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Free Automotive Software – Repair Shop Software – Accounting Software

Free Automotive Software – Repair Shop Software – Accounting Software – Free Software<br />

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Our product line is automotive software to manage truck and auto repair shops, gas stations, convenience stores, used car dealers, fleet managers (anyone who owns a vehicle)and general retail
accounting. It works well alongside auto dealer management software. Our product is being used by thousands of repair shops of all kinds. Foreign and domestic auto repair shops, truck repair shops, RV repair shops,
transmission shops, muffler shops, tire shops, specialist shops, mechanics, school automotive shops, etc.. Also lube centers, detailers, limo services, cab companies and can be used by anybody who
needs accounting programs.

Our programs were written in DOS and were sold individually for prices as high as
$350 per program, $1000 per selected packsges. Since our programs cannot be run directly on the latest operating systems (Windows Vista and Windows 7)
we are giving them away.
The programs we offer do not require graphics. They are text based accounting
programs. Text based DOS programs are faster, more efficient and more
reliable than graphics programs. We have offered these programs since 1984.
A program written for DOS can be used on an IBM compatible PC using
either DOS, Windows 3.1 or WINDOWS 95/98/ME/XP for an operating system. Our software will not run on VISTA or Window 7 without outside help.

Click on a program name (below) for more information on that program.

All our FREE automotive software is available by download.

Invoice Writer * **
– Our point of sale (pos) invoicing software will do your billing by writing invoices and estimates with ease.

Accounts Receivable*
– This powerful accounts receivable software will manage your charges and collections and print billing statements.

Inventory Management* **
– Manage your inventory with our software. See how it can control and manage your stock and purchase orders.

Used Cars Sales Records
– For Used cars dealers. Car lot management software to track the sales of used cars from your carlot.

Fleet Maintenance Records
– Fleet Maintenance Software records and tracks all expenses, maintenance and gas mileage on any number of vehicles.

Accounts Payable
– Track all your expenditures – handles up to 4 checking accounts.

Customer Followup
– Provides a means to thank new customers for selecting your facility to service their vehicle and to provide reminders by service category of repetitive maintenance required for your customers vehicles.

– Appointment Software keeps track of when your customers are scheduled for service.

– Monthly profit/loss statements – program tracks monthly and year to date profit/loss.

Tow Records
– Record tow call data – time, date, locations, etc..

Preventative Maintenance
– Specialized software tracks maintenance due dates by perpetual calendar.

Daily Books for C/Stores (with gas pumps)
– Program generates daily balance sheets with MTD (month to date) and YTD year to date) totals for convenience stores.

Daily Books for Service Stations (with