August 03, 2021
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Austin Police ram vehicle that drove through active crash scene Pa. transportation funding panel readies $15.6B package with mileage-based fee SRAM opens TIME pedal factory in Portugal Biden wants U.S automakers to pledge 40% electric vehicles by 2030 -sources N.Y.’s Transit System Could Receive $10 Billion in Infrastructure Deal 2022 Subaru BRZ Starts Just Under $29,000 Review: The best bicycle tyre inflators to use with an air compressor Ex-Toyota Europe CEO van Zyl dies at age 63 CPS transportation exec on leave after contentious busing plan rollout Here’s How To Import A Japanese Car To America Without Hassle

Eight Careers in Transportation and Logistics in the US

Transportation and Logistics

Graduating with a degree in transportation and logistics will leave you with no shortage of career paths. Not only
are logistics utilized by a wide variety of institutions (everything from global corporations to city governments),
the transportation and logistics industry is made up of many different parts that perform very different functions.
These are just eight of the possible careers you could pursue with a degree in transportation and logistics:


Analyst is the most common entry-level logistics position. Analysts are responsible for gathering and analyzing data
to look for problems. Good math and computer skills are generally required for these positions; thriving in a team
setting is also important, as analysts are expected to recommend solutions to their supervisors. Although it is an
entry-level position, an analyst’s tasks become more varied and complex as he or she accumulates experience. The
basic understanding of logistics planning that one acquires as an analyst is useful in many more-advanced positions.

Logistics Engineer

A successful analyst might find himself promoted to Logistics Engineer. The tasks of an engineer are related to those
of an analyst: engineers evaluate the supply chain and logistics systems for trends or problems using computer
systems and mathematics. While analysts make recommendations, however, engineers are responsible for implementing
solutions. They manage their own projects as well as those of analysts, and must be able to write technical
proposals for their plans. Management becomes an important part of many transportation and logistics careers.


Consultants work directly with clients devising and implementing logistics solutions for specific problems. This
often requires the consultant to be a free agent of sorts, moving from city to city solving problems; many
consultants, however, find this challenge to be rewarding. Project management is a key part of consulting work;
consultants must manage data to find solutions, oversee the implementation of those solutions, and ensure that
clients understand basic supply-chain needs for independence moving forward.

Customer Service

Customer service specialists are not required to have college degrees or entry-level knowledge of logistics, but the
best customer service usually features both. Whether acting as a sales team or managing existing clients, customer
service acts as an intermediary between clients and the rest of the logistics team. A client’s needs and concerns
must be relayed to engineers or managers; likewise, if there is a problem of logistics, the problem and its solution
must be communicated to the client. Therefore, a knowledge of logistics offers both clients and customer service
representatives a greater grasp of the situation. As with other positions, successful customer service eventually
leads to a management position responsible for establishing procedures for the entire customer service team.

Purchasing Manager

Not every company that employs logistics professionals will employ a purchasing manager. Carriers such as UPS, FedEx,
and USPS, for instance, distribute goods or products that are ready to be sold, or already have been. Manufacturers,
however, must acquire resources and materials and have them delivered for production. Purchasing managers find
materials suppliers across the world, sign


Transportation Careers – Job Titles and Descriptions

Transportation is a broad field that includes job titles ranging from aircraft pilot to yardmaster. Whether it’s planning travel, moving materials, or transporting people or goods, there are many different roles available for those interested in working in the transportation sector. Review job titles, career options, in-demand jobs, and salary information for transportation and material moving occupations.

Careers in Transportation

Transportation careers includes jobs in industries that transport passengers and cargo via plane, rail, bus, boat, transit system, and other modes of private and public transportation. Transportation jobs might also involve scenic and sightseeing transportation.

The transportation and material moving sector also includes positions that support the industry. For example, travel and tour agencies that book transportation and logistics staff that coordinate transportation are part of the transportation industry. So are mechanical support personnel such as automotive mechanics, automotive service technicians, maintenance workers, and repair workers.

Just getting started on a job search in the transportation industry? It can help to familiarize yourself with common transportation occupations and job titles. You might also use this list to encourage your employer to change your job title to fit your responsibilities.

Common Transportation Job Titles

Some of the most common and in-demand job titles in the transportation industry are drivers, movers, and logistics personnel. For more information about each job title, check out the Bureau of Labor Statistics’ Occupational Outlook Handbook.

Truck Driver

A truck driver transports goods from one place to another. Often, they move products from a manufacturing plant to a retail or distribution center. They need to have mechanical knowledge and be able to maneuver their vehicle.

