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Transportation For America State Transportation Funding

The states that successfully raised revenue since 2012

Below these maps are the details on the successfully enacted legislative plans that raised revenues at the state level from 2012 to the present. Plans that merely move money around, authorize a general fund transfer, or increase bonding authority are generally not included here — this only charts new revenue for transportation, not spending. Note: states have varying schedules for their legislative sessions. *This list does not include states that passed bills enabling certain localities to raise their own revenues for transportation. For more info on these states that have passed “enabling legislation” see this short primer on enabling legislation that includes a map, from our Measuring Up package.

States listed alphabetically below

Arkansas (2012)

Enacted – Constitutional amendment passed by legislature (HJR 1001) in 2011; passed by voters in November 2012.

The state can issue $1.3 billion in new general obligation bonds, mostly for a 4-lane state highway network. A portion of these revenues will be given to city and county governments to repair rural and local roads. The voters approved an increase in the statewide sales tax (half a penny) to repay the bonding. Bonds must be repaid in 10 years at which time the sales tax is rescinded. Intended for roads, and specifically a four-lane state highway network.

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California (2017)

SB 1 – Approved 4/7/2017
Increase in gasoline taxes and vehicles fees

SB 1 will raise $52 billion in new transportation revenue by raising the gasoline tax — unchanged in 23 years — by 12 cents (to 30 cents per gallon), increasing diesel taxes by 20 cents (to 36 cents per gallon) and creating a new annual fee on almost all vehicles based on value. It directs $7.5 billion to transit capital and operations, $1 billion into the state’s Active Transportation Fund and reserves $4 billion expressly for bridge repair. Read more details about what’s in the law in our blog post.

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Delaware (2013)

Enacted — Increase in tolls

Tolls on State Route 1 were raised by $1 on weekends, which will generate $20 million annually. The new funds will avoid cuts for the Community Transportation Fund which pay for local transportation projects, and will help raise revenue for road maintenance. Intended for state highways, road maintenance.

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Delaware (2015)

HB 140 — Enacted 7/1/15

The bill will generate $23.9 million annually by increasing several vehicle and license fees, including a 0.5-percentage-point increase in the vehicle sales tax. DelDOT leadership has indicated the agency will focus these new funds on road repair and maintenance.

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Florida (2014)

Enacted – HB 7175 was enacted in 2014

This broad transportation package includes new revenue from leasing right-of-way for cell phone towers near state roads and advertisements on state nature and recreational trails. It also calls for more toll roads. Intended for roads, and an increase of maintenance revenue.  (Ch. 2014-223, L.O.F of HB 7175)

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Transportation For America Home – Transportation For America

Options and choices help us thrive

Transportation is essential. It connects us. It brings us together. The cool thing about America is that we love options and choices. And so when we have more options and choices, we thrive.

– Mark Sharpe, Councilmember, Hillsborough County, FL (Tampa)

Recruiting talented workers with good transportation

Recruiting talent is our main economic development strategy. To do that, we have to have good schools, good places to live, and easy commutes. And today’s young employees want to drive less, and transit and good options for biking and walking are part of attracting that talent.

– John Marchione, Mayor of Redmond, Washington

Transportation is the key to our future

Transportation is a regional issue. We live in one of the fastest growing cities in America. We see the projections. And we know what will happen if we continue to require people to drive their cars to get anywhere. Other options are critical for our long-term economic success

– Mayor Ken Moore, Franklin, Tennessee

Transportation is the key to our region’s success

Finding ways to make new, smarter investments in transportation is fundamental for creating a better quality of life for this region, attracting new jobs and helping existing companies expand.

– Dave Williams, Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce

Moving goods faster to compete

To move goods faster means we can’t rely on an ever increasing highway network to move those goods. We know freight and rail are the way to go to be competitive.

– Kristin Jacobs, Broward (FL) County Commissioner

Moving tourists and their dollars throughout the region

Tourism is a huge driver of our economy. Many people visit our county without their car and we want to move them around and figure out how to connect them to nearby areas easily — rail and public transportation are a big part of that.

– Kristin Jacobs, Broward (FL) County Commissioner

We need a strong federal partner to succeed

We’ve taxed ourselves at the local level to make transportation and transit a priority. A lot of us in the region have the vision for these projects, but it’s important that we have a stream of funding that we can rely on.

– Vice Mayor Anu Natarajan, Fremont, California

Better transportation = greater economic opportunities for all

Better, more reliable transit is an important mechanism to help working families access a broader variety of jobs by enabling them to look beyond their immediate neighborhoods for employment.

– Renata Soto, Conexîon Americas executive director

The issue of transportation should unite us

Helping people get to work and to get to jobs, helping employers get access to the widest community of employees; transportation investments make common sense. It’s something that all of us, people from all parts of the political spectrum should be able to agree on.

– Mayor Marc Morial (formerly of New Orleans, LA), President, National Urban League

Local economies are the national interest

The importance of urban areas like Nashville to the prosperity of the


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Transportation For America Residence

It will not be as certain as loss of life or taxes but sooner or later you’ll want to transport one thing at considerable distance. To make use of public transportation, you have to buy a ticket or a transit cross. For small companies which have a remarkable small transportation operations, the usage of such a instrument is just not really useful, as they may not have any difficulty in managing all their transportation actions manually.

Public transportation often has options to help folks with physical disabilities. A train consists of a number of related autos that function on the rails. They’re often cheaper than buying many tickets in case you plan to use public transportation usually.

Individuals use other sorts of crafts to travel within the air. We plan, construct, manage and preserve an efficient and protected transportation system that gives folks and businesses entry and mobility. Once you rent a freight delivery service company they’ll take the accountability for the transportation of your cargo proper from loading to unloading.

Some vehicles journey on top of the water, like a jet ski. Even transportation spells won’t work if you don’t have the time and energy to make them work. It is doable to offer door to door service only by road transport. They assist in transporting patients who usually are not critically ailing however require transportation to a medical care unit.

An ambulance is a car used to transport people from or between locations of remedy, 22 and in some cases will also provide out-of-hospital medical care to the affected person. For example, airport rail links join airports to the town facilities and suburbs.

Here the logistics companies play a significant role as a result of when the shipment consists of the transportation of perishable gadgets like greens and fruits or fragile and brittle objects like expensive glass supplies then they have to be handled very rigorously.…