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David Butcher: Pedal Power Generator

You have to see it to believe it.

Curious about Human Power? Need some exercise? Trying to lose weight? Looking for a zero-carbon workout? Need inspiration? Researching technical information? Expensive electricity and gasoline making you nuts? You have come to the right place.

Every morning, I ride my Pedal Generator to generate electricity.
The Pedal Generator I built and ride charges batteries, that run
an inverter to produce 110v AC, that powers LED lights, the monitor
on my computer, my cell phones, and charges my Roomba, my eGo Electric
Moped, as well as many other battery-powered things.
All Powered by Me.
It is the most inspiring workout you can imagine, and it
saves me money!

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My Pedal Power History: 35 Years Researching the Power of Human Energy

The 12 Volt DC Pedal Generator you see on this site is a completely original
invention. I built the first version of the 12v Pedal Generator in 1976.
As an improvement over rudimentary bicycle generator and bicycle dynamo
designs, I focused on efficiency and versatility.
While a 12v bike generator is an alternative to my design, pedaling will
be less efficient,
and powering non-electric equipment may be difficult.
A unique feature in my design was a 36″ particle board disk with a groove
routed in the edge that served as the
flywheel and crankshaft
for the permanent magnet 36 volt DC motor
seen at the upper right edge of the device. A small-pitch chain provided the power
transfer system. The groove around the outer edge was lined with
“rim strips” – thin rubber straps that prevented the chain from
slipping and digging into the particle board. They are standard
bicycle parts. The motor was obtained around 1980 from Northern Hydraulic,
now known as
Northern Tool and Equipment Company.
It is a General Electric Permanent Magnet Motor, model 5BPA34NAA44, a very nice
heavy-duty, ball bearing unit. I paid USD $29 for it if I remember
correctly, and I still have it.

The bottom frame of the Pedal Generator was welded steel plate and
channel, the crankset was an American Schwinn ball bearing set,
a cotterless crank conversion spindle, alloy cranks and inexpensive pedals
with toe clips.

The crankset had a steel chainwheel on it. I drilled some larger
holes in the chainwheel and bolted the particle board disk to it. It was
strong enough (fine Schwinn steel!) to hold the weight of the particle
board disk and run true. I routed an oblong hole through the particle
board disk for the “arm” of the crankset.

The seatpost and


Nashville Mayor David Briley Signs ‘Declaration Of Transportation Independence’

Transport or transportation is a system of carrying items or people from one place to a different using automobiles or roads. The pricing technique for a pet transportation service business fluctuates based on the fastened and variable price of the business, in addition to the character of the service supplied. These have been not really public postal services as they have been meant for folks employed by the emperor and for the wealthy and highly effective.

The hidden prices of transportation affect thousands and thousands of people every single day. For rail, pipeline, road and cable transport, your complete approach the automobile travels should be constructed. Vehicles, buses, and vehicles permit people and issues to travel to certain places.

Briley signed an outsized model of the doc Monday night, capping a half-hour dialog with Janette Sadik-Khan , a former commissioner of the New York Metropolis Division of Transportation who advises on transportation issues professionally.

A few of the primary capabilities and advantages of a transportation management system are cargo load planning and shipment routing optimization, routing guide, execution management and service communication, shipment tracking, freight bill audit & payment, enterprise intelligence and reporting, claims management, returns management, appointment scheduling and so forth.

Make this metropolis’s investment in Metro pay off by making bus service and RapidRide Plus extra frequent and reliable by means of redesigning corridors, eliminating site visitors bottlenecks, optimizing sign timing, enhancing connections to Hyperlink Light rail stations, and having better pedestrian entry to transit hubs.

Reducing prices in this means helps companies keep away from cutting corners in areas that affect high quality, service, or safety. Nonetheless, it’s typically the costliest of all shipping firms’ worldwide providers as effectively. So, to soundly transport items from your enterprise warehouse, or simply throughout a house move, you could know how one can correctly assemble the ratchet straps.…