July 23, 2021
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DC police ask for help to ID vehicle used in shooting death of 6-year-old
EV Stocks Could Fly This Summer
Solon Bicycle moves to new location | Destination
HAAH gives up on Chinese cars, will file for bankruptcy
Kansas City police say officers shot at man when vehicle continued to approach them during traffic stop
Brent Spence Bridge project 50% complete, transportation cabinet says
Woom merges US, European operations
Woman charged with speeding, striking police vehicle south of Dewey
Transportation company issued summonses after second safety complaint | News
There’s No Middle Class of Cars Anymore
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DC police ask for help to ID vehicle used in shooting death of 6-year-old EV Stocks Could Fly This Summer Solon Bicycle moves to new location | Destination HAAH gives up on Chinese cars, will file for bankruptcy Kansas City police say officers shot at man when vehicle continued to approach them during traffic stop Brent Spence Bridge project 50% complete, transportation cabinet says Woom merges US, European operations Woman charged with speeding, striking police vehicle south of Dewey Transportation company issued summonses after second safety complaint | News There’s No Middle Class of Cars Anymore

Transportation company issued summonses after second safety complaint | News

The Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office issued Texas transportation company All Gas LLC two summonses in Leesburg on July 6 after the company received its second truck safety complaint in as many weeks.

Authorities said a tractor trailer traveling in the area of Harry Byrd Highway and White Gate Place around 6:41 a.m. had violated its hauling permit and was 52,800 pounds overweight.

Patrol deputies responded to the area after a caller stated that the vehicle in question “was creating sparks and now the back is on fire,” according to the July 9 LCSO incident report.

After deputies initiated a traffic stop, the patrol supervisor observed the truck and subsequently requested assistance from units with LCSO’s Motor Carrier Safety division.

The ensuing inspection found the tractor trailer’s front escort vehicle did not have a height pole, and that the tractor trailer did not have a proper rear escort vehicle.

Both of those deficiencies violated the truck’s hauling permit, which was itself not issued to All Gas LLC but rather to a different company, Florida-based KCE Transport Solutions, per the LCSO.

The hauling permit violation meant the transport vehicle was not permitted to carry such a heavy load, resulting in a weight violation.

The vehicle had two additional “out of service” safety violations in addition to the two LCSO-issued summons, according to officials.

Authorities said All Gas LLC was also responsible for a June 25 incident in Hillsboro, in which a truck became stuck in a roundabout and damaged a guardrail while hauling a large piece of equipment on eastbound Route 9.

The LCSO issued citations for that vehicle not having a Virginia Department of Transportation Highway Hauling Permit, being 59,300 pounds overweight and having improper brakes.


Girard transportation company forced to stop all rides after parts stolen from entire fleet

GIRARD, Ohio (WKBN) – A company that provides transportation to people with special needs had to halt operations Monday morning after their fleet was targeted by destructive thieves.

The catalytic converters were stolen from an entire fleet of PCS (Person Centered Services) Transportation/Active Day’s vehicles at some point over the weekend, according to Trumbull Director Sherry Christner.

The company is located in the 500 block of Rush Blvd., which is where the large vans and buses were parked.

Christner noticed the problem around 6 a.m. Monday when she went out to start one of the vehicles.

On the lot, there were cables dangling from underneath the buses PCS provides and coordinates rides for people with disabilities and serve about 100 people per day at the Girard locations.

She told police this is not the first time catalytic converters have been stolen from them.

“This is the second time that this has happened to us. First time was back in Thanksgiving time when we were off for break. We came back and they had hit us,” Christner said.

The company is working to set up a transportation solution moving forward for the rest of the week.

PCS/Active Day provides and coordinates integrated vocational, recreational, leisure, social, volunteer and educational activities for individuals with disabilities to enhance career opportunities.


Tesla-inspired automotive designs that show why this company is at the peak of modern innovation: Part 3

Tesla is a forerunner in the electric automotive industry, especially when it comes to innovation and invention. Their designs are groundbreaking, as well as consistent breakers of conventions in the automotive industry! And, these electric vehicles are a huge source of inspiration for designers all over the world. The result is unique and breathtaking Tesla-inspired automotive concepts that honestly seem like the real deal. And, we’ve curated some of the best of the lot for you! Dive in, and get ready to have your minds blown!

The Model B forms a bridge between conventional bicycles and road vehicles, with a design that, like cars, is designed to be safer, more efficient, and less energy-intensive. The Model B’s sleek frame comes with forward, side-facing, and rear proximity and LiDAR sensors that scan the surroundings to create a protective bubble around the rider, alerting them of any obstacle. Each wheel comes with its own dedicated motor, forming the Model B’s dual-drive system. Spokes on the wheels are replaced by shock-absorbers, helping keep your ride smooth.

