October 16, 2021
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Rekor Systems Announces Selection of Waycare Technologies by Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development for Pilot Program to Reduce State Traffic Congestion and Crashes
California homeless camp fire damages 2 bridges, disrupts public transportation
Austin finishes half of its bicycle network, expects to complete entire 400-mile system by 2025
The Top 10 Automotive Concepts that automotive enthusiasts will be itching to see on the road!
Oregon Transportation Commission, wary of I-5 Rose Quarter project’s growing price tag, grants conditional approval
Woman dies after being hit by car in North Windham Friday night
Silk-FAW Continues To Poach Italy’s Automotive Talent, As Lamborghini’s Katia Bassi Joins As Managing Director
Transportation Department cracks down on airlines withholding refunds for canceled flights
Bear gets trapped in car, destroys interior
Cycling apparel company adding full-service bike repair to visitor center
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Rekor Systems Announces Selection of Waycare Technologies by Louisiana Department of Transportation and Development for Pilot Program to Reduce State Traffic Congestion and Crashes California homeless camp fire damages 2 bridges, disrupts public transportation Austin finishes half of its bicycle network, expects to complete entire 400-mile system by 2025 The Top 10 Automotive Concepts that automotive enthusiasts will be itching to see on the road! Oregon Transportation Commission, wary of I-5 Rose Quarter project’s growing price tag, grants conditional approval Woman dies after being hit by car in North Windham Friday night Silk-FAW Continues To Poach Italy’s Automotive Talent, As Lamborghini’s Katia Bassi Joins As Managing Director Transportation Department cracks down on airlines withholding refunds for canceled flights Bear gets trapped in car, destroys interior Cycling apparel company adding full-service bike repair to visitor center

Who will buy Prime Automotive Group’s stores?

Automotive News reported in June that the holding company owning most Prime assets had raised doubts in audited financial statements about whether it could continue as a going concern, given an expiring credit agreement for vehicle floorplanning, mortgages and other debt led by M&T Bank Corp.

In June, that credit agreement was extended from its previous expiration date of February 2022 to the end of December 2022, according to a July filing with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission by GPB Automotive Portfolio limited partnership — a holding company that owns 30 of Prime’s 31 dealerships. With the extension, along with an agreement to free up money controlled by Prime, the partnership said in a regulatory filing last week that it can now meet its financial obligations through at least Aug. 26, 2022.

A May 14 regulatory filing revealed the partnership was exploring options for Prime’s future, including a possible sale. That filing also indicated that some automakers since February had sent franchise termination notices or were threatening to terminate dealer agreements.

The partnership, in an August regulatory filing, said “all notices of terminations issued to our dealerships have been settled or resolved,” except those issued by Volkswagen and Audi of America.

Volkswagen on Aug. 10 issued notices of termination for Prime’s two Volkswagen stores as part of its “litigation strategy,” the partnership said in the August filing.

“We do not believe these notices of termination have any short-term impact and we will file protests pursuant to state law,” the holding company said in the filing.

In 2020, Volkswagen sued GPB in federal court in New York after GPB and Prime told Volkswagen they would not sell dealerships in Saco, Maine, and Norwood, Mass. Volkswagen claims GPB breached its business relationship agreement. It gave GPB 90 days to submit purchase agreements for three stores; GPB later sold one store in New York.

A June settlement conference between GPB and Volkswagen was unsuccessful.


Best Buy powers up its e-transportation selection

Best Buy is all abuzz as the retailer introduces its most extensive lineup of electric transportation products from e-bikes and scooters to mopeds and accessories.

Most of the items are now available online, and some will be offered at select Best Buy stores in October.

While it isn’t the first time the electronics retailer has offered e-transportation items, the selection has dramatically expanded, and it’s the first time services for the devices will also be available.

“There’s been incredible innovation in the e-transportation space, and we know more customers are looking for ways to efficiently and sustainably commute,” said Frank Bedo, senior vice president of ecommerce and health at Best Buy, in a statement Tuesday. “As we grow this selection, we look forward to helping customers find the right products to fit their needs and supporting them as they hit the road safely.”

