNC Machinery to Produce Face Shields for Local Medical Staff

Although Santa Cruz, California is in a shelter-in-place like most of the world, Santa Cruz Bicycles’ R&D team is at work producing face shields (PPE) for local medical staff using sheets of plastic cut using their CNC machinery typically used for cutting carbon fiber as well as 3D printers used for prototyping.

The equipment is able to make up to 20 face shield lenses every 9 minutes, yielding ~1000 shields per day. Ten days were spent evaluating designs, developing multiple prototypes and getting feedback from local healthcare professionals to ensure the end product suited their needs. 3D printers are used to make


Miami mayor on his fight against coronavirus: ‘I’m hopeful that I can hug my family soon’

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Miami Mayor Francis Suarez joined “Your World with Neil Cavuto” Thursday to discuss his personal struggle against the coronavirus and how his city is fighting the pandemic.

Suarez began by updating Cavuto on his condition 13 days after disclosing that he had tested positive for the virus.

“I feel great. Thankfully, I’ve been in that category of people that is fairly asymptomatic, which of course is also a problematic category because that’s a category of people who can also spread the virus,” Suarez said. “I’ve been in quarantine now for two weeks.”

Suarez noted that he had tested positive for the virus on Monday, but “I just took a test today and I should have the results by tomorrow and hopefully beginning the process of leaving quarantine based on … CDC guidelines. So I’m hopeful that I can hug my family soon.”

The mayor also detailed what his city is doing to combat the spread of the virus, including implementing a 10 p.m. to 5 a.m. curfew in the hope that it will impact the “curve” of infections.

“We want to do everything that we can in the city, understanding that the city of Miami has the most cases in the state of Florida, … [to] reduce the curve or flatten the curve so that we can return back to normal.”

“But we’re going to be aggressive in disciplining our residents to make sure that we can get out of this as quickly as possible,” Suarez warned.


Suarez did say he did want residents to “recreate” but to do so while observing “social distancing.”

“What you can do is, you can go out for a walk. You can walk your dog. You can ride a bicycle. We do want people to have, to be able to recreate so long as they observe social distancing,” Suarez said. “And if you’re from out of town, please go home.”

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