Rover missions to Mars have uncovered the secrets of the red planet, and to scout the moon’s jagged terrain, a designer envisions the Moonracer. An exploration vehicle that looks so much inspired by the Tesla Cybertruck with its sharp lines and the signature front and rear design. Of course to tread the toughest unknown terrain and hostile environment in case we humans dig for signs of life on still unexplored planets and their moons. The tires on the NASA exploration vehicle by product design student Robin Mazánek are going to be the most vital, as they need to be ready for any adventure. Tweel airless tires developed by Michelin are going to be the ideal choice as they never get punctured or burst as the hub of the tire is connected to the rim via flexible polyurethane spokes that also double as shock absorbers for a smooth ride.

Origami is more than just an intriguing form of art, it’s a scientific methodology that forms shapes of the most aesthetic nature while being structurally strong. That was the inspiration for transportation design student Jaeheon Lee from the Chung Ang University, South Korea to create the Tesla Origami concept car that breaks the barriers of automotive design as far as form and function are concerned. Adapting the elements of Tesla’s Cybertruck frame, SpaceX’s Mars colonizing dreams, and NASA’s Mars rover – the concept design is straight out of a sci-fi future. Retaining the cardinal points for the overall structural design of the vehicle, Lee envisions it to be a renewable energy-powered car – again having origami-inspired solar panels on the rear that expand to harness the sun’s energy when the vehicle is parked.

This bug-like rover that looks like the big daddy of the compact Mars rovers that we have seen over the years is, in fact, a waste disposal vehicle for the harsh terrain of the red planet. Called the D25 Modular Rover, the design comes to the


Origin Materials Launches Net Zero Automotive Program With Ford Motor Company

WEST SACRAMENTO, Calif. & DEARBORN, Mich.–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Origin Materials (“Origin Materials” or “Origin”), the world’s leading carbon negative materials company, today announced the launch of its Net Zero Automotive Program with Ford Motor Company (NYSE: F).

Origin’s Net Zero Automotive Program is a sustainable automotive supply chain initiative focused on industrializing new materials to drive decarbonization in the automotive industry. Origin believes the newly developed and industrialized materials, derived from sustainable wood residues, will be in high demand from the automotive industry as it undertakes a massive global effort to decarbonize its supply chains in search of the “zero carbon” car.1 The program will aim to provide the automotive industry with drop-in ready materials solutions to enable this transition.

To launch the program, Origin Materials and Ford will pursue drop-in applications for carbon negative PET plastic (polyethylene terephthalate) produced from sustainable wood residues with Origin technology. PET plastic helps make cars lighter, more fuel efficient, and often comprise a large percentage of a vehicle’s mass. The use of carbon-negative PET is expected to further reduce emissions and the need for fossil resources. In addition, the companies will collaborate to develop sustainable pigments and fillers for automotive applications for SUVs, trucks, electric vehicles, and more. The products will be developed using carbon negative materials produced with the Origin Materials technology platform, with applications throughout the interior and exterior of the vehicle, including bumpers, paint pigment, door panels, tire filler, underbonnet foam sheet, black plastic, head rests, seat cushions, and arm rests.

“Origin’s Net Zero Automotive Program is an exciting initiative that we expect to drive innovation, sustainability and decarbonization throughout the automotive supply chain,” said Rich Riley, Co-Chief Executive Officer of Origin Materials. “Ford is the perfect partner to launch the program with and we look forward to working with their teams to bring new sustainable products to market that will play a key role in helping them achieve their decarbonization and sustainability goals.”

“Ford’s path to carbon neutrality evaluates every part of our operations, including the emissions associated with synthesizing the vast amount of materials we use within our vehicles,” said Debbie Mielewski, Technical Fellow at the Ford Motor Company. “The ability to utilize carbon negative materials will be a monumental driver in helping achieve our sustainability goals and supports a more proactive vision for the entire industry.”

Origin Materials’ patented technology platform, which turns inexpensive, plentiful, and sustainable wood residues into carbon-negative materials, can help to revolutionize the production of a wide range of end products, including clothing, textiles, plastics, packaging, car parts, tires, carpeting, toys, and more with a ~$1 trillion addressable market.

In addition, Origin Materials’ technology platform is expected to provide stable pricing largely decoupled from the petroleum supply chain, which is exposed to more volatility than supply chains based on sustainable wood residues.

About Origin Materials

Headquartered in West Sacramento, Origin Materials is the world’s leading carbon negative materials company. Origin Materials’ mission is to enable the world’s transition to sustainable materials.


How To Become An Automotive Engineer At A Major Car Company

Image by Jason Torchinsky

Image by Jason Torchinsky

What It TakesTrue stories of the amazing women who work in cars.