The Richfield retailer has started to offer products from brands such as Unagi, which makes lightweight and compact scooters; Bird, which makes scooters and e-bikes; and Segway, whose Ninebot scooters, plus dirt e-bikes, mopeds and Gokarts, will be for sale.

Best Buy also will offer $100 assembly and fine-tuning of e-bikes at customers’ homes.

Last week during the company’s latest earnings call with analysts, Best Buy CEO Corie Barry mentioned electronic transportation as one of several expansion categories for the retailer. Best Buy also plans to add products in fitness, beauty, sleep, pain management, vision and hearing.

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Uber to buy logistics company Transplace for $2.25 billion

Uber Freight, the rideshare company’s trucking division, said Thursday it’s acquiring shipping software company Transplace in a deal that values the transportation logistics company at $2.25 billion.

Uber shares were slightly positive Thursday morning.

Uber Freight will acquire Transplace from TPG Capital, the private equity platform of alternative asset firm TPG that acquired Transplace in 2017. The deal consists of of up to $750 million in common stock of Uber and the remainder in cash.

It’s a rare move for Uber, which has spent the last year shedding its profit-eating self-driving unit and flying taxi segment. Instead, Uber has been choosing to pour billions into strengthening its Uber Eats segment, acquiring alcohol delivery company Drizly and food delivery service Postmates.

Uber Freight chief Lior Ron said in an interview on CNBC’s “TechCheck” that the deal is a continuation of the company’s long-term vision, which is to bring digital transformation to the industry. Transplace makes software that helps companies manage their supply chains to ship goods. The company claims it operates one of the largest software platforms for supply chain management and logistics in the world.

Uber Freight, a separate division of Uber, offers similar software tools to manage supply chains and shipping. Uber Freight says it has over 70,000 carriers on its network that can ship items for companies.

Uber Freight booked $301 million in revenue in the first quarter of this year, up 51% year over year. Despite the growth, Uber Freight contributes just a small slice of Uber’s overall revenue, the bulk of which comes from rides and food delivery.

The deal is expected to help Uber’s trucking division reach profitability. The company said it could help the segment break even on an adjusted EBITDA basis by the end of 2022.

The deal is still subject to regulatory approval.

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Tesla Is Most ‘American’ Car You Can Buy, According to New Automotive Study

If you’re committed to buying American when shopping for a new car, better get yourself a Tesla. 

Elon Musk’s EV company has been declared the “most American” automaker according to Cars.com’s long-running American-Made Index, marking the first time that an electric car brand has come out on top in the list’s 16-year history. 

While the auto website  doesn’t reveal its exact methodology in ranking each 2021 make and model, the five factors they account for are location of final assembly, percentage of U.S. and Canadian parts, engine’s country of origin, transmission’s country of origin, and the U.S. workforce involved in assembly. 

2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1

2021 Ford Mustang Mach 1

Specifically, the Tesla Model 3 claimed the No. 1 spot, followed by the Ford Mustang, Tesla Model Y, Jeep Cherokee and Chevrolet Corvette. See the top 20 here: 

  1. Tesla Model 3
  2. Ford Mustang
  3. Tesla Model Y
  4. Jeep Cherokee
  5. Chevrolet Corvette
  6. Honda Ridgeline
  7. Honda Odyssey
  8. Honda Pilot
  9. Honda Passport
  10. Toyota Tundra
  11. Ford Expedition
  12. Acura RDX
  13. Acura TLX
  14. Chevrolet Colorado
  15. GMC Canyon
  16. Jeep Grand Cherokee
  17. Honda Accord
  18. Toyota Avalon
  19. Lexus ES
  20. Lincoln Navigator

The Drive reports that the lowest-ranked models include both foreign marques like Nissan, Toyota and Honda in the bottom five and domestics like the Ram 1500 at No. 89 and and the GMC Sierra 1500 at No. 80.  

