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The Vintage 2020 Cafe EV Bicycle: Social Distancing With Style

Vintage Electric Bikes

Vintage electric bikes were developed for multiple reasons — the thrill of the ride, helping save gas and carbon emissions from automobiles, getting great exercise, and essentially helping the planet.

Vintage is a transportation company established in 2013 in Santa Clara, California, that engineered and designed its first electric bikes with a vintage aesthetic and world-class engineering. Today, Vintage’s electric-bike engineering has evolved to include a variety of models, from a powerful commuter bike to a rugged off-roader, all integrating the brand’s design ethos.  All of the models are engineered for speed, and outperform other electric bikes on the market. They use lithium-ion batteries paired with direct drive rear hub motors.

Social Distancing made easy with the Vintage Cafe Electric Bike

But during this time when social distancing and personal separation strategies have become so needful, Vintage is launching a new special edition 2020 Cafe bike with up to a 60-mile range, allowing riders to experience exceptional outdoor rides while also exercising safe and now needful social distancing.

The new 28 mph Cafe series also features increased storage capacity with new Suffolk pannier bags, designed to help riders comfortably stow and transport essential travel items for short or longer bike trips.

“As people continue to exercise caution in their daily lives for public safety, we want to remind everyone that Vintage as a brand was built on the idea that riders may use our bikes to improve their lives by forgoing conventional transportation,” Andrew Davidge, Founder of Vintage says. “Regardless of whether someone takes one of our bikes or not, riding instead of taking a car for essential errands is helpful on so many levels: being outside in a safe way, and getting fresh air and exercise while saving gas, all helps people and our planet. And, transporting groceries on the ride back is easier with Vintage’s powerful pedal-assist technology.”  

Vintage Cafe Electric Bike, Bronze

Further, the 2020 Vintage Cafe bike allows riders to explore the road conveniently as a powerful EV machine is capable of speeds up to 28 mph. The bike also doubles as a pedal bicycle. With five power levels of pedal assist, riders can choose the power they prefer with the push of a button. So, the rider can pedal the Cafe like an ordinary bicycle for more exercise, or engage the battery at anytime to experience Vintage’s powerful EV propulsion. 

Vintage 2020 Cafe Electric Bike, Red

The new 2020 Cafe also features more storage capacity with a pair of pannier bags. Made from waterproof, bluesign® material, these Suffolk roll-top panniers include a convenient large outer pocket and additional four-way stretch side pockets to secure groceries or any other essential items, ensuring that riders will be able to pack plenty while running any essential errands. Woven with nylon and cotton blended fabric, the large durable bags weigh 2 pounds for an easy start to any ride while the powerful new 2020 Cafe bike battery allows for easy, convenient and most importantly, safe


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Covid – 19 Bicycle Cafe Shop Protocol Update March 20th 2020  

Up until today we have been operating mostly business as usual with additional cleaning and sanitizing methods in place. Covid 19 is now most definitely in our community and spreading so for the safety and good of our customers, staff and whole community we will be implementing the following changes to our shop. 

  • The Retail and Service shop is now closed to the public. These spaces are too limited to possibly provide enough distance between persons. We will gladly meet you out front at the table and try our best to get you what you need in a safe sterile manner.
  • Bicycle Service is open but by appointment only and the shop side is closed to customers. Call ahead and book at 250-828-2453, drop your bike off in the rack outside the repair shop in the rack, check in with the staff and we will sanitize your bike before bringing it inside and after we are done with it in minimize contact with surfaces. 
  • No trying on anything. We cannot possibly sterilize a number of soft goods so we won’t be allowing customers to try on goods on their bodies. If you need something and know what it is and the size, feel free to purchase it with the understanding at this time we will not be accepting returns on those items. It’s just not safe for our customers and staff at this time. 
  • 1 Bicycle test ride per customer. If you need to get that new bicycle as it is the season due to our stringent sanitization program we can fit you on one bicycle for a test ride. We are happy to help you narrow it down but our usual trying multiple bikes isn’t possible at this time. Also our demo ride dates this spring have been postponed by all our companies for the season for the same reasons. 
  • We will be updating and changing these practices as necessary. This is a difficult time for everyone and we want to keep people safe on their bicycles but not at the expense of safety and our wonderful community. 
  • We love you all. Thank you from the whole Cafe Crew. Check in regularly as our hours and protocols will change as necessary but we will try to keep you rolling as long as we can.  
  • Feel Free to reach out via email at info@bicyclecafe.com or Call us at 250-828-2453


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