A question I get a lot from younger readers is: How can I become an automotive engineer for a major car company? The answer is that there are many avenues to that goal, which is why—in addition to telling my own tale about how I scored my dream engineering job at Fiat Chrysler—I compiled stories from Ford, Nissan, Honda, Fiat Chrysler, and GM engineers.

It’s the same question I used to ask people all the time when I was a middle-schooler in the small city of Leavenworth, Kansas. I was someone who didn’t live anywhere close to the car industry (unless you count dealers and the Ford plant in Kansas City), and knew little about the civilian sector in general, since I grew up in an army community. To me, the automobile industry was a dim light atop the tallest of peaks—something that I could only faintly see from a distance, a dream that mostly just felt like an impossibility.

[A quick note: This article consists of eight pages, one devoted to each engineer’s story. Once you get to the bottom of my page, click “next” to read on page two the amazing way that the Jeep Wrangler JL product planner scored his dream gig. Comments are on page nine, which I realize is a bummer. Tell me your thoughts on how this new format works for a long feature like this one. I think it breaks things up well, but I’m unsure.]

Let The Passion Drive You

I was 13 years old, but for years and years, I carried that dream right there in my chest pocket, never letting go and using it to shape each and every major life decision I made.

My goal, to be specific, was to work for Chrysler, as I wrote on a flashlight forum (don’t judge) post back in July of 2006, when I was a mere 14 years old:

Illustration for article titled How To Become An Automotive Engineer At A Major Car Company

A former classmate, whose dad owned an awesome third-generation Ram 1500 (with the billet grille!), recently sent me a photo of our eighth-grade yearbook, in which I wrote: “Dodge Rams rule!”

Look at this Chrysler nerd:

Illustration for article titled How To Become An Automotive Engineer At A Major Car Company

I vividly remember a Chrysler Ride and Drive event in Kansas City that I convinced my family to attend, and we always went to the Kansas City Auto Show. Here’s my 16-year-old self crawling all over Jeeps in 2008; the JK Wrangler was still a relatively new vehicle, and I was obsessed:

Illustration for article titled How To Become An Automotive Engineer At A Major Car Company

Illustration for article titled How To Become An Automotive Engineer At A Major Car Company

I even took a photo of myself (using a digital camera because this was before the proliferation of smartphones) in the 2008 Jeep Liberty, which—while new at the time—was a pretty crappy Jeep. But a man in love sees no flaws:

Illustration for article titled How To Become An Automotive Engineer At A Major Car Company

Never mind, even I knew a crappy car when I saw one (see caption):

Illustration for article titled How To Become An Automotive Engineer At A Major Car Company

Also new in 2008 was the Challenger:

Illustration for article titled How To Become An Automotive Engineer At A Major Car Company

And the “DS” Ram:

Illustration for article titled How To Become An Automotive Engineer At A Major Car Company

Now that I think about it, 2008 was a


Coronavirus: Morgan Hill bicycle company sources and donates masks to healthcare workers

MORGAN HILL, Calif. (KGO) — Face masks are hard to come by, even for health care workers. So, Morgan Hill-based bike company, Specialized, has been using its worldwide contacts, calling in favors, and spending millions of dollars to get face masks to medical workers.

Specialized CEO Mike Sinyard told me healthcare workers are the heroes of this pandemic.

He knows he is fortunate to have the wherewithal to secure so many masks, but encourages all of us to lend a helping hand to healthcare workers.

“How could you help them?” he asks. “Can you help them by preparing food, can you help them by taking care of their kids, because the kids will be home. Everything helps.”

Mask shipments have begun arriving at the company’s Morgan Hill headquarters, and among the first to get masks are local hospitals, including Watsonville Community Hospital.

Take a look at more stories and videos by Michael Finney and 7 On Your Side.

If you have a question or comment about the coronavirus pandemic, submit yours via the form below or here.

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Bicycle Illinois – Illinois’ Bicycle Touring Company

Illinois’ Bicycle
Touring Company

are extremely sad to announce that due to the
of Wisconsin’s Safer at Home Order, GRABAAWR 2020 must
be postponed.
more information will be coming promptly for all participants,
vendors, and suppliers.

