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Europe Bicycle Touring: Trips and Advice

Europe Bicycle Touring: Trips and Advice

Europea Bicycle Touring
A non-commercial website.

All rights reserved ©2001-2019


by David May


A non-commercial site.

This non-commercial site presents much of what I have learned in twenty years of bicycle touring in Europe.

You will find here cycling descriptions and photos for many of Europe’s premiere cycling destinations that I have chosen to ride. You can use these to find a bicycle tour meeting your needs—whether a commercial group tour or a self organized trip. For each destination there are a suggested routes to chose from, and practical details for a trip if you are organizing it yourself..

You will also find here as well my opinions and research on general topics such as budgets for European Bike touring, touring styles, bicycle choices and so on. (Self-organized bike tours are much cheaper!)

Sister Site: www.mayq.com, Cycling into and out of Paris on bike paths and minor roads, including to and from the airports.

Sister site: www.grfive.com, for a month of hiking across the grain of the Alps from Lake Geneva to the Meditteranean.

Email: dmay@europebicycletouring.com
For my background, see this page.


The boxes below in this column, and lower down in the next column, link to pages describing each of the bicycle tours I have ridden. If you wish to select one of these recomended tours based on scenery, difficulty, traffic and climate, please study this chart.

The boxes immediately below link to pages covering general topics.

provence field of yellow flowers
Cycling Provence, France
Rape-Seed, Poppies, Lavender, Roman Coliseum, Theaters, Monuments Bath, and Aqueduct,
Fortified Cliffs,Wild Horses,
Charming Hill and Valley Towns, Papal Palace, etc.

Bikers pose along the Danube Bicycle Path with castle in background

Cycling the Danube River, Austria
Baroque Architecture, Easy, Good for Families

Castle of Chambord

Cycling among the Chateaux of the Loire Valley, France
Castles, Gardens, Easy
Cycling, see link below for cycling the length of the Loire and
across Europe

Sign for beginning or end of Eurovelo 6-La Loire a Velo

Eurovelo 6 Part 1:La Loire à Vélo
Cycling along rivers and canals from the Atlantic to Burgundy with links to continuations to Switzerland and the Rhine in Part 2, the German Danube in Part 3, and the Austrian Danube in Part 4 (or click above)

Zeeland beach with kites

Cycling France, Flanders, Zeeland
and Holland
along the North Sea

Coastal and Interior Views, Dikes, Bruges Architecture

Sheep near Dordogne River

Cycling the Dordogne River Valley
Bucolic Scenery, Picturesque Towns, Neolithic Cave Paintings

Line of Cyclists in a Ijsselmeer Polder

Cycling around the Ijsselmeer, Netherlands
Boats, Lake Views, Flat Farmland with Dikes, Amsterdam

Town in North of Alentejo, Portugal

Cycling Alentejo, Portugal
White Hill-Towns, Vineyards, Cork Trees

Road with Alps View, Austria

Cycling Western Austria and Bavaria
Scenic Lakes, Forests, Mountain Views,
Resort Villages,
Salzburg, Munich,
Mad King Ludwig’s Castles

Lindau on Lake Constance

Cycling Around Lake Constance and down the Rhine, Austria, Germany, Switzerland
Lake and River Views, Farms, Gardens, Woods,
Resort Towns, European Niagara Falls

Cycling from Hamburg, Germany to Copenhagen, Denmark

Along the dikes of the Elbe River the North Sea in Schleswig Holstein, across central Jutland, and around northern Zealand. Seaviews, farmland, forest, ancient towns, lake district resorts, art colonies, Hamlet castle, Louisiana Museum.

Maps showing other Long-Distance Bike Tours in France, Germany, and
the Netherlands

Pilgrims walking to Estaing

Cycling the Saint James Pilgrimage Route,


Top Bicycle Tours in Central Europe

of bicycling
in Czech Republic
, San
Francisco Chronicle

“We had biked 10 centuries in about as many miles, from a medieval stone tower in a maze of narrow village streets to an isolated ridge with a barbed wire remnant of the Iron Curtain” more

Cycling in the Czech Republic

Who is Topbicycle?