But it would be wrong to even the the last-place model, the Honda Civic, an “un-American” car—there are 254 other models sold in the U.S. that didn’t even make the list at all. 



Best Auto Stocks to Buy in 2021

How do you evaluate an automotive stock?

Automotive stocks fall into the consumer durables sector. This sector includes companies that make products for consumers that are intended to last for more than a few years, like washing machines, furniture — and cars and trucks.

Before investing in automotive stocks, it’s important to understand how economic cycles affect automotive companies and how these companies work to maximize profits and stay competitive during good and bad economic times.

Understand the auto sales cycle

Automakers and their suppliers are cyclical stocks, meaning that their profits rise and fall with consumer confidence. It’s easy to see why: When businesses and consumers are worried about the economy, they postpone buying new vehicles.

Auto sales’ cyclicality matters to investors because:

  • Automakers have high fixed costs, including their factories, tooling, logistics networks, and labor contracts. These bills have to be paid no matter how many cars get sold.
  • Automakers and suppliers also need to spend a lot on product development to ensure that they have a steady stream of competitive new products.
  • High costs and steady spending mean that profit margins in the automotive industry tend to be low, even during good economic times.
  • When sales slump, as in a recession, automotive companies’ profits fall sharply — putting future-product spending and the companies’ future competitiveness at risk.

Cash reserve

Most automotive companies cut future-product spending sharply during the 2008-2009 recession. The few that didn’t, including Ford and Hyundai, had fresh products in their showrooms when the recovery began and were able to gain market share.

That was an important lesson for the industry. Now most global automakers have substantial cash hoards — $20 billion is common — to keep future-product efforts running through the next recession, whenever it arrives.

Many automotive companies also pay dividends to their shareholders. Some automakers planned to use their cash reserves to continue to pay dividends during a recession, but during the COVID-19 pandemic, Ford and General Motors both suspended their dividends to conserve cash.


Generally speaking, the automaker with the newest products will get the highest prices and the best profits. Automakers must invest constantly to ensure that they have a steady flow of new products in their pipelines.

Nowadays, virtually all automakers and many parts suppliers are also making big investments in future technologies like electric vehicles and autonomous driving systems. Most experts believe that those technologies will be necessary for automakers if they are to stay competitive in the not-too-distant future.

Electric vehicles

Some of the most exciting opportunities of the next few years will involve manufacturers of electric vehicles. Electric vehicles are new and different, and most analysts expect them to largely displace internal-combustion vehicles over time.

Electric-vehicle companies might see high growth, which is exciting for investors. But it’s important to remember that the processes involved in developing and manufacturing electric vehicles aren’t all that different from those used by makers of traditional internal-combustion vehicles. That means electric-vehicle manufacturers face high costs just like traditional automakers.


Best Buy! Hollandia Opa 28 Citi Bicycle (Black, 28-Inch)


Overall Rating (based on real customer reviews): 3.6 out of 5 stars
3.6 out of 5 stars

Features and Specifications:

  • Manufacturer: HOLLANDIA
  • Product Dimensions: 54.5×33.9×10.1 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 55.5 pounds
  • Equipped with fenders, enclosed chainguard, and dress guard
  • Single-speed, men’s city bike with hi-ten steel frame
  • Front caliper and rear coaster brakes
  • 28-inch, 36-hole alloy rims with 28 by 1.75-inch black tires
  • Dutch-style front and rear racks, headlight, and bell included
  • More features

Here are some REAL customer reviews:

“nice for the price you could buy four for the price of a “real” one”

I like the looks of the “dutch” style bicycles but did not wish to pay $500-$1800 for one. The next least expensive option I could find above the Hollandia Opa was the “Flying Pigeon” which is likely a more “genuine” option but at $199.00 plus $150.00…Read more

“A new old classic and few helpful (I hope) tips for assembly and maintenance.”

