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Police: Ship Bottom Beach Patrol vehicle hits two Pennsylvania girls; driver charged with reckless driving

A Ship Bottom Beach Patrol vehicle struck a pair of teenage girls from Pennsylvania who were laying on the New Jersey beach a little after 1 p.m. on Saturday afternoon, local authorities said on Facebook. The incident occurred at the 26th Street Beach of the Ocean County town, which is located on Long Beach Island.

The girls’ names were not provided, but Ship Bottom police said that the victims were a 14-year-old female from Fleetwood, Berks County and a 15-year-old female from Leestwood. The two girls were taken to Jersey Shore Medical Center in Neptune City, Monmouth County where they were treated and eventually released from the hospital.

The driver of the vehicle, 22-year-old John Purdon of Barnegat, Ocean County, was charged with reckless driving pending a court date.

The town also issued a statement on its Facebook page on Saturday to send well wishes to the two female victims and their families.

Ship Bottom’s beaches are only open to residents and property owners of the town for walking or jogging purposes due to the coronavirus pandemic. Many other Jersey Shore towns have taken similar measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 across the region.

Residents and property owners of the town were given “disaster reentry” placards that must be shown to local authorities when asked, according to the Associated Press. It’s unclear if the girls had a placard with them while on the beach.

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The Vehicle and Driving Licence Chain

The Vehicle and Driver Chain in Europe

The Vehicle Chain and Driver Chain in Europe Report analyses and compares the responsibilities, tasks and activities of the vehicle and driving licence registration authorities in Europe. The most recent published version is The Vehicle and Driver Chain 2019 with contributions from 23 countries in total. EReg publishes The Vehicle Chain report every two years. The 2019 report is based on the country reports as available on the Vehicle and Driver Chain website in June 2019. 

The Vehicle Chain in Europe is a product of the Association of European Vehicle and Driver Registration Authorities (EReg). The main goal of this publication is to facilitate cooperation between the registration authorities that are working through EReg on subjects, such as international data exchange, re-registration of vehicles within the European Union, prevention of vehicle crime and fraud, vehicle mileage registration and standardisation of the chip on smart cards.

This website displays detailed country information online, giving participating countries the opportunity to frequently update their data.

The previous versions of The Vehicle Chain in Europe: 



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Flex automotive solutions for autonomous driving and smart tech integration |Flex.com

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  • 2019 Automotive News PACE Innovation Partnership Award  
  • 2019, 2017 Automotive News PACE Award Finalist 
  • 2018 China Automobile and Parts Innovation Award 
  • 2017 CLEPA Innovation Awards (x2) 
  • 2016 General Motors Supplier of the Year Innovation Award  
  • 2016 China Automobile and Parts Industry Development and Innovation Awards – Technology Innovation Award 
  • 2019 General Motors Supplier Quality Excellence Award 
  • 2019 Varroc Supplier Quality Award 

Driving Awareness with Vehicle Advertising

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Driving Awareness with Vehicle Advertising

You can easily get free advertising exposure with your vehicles, but being clever with it will get you even more attention.

Driving around town can be one of your best forms of advertising. Consider the experience of Jeff Whiting of Help! Wizards, a Columbus, Ohio, computer consulting firm that makes house calls. In 1999, the company bought its first vehicle. Instead of going with a white van as originally planned, it bought something that would attract more attention. A bright yellow Volkswagen Beetle. The “Help! Wizards” logo is boldly blazoned on both sides of the Bug and their trademark “!” is on the hood. They’ve since added three more Bugs to the fleet and have two more scheduled to hit the streets soon. The results? According to Whiting, he gets at least one call a week directly from the exposure to the “Wizard Bug.”

Speaking of bugs, an independent extermination company in Fort Wayne, Indiana, used an old hearse with a big bug on top as its vehicle. It got a lot of attention, but many customers felt uncomfortable with it in their driveways.

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To make a point more subtly, consider vanity tags for your car. The right message can generate some interest. The plates that seem to make the most impact are those that take a few moments to figure out. They engage you, and then once you finally “decode” the plate’s meaning, you remember it forever. Here are some tags we’ve come across:

  •  “MR 2TH” we assume is a dentist.
  •  “I SUE 4 U” from a lawyer in California.
  • “1099” or “W 2” is what we suggested to our CPA brother, Howard Slutsky.
  • “401K” for an investment advisor specializing in retirement accounts.
  • “BUYLOW” for a stockbroker.
  • “P8NTR” we guess is a painter.
  • “MNIPUL8” and “SPINE” are from chiropractors.
  • “EIEIO” suggested a farm co-op manager.
  • “U P 4 ME” is from an urologist in New Orleans.

