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Road Bikes

Road bikes are designed for riding on paved streets and going fast. They tend to be used for transportation, whether it be around town or a college campus. Road bicycles are also commonly seen as forms of recreation. One reason they’ve become so popular is the rising energy crisis.

Road bikes offer a cheap, easy way to get around relatively short distances, as well as a ride that can be as relaxing or as exhilarating as the rider desires. Many road bikes are designed with young people in mind so that they can be easily maintained and operated. Some people use bikes as an alternative to treadmills, running machines, or other exercise equipment.

Road bikes usually fall into three categories. They are:

Road Bicycles


Mountain Bikes

Mountain bikes or ATBs (all-terrain bikes) are designed for off road riding and are great for use on paved and crushed stone trails, hills, and ravines. They are also popular for use on roads. Mountain Biking is one of the fastest growing sports in the world and mountain biking enthusiasts are found all over the globe. Mountain biking is considered a fun, healthy and rewarding pastime or hobby.

Mountain bikes have wide tires, a “flat” handlebar, and direct-pull or disc brakes. Frames are often built of aluminum so they are lightweight and stiff, making them efficient to ride. The fork has a suspension or shock-absorbing feature to reduce hand/arm fatigue.

Mountain Bicycles


BMX Bicycles

BMX stands for Bicycle Motocross and the bicycling sport is based on motocross motorcycle racing. The sport is generally thought to have started in the late 1960s. Schwinn was accredited for making the first BMX style bike which was called a Sting Ray. By the mid 1970s, many bicycle manufacturers recognized the growing popularity of the sport and started building bikes specifically for young bmxers.

BMX bikes come in many different sizes so that a diverse range of people can enjoy them. Riding can continue well into adulthood.

BMX bikes are used on dirt tracks for racing, in extreme games on ramps, and half pipes, and used for recreational purposes.

BMX Bicycles


Beach Cruisers

Beach cruiser bicycles can be considered an “old school” or a “vintage” style of bicycle since their history dates back to the 1930?s. Beach cruisers were very popular in the 1930?s through 1950?s. Beginning in the 1960?s, the beach cruiser began to sag in popularity. The bicycle market began to get crowded with a variety of other bicycle options including: sport style road bikes, mountain bikes, and others.

Many consumers preferred the multi-speed capability of road bikes, off-road capability of mountain bikes, and in some cases the lighter weight and easier portability offered by competing styles of bikes.

Beach Cruisers



Recumbent bicycles or “Bents” as they are often called in the US and Canada, are sit-down bikes, pedaled with the cyclist’s feet out in front. Recumbents are a pleasure to ride. You sit slightly reclined in a normal sitting position, back fully supported, arms relaxed, and neck straight. Compare this to


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Grouped with pedestrians as a Pedestrian-On-Wheels.

Separate, limited, dangerous, slow, substandard restricted system of lanes and paths.

Special classification of access, rights and rules.

Dangerous shared pedestrian paths.

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Same rights and legal standing as every other vehicle operator.

Enforce safe sharable road design policies. Accommodation on every road. Sharable-width lanes, bikeable shoulders.

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The safest form of recreational and utility cycling- by far.

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