Topbicycle is a brand name of Czech tour operator Greenways Travel Club, arranging biking and hiking vacations in Central Europe since 1996.
Read more about us

What does Topbicycle offer?

Self-guided cycling tours
flexible trips with no need to keep anybody’s else pace, wide range of navigation tools, stand-by support and luggage transfers for your pleasant ride

Guided cycling tours
traditional van-supported tours offering the most comfort in terms of organization, including a local expert guide cycling with you

Semi-guided cycling tours
the best of each version: self-guided biking flexibility, back-up and input of a local guide driving a support van along the route

Top Quality Bike Rental
TREK and SCOTT touring hybrids, carbon racing bikes, tandems, e-bikes and kids bikes

Why ride with Topbicycle?

We specialize in Central Europe cycling tours only.
This is where we live and simply know it best. We have been developing our tours, based on a detailed local knowledge of our region, since 1996.

All our guides are experienced.
They will share with you their deep knowledge of the regional culture and history. Fluent in English, they will be your great companions.

Our self-guided tours are planned to the utmost detail.
Precise English route descriptions, detailed maps and GPS for easy navigation, 24/7 cell phone support and smooth luggage transfers will let you enjoy the ride.

All our routes can be customized according to your wishes.
Do you feel like skipping some nights or adding rest days and extra nights? Email us your ideas and we will shorten or lengthen the trip just for you. Your satisfaction is our goal.

Our TREK and SCOTT bikes come in a complete size range.
You can choose from men’s, step-through and WSD frames. Enjoy your ride with our lightweight carbon road bikes, comfortable touring hybrids, tandems or e-bikes.

We believe a quality bike is the cornerstone of a pleasant ride.
That is why we dedicate a lot of attention to detailed inspection and maintenance of our bikes before every ride. Feel free to bring your saddle or pedals.

Your feedback is taken seriously.
We improve our tours based on peoples suggestions and recommendations. The feedback and experience gathered over the years is reflected in our tours.

Our tours are being developed constantly.
We keep searching for new routes and appealing destinations in our region which are worth touring. Many of our clients come again to explore more.

A lot of our guests are from North America and Australia and it is our pleasure to provide for this level of service and expectation.

Read bike tour reviews from people who toured with us and used our services.

Why go on a bike tour in Central Europe?



Bike Tours In Europe

In response to surging demand for global environmental preservation, bicycles now attract attention as essentially the most eco-friendly technique of transport. Racing bicycles are designed to do one factor-go quick. Small suburb areas are the most effective places to journey a bicycle on the sidewalk for two reasons, fewer pedestrians and fewer site visitors. These improvements have continued with the advent of modern supplies and computer-aided design, permitting for a proliferation of specialised bicycle sorts, improved bicycle safety , and using comfort.

Multi-speed bicycles permit gear selection to go well with the circumstances: a bike owner might use a high gear when cycling downhill, a medium gear when biking on a flat street, and a low gear when cycling uphill. The leaf 36 and the plate 18 are then blocked in opposition to the pedal physique 2 by the cross member 23 and the cap 19, utilizing the screws 21.

Weighing in beneath 15.5 kg (35 lb), with up to 1,000 watts of electric energy, blind spot warning sensors, a GPS monitoring safety system and brand name componentry from stem to stern, Nireeka’s sexy carbon-framed electrical bicycles appear to be a cut price for the price.

Once you begin biking your technique to work, you will see that that you simply yourself usually are not prone to smoke or even have an after work drink, as a result of it’s good to be razor sharp whereas using a bicycle on highway. Cruiser Bicycles are just like hybrid bikes, in that they’re designed for casual riding, and have a very comfortable, upright driving position, and a large, comfortable seat.

Often they are nice for hauling one or typically two bikes. It isn’t at all times possible to share activities in such a method with people of very different ages, however tandem bicycles do give that opportunity. When riding an electric bicycle, you will not should put in a lot effort.

Including bicycles within the definition of automobiles allowed that to happen. Foldable bicycles can easily match into cramped areas. Low rider bicycles are normally house-constructed, extraordinary personalized bikes. Highway bicycles are designed to be ridden fast on smooth pavement.…