One of the members of the audience of a keynote speech we gave told us about the man who had one delivery vehicle. A friend who had a large fleet made fun of his single truck. So he had some magnetic signs made with his company logo on it. He also put at the bottom under the logo “Delivery Vehicle #1,” which went on the left side. “Delivery Vehicle #2” was placed on the right side of the truck. On the back was “Delivery Vehicle #3.” His friend was amazed at how fast his fleet grew. This is a humorous, but important lesson: When considering signage for your vehicles, don’t forget to include all sides — left, right and


Driving and Transportation | Epilepsy Foundation

A driver’s license is a passport to adulthood in the United States and many other countries. In both rural and suburban areas, driving a motor vehicle is often essential for independence and employment. Even in many urban areas, driving is needed for some jobs or to get to certain places for work or pleasure.

  • Driving is a privilege, and applicants must meet the criteria in their state to qualify for a driver’s license.
  • Applicants in all states must be older than a minimum age (usually 16 or 17 years), must not have a medical disorder that would make driving dangerous, and must pass a written test, a vision test, and a driving test.

Licensing of People with Epilepsy

The laws determining which medical conditions may prevent someone from driving varies from state to state. Some states have become more liberal in recent years, basing laws on actual data about risks. This has resulted in fewer restrictions for people with epilepsy.

The laws are written to protect public safety and to grant the privilege of driving to people who are the least likely to have an accident. Even many absence or complex partial seizures while driving can be just as deadly as tonic-clonic seizures. The risk of injury or death is not restricted to the driver and passengers, but applies to pedestrians and people in other vehicles.

  • Studies have shown that the rate of motor vehicle accidents for people with epilepsy is higher than the average rate, but nowhere near the rate for those who drink and drive.
  • In some cases, accidents involving epilepsy are caused by people, especially men, who are driving without a license or who fail to report their epilepsy when applying for a license.

To get a driver’s license in most U.S. states, a person with epilepsy must be free of seizures that affect consciousness for a certain period of time. The seizure-free period varies from state to state.

  • More recently, shorter intervals of seizure freedom are being required, for example 3 to 6 months.
  • While some states still require a period of at least 1year seizure free, most consider exceptions that would permit someone to drive after a shorter seizure-free interval.
  • Usually, the doctor who cares for the person with epilepsy must fill out a form stating the date of the last seizure, type and other relevant information. Some states ask for the doctor’s recommendation about the person’s ability to drive. Others feel that this decision should be left to the DMV, while the medical professional provides the epilepsy information.
  • In states that do not require a specific seizure-free period, the doctor’s recommendation may carry considerable weight.

Review and Decision Process

In most states, the medical information and license application is reviewed by the state’s department of motor vehicles (DMV). In complex cases or when the decision is not clear, the information is usually forwarded to a consulting doctor or the state’s medical advisory board. A medical advisory board may also hear appeals about denying or


Your Driving Costs | AAA NewsRoom

Spike in Finance Costs Drives Increase

ORLANDO, Fla. (September 12, 2019) – It’s going to cost more for those looking to buy a new car this year. Finance costs on new car purchases have jumped 24% in 2019, according to new AAA research, pushing the average annual cost of vehicle ownership to $9,282, or $773.50 a month. That’s the highest cost associated with new vehicle ownership since AAA began tracking expenses in 1950 and a reminder that the true costs of owning a vehicle extend far beyond maintenance and fuel.

“Finance costs accounted for more than 40% of the total increase in average vehicle ownership costs,” said John Nielsen, AAA’s managing director for Automotive Engineering & Repair. “AAA found finance charges rose more sharply in the last 12 months than any major expense associated with owning a vehicle.”

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The spike in finance charges – which rose from $744 to $920, a nearly $200 increase — was fueled by rising federal interest rates and higher vehicle prices. It comes as 72-month car loans have become increasingly common – meaning car buyers are paying more, and longer, for vehicles that lose value the moment they’re sold. Long-term loans offer lower monthly car payments, but they ultimately cost the consumer more. AAA found that, on average, every 12 months added to the life of a loan adds nearly $1,000 in total finance charges.