They also need to be able to complete their drive within a given amount of time. Truck drivers spend lots of time away from home, and are often alone in the truck. They must be comfortable with the irregular schedule and the physical demands of the job.

Public Transportation / Bus Driver

Bus drivers might work for a school system, a private client, or the public (if they drive a city bus). They are in charge of following a given route, picking up and dropping off clients, and arriving at places at a given time. Unlike truck drivers, bus drivers regularly interact with passengers, so they need strong customer service skills.

  • Bus Driver
  • Public Transportation Inspector
  • Route Driver
  • Route Supervisor
  • Scheduler
  • Streetcar Operator
  • Subway Operator
  • Van Driver

Taxi Drivers, Chauffeurs, and Drivers

Taxi drivers and chauffeurs transport people to and from their destinations. They have to be good drivers and know their way around the area in which they are driving. They often have to go through some form of training, but there are rarely education requirements. Taxi driver and chauffeur jobs require strong customer service skills.

  • Cab Driver
  • Chauffeur
  • Courier
  • Dispatcher
  • Driver
  • Driver / Sales Representative
  • Driver / Sales Workers
  • Fleet Coordinator
  • Fleet Manager
  • Shuttle Car Operator
  • Taxi Driver

Material Mover

Material movers and hand laborers move materials such as freight or stock. They might retrieve or unload trucks carrying materials.


Sonic Automotive Careers

Our Story

Sonic Automotive is a Fortune 500 company that is transforming the way people shop for, buy and service their vehicles. Our talented team work together to ensure we provide an experience unmatched by our competitors.

Our associates are happy to work here because:

  • We boast the lowest turnover in the industry.
  • We provide award winning training (Training Magazine Top 125, and Brandon Hall Awards).
  • We are committed to developing and promoting within the company.
  • We are technology based – most jobs use IPads or IPhones that we provide.
  • Our benefits are extremely competitive with Medical, dental, vision, HSA, 401k and PTO.
  • We encourage peer to peer teamwork and recognition.
  • Special benefits to purchasing and leasing a car.
  • Personal Automotive Concierge Service.

If you want to find out more about the types of jobs we have here, we’ve highlighted a few.

We’re proud of what we’re doing here. Come and join us!

Our Personality Represents Who We Are.

We’re Friendly

We bring a positive attitude to every interaction with our guests, because buying and servicing a car should be an exciting experience, not a stressful one.

We’re Real

We use simple language that everyone on the road can understand – from teenagers to grandparents. We don’t speak in jargon or buzzwords.

We’re Listeners

We hear what our guest are saying. When they come to us with a question, we respond with a helpful answer, not marketing language.

We’re Respectful

This applies to people’s time and also their money. Every single guest is important to us – whether they are shopping for their very first car, their third car or just stopping by for service. We don’t look, feel or act like the competition.

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Enterprise Holdings Careers

4 industries – air, automotive, rail and sea transport – make up the majority of the transportation sector; the size of their political contributions is available in that order. • Specialised Containers – There are a variety of containers designed to move several types of cargo, including liquids, frozen goods, compressed or liquefied gases, fast freight and even mini containers for smaller a great deal of cargo. A few years again, the thought course of was when delivery LTL sort shipments to always use a Motor Provider akin to Conway or UPS Freight because you’re going to get higher rates and repair.

Bobtail defines protection as “any time the trailer is unattached” whether or not the OO has been dispatched by the motor provider. In order that they came up with the idea of going to the small parcel industry, the massive traditional carriers, the regional carriers, and the freight forwarding group to barter charges, to exit and provide ALL companies to a shopper base.

There are numerous transportation options, including Zipcar, the Camel Van shuttle, SEAT (the local metropolis bus) and several other taxi services. Trip-sharing corporations provide transportation by means of their apps in the driver’s personal automobile. Medicaid additionally provides for these people to obtain free transportation to and from their medical appointments if vital.

TCI states work together on clean automobiles and fuels, the development of sustainable communities, using info and communication applied sciences, and freight emission reductions. Successfully implement and improve the Bicycle Master Plan and the Heart City Bicycle Network by convening key partners from the advocacy community, native neighborhoods and businesses.

The journal features complete timely articles and surveys that cover all modes of transportation, current and potential, and researches planning and design issues and the associated financial, operational, and social considerations. By choosing transportation by way of ships, they can save some huge cash and scale back their operational value within the process.

Transportation costs fluctuate between and inside regions, and this directly impacts dwelling bills. Contact employees compensation authorities in your state to find out how one can go about making use of to offer medical transportation to recipients of staff compensation.…