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Writing Tips and 85 Brilliant Topics

Have you ever thought about the importance of transportation? We see thousands of cars and big trucks, planes, and ships, and even do not think what exactly they are doing. No, they do not only transport people from one place to another. All those vehicles form a huge transportation system as well, which plays an extremely important role for any country.

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This is what your essay on transportation will be devoted to. If you have some troubles with this assignment, reach out to us for professional writing help. Particularly, we want to explain the two important things you should do before writing an essay on transportation. They are narrowing down the scope and planning.


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1.  🔄  Narrow the Scope of Essays on Transportation

Needless to say, transportation is a field that offers hundred of issues to consider. The choice of a topic for essays on transportation may depend on many factors, and some of them are:

  • Your knowledge of Geography

  • Your understanding of economic issues

  • Your awareness of various types of transport, how they work, etc.

2.  🚌  Transportation Topics

Here are several topic suggestions for essays on transportation:

  1. The importance of transportation for the country’s economy. You can critically review the main effects of urban transport on different aspects of a country’s economy and draw conclusions on how they are important.

  2. The public transport system. Some research may be undertaken in the sphere of different modes of transport and how are they are connected.
  3. Transportation in times of the Industrial Revolution, etc. Industrial revolution has in many ways influenced today’s transport economy, which is why it is important to research into the transport organization of that period.

First commercially successful steam locomotive
The First Locomotives
  1. Urban transport improvement in developing countries. Here the research may be aimed at finding ways to solve transport problems in developing cities. You may also elaborate a new transport policy.
  2. Adjustments for London transport fares in a city. The essay may identify issues in transport economy and suggests measures for its improvement.

  3. Raising funds for transport improvement. Under this topic, a researcher may focus on different fundraising strategies such as public campaigns.

  4. Types of government interventions in air transport organization. The essay may review existing and perspective governmental instruments for improving air transport in a city or a country.
  5. Balancing supply and demand in rural transport economy. This crucial topic may be explored by identifying issues in rural transport and reviewing strategies for matching supply and demand.

  6. Application of economic theory to urban transport. The essay may explore the extent of the influence of various economic theories on different modes of transport.

  7. Economy of the road transport. The research could target the economic problems of a certain mode of personal or public transport.

London street, cars and red buses

  1. Effective transport systems in developed countries. Study a several examples drawn from public transport in German, British, or Danish cities.

  2. The future of public transport. Find


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