“Smaller monthly payments may be tempting to potential buyers, but they can add big costs in the long run,” Nielsen said.

The new figures come from Your Driving Costs, which reviews nine categories of vehicles – consisting of 45 models – to determine the average annual operating and ownership costs of each. AAA focuses on top-selling, mid-priced models and compares them across six expense categories: fuel prices; maintenance/repair/tire costs; insurance rates; license/registration/taxes; depreciation; and finance charges. Annual average costs increased in each category.

Of all costs, depreciation, a measure of how quickly a car loses value, remains the single biggest cost of ownership, accounting for more than a third (36%) of the average annual cost. It slowed a bit this year, with vehicles included in the study losing an average of $3,334 a year, up $45 – or 1.4% – from last year. In 2018, depreciation rose by $117, or 3.7%. In two vehicle classes this year – small and medium sedans – depreciation costs actually declined.

Other key findings of this year’s Your Driving Costs include:

  • Average fuel cost rose to 11.6 cents per mile, 5% higher than last year. The per-mile increase was driven by gasoline prices, which are up 15.6 cents per gallon over the timeframe covered by the study. Electricity prices for EV charging also rose 0.1 cent per kilowatt-hour (0.08%), but the market share of the electric vehicles in the study (0.48%) makes the effect of this increase on the overall average fuel cost negligible. Fuel costs vary widely by vehicle type, ranging from a low of 3.65 cents per mile

Well being Benefits Of Bicycle Driving

Those who take pleasure in using common bicycles, in all probability want no encouragement to stand up and go and enjoy the fresh air and the train that goes hand in hand with riding a motorbike. Towards the rear, the cleat 6 might have a comfortable region 1 b designed to press towards the rear bridge 2 b of the pedal physique with the intention to counter vertical float. Rotterdam ByCycle organises bike rides for an alternative, more energetic means of seeing the town.

A bicycle rider is known as a cyclist , or bicyclist. But even those that usually trip a motorcycle may need a little bit of shove earlier than they’ll contemplate using a tandem. We now have rigid bike forks for highway, hybrid and BMX bikes however should you like to take your bike off-highway, then a suspension fork is what you’re after.

The lightweight body sets BMX other than different leisure bikes. Front bicycle light lamps are a should to signal your presence on the road or anywhere. Folks of varying height and weight will undoubtedly cycle in another way so the demands on the remaining partner will change.

These bikes are designed for individuals who need a light, excessive-performance bike, however do not like the drop-handlebar driving place of a daily highway bike. Such bikes are good for commuting and common riding. The everyday components of eth bicycle are wheels, frame, brakes, suspension, seating, carriers, drive prepare or chains connected between wheels and pedals, steering or handle and different accessories like bells, lights and so on.

A lot of the bicycles use handbrakes. I went from a three-velocity bicycle for leisure riding, to a 24-pace bicycle for more dedicated exercising. You cannot access the again of the car when you’ve bicycles on the rack. This company not only manufactured bikes, but they also developed motorcycles.

Road Bikes have drop handlebars which allow so that you can make your self as streamlined as doable. Riders with devoted road bikes might want to walk by means of them or, within the case of the St Fillans to Dalchonzie cycle path, take the A85. As time passed, bicycles turned so much popular that biking grew to become the primary few things that have been taught to a small child.…


Car Driving Ideas

How to draw cars simple. Vehicle graphics have always been well-liked with conventional sectors like plumbers and electricians, but lately we’re encouraging increasingly more less tradition businesses like newsagents, cleaners and takeaways to put their contact data on the corporate vehicles.

To become good at drawing cars you want a robust need to draw cars. Dreaming about cars also can give us warnings and solutions as properly. If you happen to dream that you just car is in perfect working order, it will probably recommend the identical in your waking kind of car dream suggest that every thing is going as deliberate.

Those that personal and drive YELLOW cars have great self-confidence and luxuriate in having enjoyable and embracing their interior-youngster. The model and design of the Mannequin A brought Ford into the modern era with a automobile that seemed extra like a car and less like a horseless carriage.

