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Mobile Desk / Mobile Office Solutions has been manufacturing innovative Mobile Office Solutions for over 20 years.

Our unique product line includes Medical Laptop Carts, Computers on Wheels, Work Stations on Wheels, Tough Desk Laptop Mounts and Laptop Desks, Console-X Truck Consoles, Truck Organizers and Screen Out  Laptop Screen Blanking Technologies.


A premier manufacturer of superior mobile office solutions and products designed to increase productivity by increasing efficiency, minimizing data errors, ergonomic injuries and vehicle accidents so that you or your crew can work comfortably and safely in your mobile world.

Call us and find out how our Mobile Office Solutions will Increase your bottom line.

Mobile Desk Products should always be stored out of the Airbag Zone when driving and Never, Ever used While Driving! If you do not know your Airbag Zone then please contact the vehicle manufacturer for the Airbag deployment details and dimensions.  

Tough Desk and Passport Laptop Mounts and Laptop Desks Your Best Mounting Solution!

Mobile Desk is the Premier Manufacturer of Laptop Mounts and Laptop Desks for Your Vehicle

Vehicle Laptop Mounts and Stands from Mobile Desk will help you work comfortably and productively in your mobile world.

Super Duty Laptop Mounting Solutions for Trucks and Vans include: Our double articulating Tough Desk  and Tough Desk Ultra with available no drill installation and high security.

Mobile Workstations for Cars and Small Pickups include: Our universal  Passport with No-Drill Base Included

Features: Optional and standard No-Drill Base Mounts™, shock control, ergonomic articulating arms, heavy duty pedestals and theft deterrent technologies.    

The AutoExec Mobile Office Desk  The Perfect Mobile Desk to Get you Organized

A Complete All in One Mobile Office Workstations Designed to Enhance your Productivity

Auto Exec Mobile Desk, Seat Desk, Laptop Support, File Space, Slide Out Tray and Optional Laptop and Tablet Mounting

ncrease customer response time and take advantage of every opportunity with this Mobile Office Organizer from Mobile Desk.

Multiple design combinations  to meet the all of the needs of the Road Warrior in a single complete and portable mobile office solution.

With optional and standard features that include integrated file storage, laptop trays, I Pad and tablet mounts, slide out writing surface for notepads, massive hidden storage, office supplies compartments, printer stands, inverters,  cell phone holders and more.

The AutoExec Mobile Office Desk is the secret weapon for keeping your Field Force Automation Vehicle Automation Project or  that utilizes Laptop Computers, Tablets, I Pads, Netbooks,  mobile printing and more.

Features: File management, hidden storage and compartments for office supplies, secures in place with seatbelt Available with optional slide out laptop tray.    

Console-X Steel Truck Consoles / Organizers The Perfect Mobile Office for your Truck

A Complete, All in One Mobile Office Workstations Designed to Enhance your Productivity