Registration is
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Bicycle Illinois events!

to register for
Bicycle Illinois
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Event Schedule

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Smart Trainers – Big Shark Bicycle Company

Minoura SmartTurbo Kagura LST9200 LiveRide Indoor Magnetic Bicycle Trainer


Minoura, the company that invented the mag trainer, now brings you the SmartTurbo Kagura LS9200 trainer. This trainer operates in either a fixed or gravity mode, allowing the user to train more traditionally or by simulating a downhill ride. Using Bluetooth or ANT+, the trainer will connect to your smartphone, tablet, or laptop to transmit data, OR you can use apps (on ios, android, Windows and Mac!) from Zwift, Kinomap and more to create an amazing simulation of outdoor riding. It will also talk to select products from companies like Garmin to simulate a workout or course. This trainer is smooth and quiet, and can be used (with the Neodymium magnet) straight out of the box! This will allow the user to warm up before a race, for example, and then take it home and plug it back in for Smart training. It will accommodate 650b/700c/26″/27.5″ tires, and includes a QR skewer for rear hub widths from 125-140mm.

Saris H3 Direct Drive Smart Trainer


Reliable. Durable. Quieter Than Ever Before.
When it comes to indoor bike trainers, the most frequently asked question is: how quiet is it? Taking this to heart, our Madison, Wisconsin-based team put this query under the microscope and set a goal to build a trainer so quiet, that the only sound is that of your drive train.
The result? A direct drive smart trainer that touts a sound specification of 59 decibels at 20 mph. In other words, the H3 is five times quieter than previous generations, making it the quietest smart trainer to ever leave our doors.
Following the Saris direct drive smart trainer legacy, the H3 features the same reliably and durability as its predecessors. Each H3 is made from cast and machined aluminum sourced from America’s heartland. Encased inside are components meticulously calibrated to measure power, speed and cadence, as well as a precision-balanced flywheel – all built to handle 2000 watts and replicate a 20% climbing grade.
Tested to withstand heavy training, the H3’s internal cooling system will keep the electromagnetic resistance system working – and accurate – long after your legs have given out.
– Quieter Than Ever: all new drive system shaves decibels off previous generations.
– Precise Training: +/- 2% power accuracy.
– Controlled and Consistent: electromagnetic resistance provides a measured workout every time.
– Direct Drive Design: widest bike compatibility and eliminates wheel slips.
– No External Sensors Required: measures speed, cadence and power.
– Seamless Integration: connects to indoor cycling apps with dual ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth FTMS standards.
– Zwift certified.
– Noise level: 59 decibels at 20 mph
– Power measurement accuracy: +/- 2%
– Maximum power output: 2000 watts at 20 mph
– Simulates a 20% climbing grade
– Fast response electromagnetic resistance
– Measures speed, cadence and power – no external sensors needed
– 20 lb precision balanced flywheel
– Integrated dual ANT+ FE-C and Bluetooth FTMS standards
– Built-in front wheel block
– Integrated carrying handle
– Compatible with Shimano 8-11 speed cassettes


How to Build a Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company

Welcome to the Non-Emergency
Medical Transportation Industry, an industry that’s literally
growing by the day. How do I know? Because the elderly
population is literally in the process of doubling and
the medical industry is experiencing huge change.

Further, I know
because I started my first company, a NEMT business in
1999. Since then, I have help and untold number of transportation
providers and entrepreneurs from all across the country
to grow, build, expand and diversify their NEMT businesses.

So what is Non-Emergency
Medical Transportation (NEMT)?

Also known as an
ambulette service, NEMT is the transportation of people
in wheelchairs, stretchers or those ambulatory who need

Do NOT be
confused: This is NOT an ambulance service!
This is strictly non-emergency transportation.
You do NOT need any kind of special life-saving
skills, training or equipment!

Million Dollar Medical Transportation Company

As a non-emergency medical transportation provider, you provide a critical service that helps people in need get to their medical appointments, dialysis and treatment centers, in and out of nursing, rehab, skilled care, and assisted living facilities.

Further, your service supports and sustains the daily mission of hospitals, facilities, doctor offices, and medical centers. Without you, people in need don’t get treated, residents don’t get to appointments, and facilities can?t discharge patients.

Do not confuse this high-demand service with a common senior transportation or elderly transportation service.

Trust me, I know the internet is flooded with common information regarding “how to start a senior transportation service,” but I can assure you, I am not going to waste your time or take your money attempting to teach you something that, essentially, amounts to you simply driving for Uber or Lyft.

There is no real money-making opportunity in rideshare services because you can’t scale it with such low rates of reimbursement. To the contrary, I am going to teach you how to build a real and legitimate non-emergency medical transportation company – one with increased capacity that you can grow and scale.

And here is the absolute best part. your two niche markets, the medical industry and the elderly population, are not just growing, they are exponentially booming!

The elderly
population is the fastest growing niche market in
the world – and it’s only getting bigger! By the
year 2030, the US elderly population will have doubled,
reaching in excess of 70 million!

US health care industry is one of the world’s
largest and fastest growing industries! By the
year 2016, the growth of the US medical industry
will have consumed almost 20% of our GDP!

Now seriously, if
you have any kind of keen business sense then these two
statistics, the growth of the elderly population and that