Individuals who choose to drive GRAY cars are often reasonable, useful and agreeable souls who like to float of life. This VCCCI rally will see 45 cars participating; 20 to drive down from Mumbai to Pune. Mercedes Benz cars are typically a rear-wheel drive outfit, and that sends chills down the spines of people who have to drive in snow and ice.

Since computer systems are much better at listening to boring details like the space between cars and whether or not the automobile is within the correct lane it’s fairly doubtless that the cars made within the subsequent ten to twenty years will likely be assigned these tasks.

Maybe you’ve gotten a Camaro, well so can your child, there are all youngsters of pedal cars either push powered, electrical powered, or good quaint pedal powered. Try to solely do your shading when you’re sure the development drawings of your cars are good.…


Distracted Driving An ‘Epidemic’

The idea of Home Heavyweight transport is way from being a “no brainer” in as we speak’s Provide Chain. Assist of the Wheels of Hope Transportation Service is always appreciated. Cars are autos utilized by people to get from one place to another. 6) Convenience- The power to cope with 1 company for multiple companies far outweighs having to cope with multiple firms for single , your accounting division will love you.

The velocity of transportation is slower but the much greater capability and the lowered costs make this methodology favorable in some circumstances. On this internet part you may find the most recent information on Valley Metro Rail, bus routes, airport transportation and parking amd bicycling.

An honest sized van that is correctly kitted out ought to be capable of transport 4 wheelchair sure passengers at a time in addition to have further seats accessible for caregivers. This is because of the fact that many People transfer across the nation yearly and thus would require pet transportation services to maneuver their pets as properly.

Transit passes give you limitless use of public transportation for a certain interval (one month or extra). The Metropolis of Portland Bureau of Transportation is a community associate in shaping a livable metropolis. On a larger scale, particularly when you find yourself contemplating cross border transportation, you will probably need to invest on a bigger truck that can accommodate a couple of pets on the same time.

When items are transported by way of intermodal transportation, they are often packaged in intermodal containers or trailers. Rail freight: cargo can carry – 4; pace – 2; worth – four; accessibility – three; capacity – three. October 30, 2012 – Employees introduced the plan on the regular Metropolis Council assembly at 9:30am, followed by a gathering of the Standing Committee on Metropolis Finance and Providers at 1:30pm.

Its mission is simply to assist improve the transportation of individuals and items by bringing an improved understanding of the subject to the theorists, practitioners and policy makers who research it. The service is employed, not because of his expertise in packing cargo, however to provide a facility to transport items from one place to a different.…


Shaky Steering Wheel While Driving? Could It Be A Unhealthy Steering Torque Sensor?

Automotive lifts save time when you want to do repair jobs, by making the lower part of the automobile accessible. Many company officials have mentioned that these cars could be on road for public by 12 months 2020. Most dealerships offer mechanical companies to vehicle consumers for years following the preliminary transaction. I signed up after I first realized about Drive-sensible, and was anxious to make use of it. The one category that I did not get an A+ in was time of day, since much of my driving is in the afternoon.

Examine the cost of registering your vehicle through the use of the payment you can present proof that the vehicle was beforehand registered in your identify in Australia, you will not must pay motor vehicle responsibility. The defect have to be severe, functionality-associated and it must impair the usage of vehicle or it must pose vital safety challenge to any of the drivers or passengers.

With your $6000 revenue, repeat the same course of this time importing 2 such used cars. It’s my obligation to ensure the vehicles are introduced in regularly for an inspection and oil change and I carry out the inspections. By taking measures to drive safely and accommodate large trucks, passenger vehicle drivers can considerably reduce the dangers of being involved in a crash.

Subsequent take it for a street check, drive along with your partner and children in it, let your girl buddies and boy mates experience in it, go on your dad and mum – let them hike a elevate in it – they’ll bless it. Let everyone knows there’s a new machine in town by the name used automotive”.

The high stress shops can have folks flocking to greet you at your automobile whereas the slower stores will allow you to exit your vehicle unmolested. The first thing to do is have AC power related to the camper and switch the Air Conditioner ON. Vehicles must examine in no later than half-hour before scheduled crusing time but no sooner than one hour before scheduled sailing time.

Should you discover a automobile that’s being offered by a personal vendor and the value seems to be too good to be true, likelihood is that it most likely is. Also, if a vehicle is being offered online, look to see if there’s a contact number or another kind of contact data for the proprietor.…