This is my first new bike since I was a lad so I was a bit rusty on bike maintenance 101, so I thought I share what I learned. You will need the appropriate 12 or 13 fitted wrench as an adjustable wrench wont do.1. What I like about the…Read more


This bicycle arrived in a large sturdy box. It needs quite a lot of assembly but I didn’t bother to even start. A cursory glance at the construction and low quality of materials used to build it let me know immediately that it was going back. The…Read more

Click here to view more images.

Get Hollandia Opa 28 Citi Bicycle (Black, 28-Inch) at the best price available today.

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Bicycle Therapeutics Sees Hammer Chart Pattern: Time to Buy? – April 8, 2020

Bicycle Therapeutics plc (BCYC Free Report)  has been struggling lately, but the selling pressure may be coming to an end soon. That is because BCYC recently saw a Hammer Chart Pattern which can signal that the stock is nearing a bottom.

What is a Hammer Chart Pattern?

A hammer chart pattern is a popular technical indicator that is used in candlestick charting. The hammer appears when a stock tumbles during the day, but then finds strength at some point in the session to close near or above its opening price. This forms a candlestick that resembles a hammer, and it can suggest that the market has found a low point in the stock, and that better days are ahead.

Other Factors

Plus, earnings estimates have been rising for this company, even despite the sluggish trading lately. In just the past 60 days alone 3 estimates have gone higher, compared to none lower, while the consensus estimate has also moved in the right direction.

Estimates have actually risen so much that the stock now has Zacks Rank #2 (Buy) suggesting this relatively unloved stock could be due for a breakout soon. This will be especially true if BCYC stock can build momentum from here and find a way to continue higher of off this encouraging trading development. You can see the complete list of today’s Zacks #1 Rank (Strong Buy) stocks here.

Free: Zacks’ Single Best Stock Set to Double

Today you are invited to download our latest Special Report that reveals 5 stocks with the most potential to gain +100% or more in 2020. From those 5, Zacks Director of Research, Sheraz Mian hand-picks one to have the most explosive upside of all.

This pioneering tech ticker had soared to all-time highs and then subsided to a price that is irresistible. Now a pending acquisition could super-charge the company’s drive past competitors in the development of true Artificial Intelligence. The earlier you get in to this stock, the greater your potential gain.

See 5 Stocks Set to Double>>

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This site is designed for those who love bikes and for those who want to know more about this extraordinary world that goes over two axes. The following information will be useful for those cycling fans who would like to take a look at the different bicycle models, which may even be unknown to them, and it will be also useful for those who are thinking of buying a bicycle and do not know what to buy. If you want to buy bike, on this page you will find everything you need to dispel all your doubts and choose the best model for you. In order to properly buy one, first you will have to think what you want the bike for. The answer to this question will be the best compass in your bicycle search, according to your needs. In general, the first answer can be what do you want the bicycle for: as a means of transportation, as a useful item to exercise, as a recreational item or for strict training. Once you have answered this question, you will start to search and choose among the different possibilities that each one of these options have. Obviously, you will probably answer you will not use the bike for ONE purpose but for several ones: to train and go for a ride, to transport and exercise, etc. The important thing is to know which is your priority and from there you can choose the model that better meets your needs without leaving aside the secondary usage. For the same reason you think about this when buying a bicycle for yourself, if you are thinking of a present, you will have to consider these matters bearing in mind the taste of the person receiving the gift. It is very common to give a bicycle as a gift and we would like to help you so that the one receiving the gift can enjoy it and take advantage of it up to the most so that he does not leave it unused in a dark corner.

This site is divided into sections, which deal with specific topics. Brief history of the bicycle is a compact historical review which starts in the 17th century. In the section called Parts of the bicycle you will find a detailed description of the bike’s components, its physical aspect and operative functions. Next you will come across six sections dedicated to specific bike models. In Touring bike you will find a description of the different bicycle models designed to obtain people’s comfort and easiness in movement. In Mountain bike you will see the general features, uses, tournaments and the advantages of off road bikes. In Racing bike we will discuss the advantages that this kind of bike offers for non-professional users and the specific features of this type of vehicle. In Child’s bike, it will be explained the convenience of one type of bike over another, bearing in mind some


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