Are you living in Dubai and you want to sell your car there? You have two ways to Sell your car in Dubai or anywhere in the world. You can ask any car dealer or you can sell it privately and the better way is to sell it with the assistance of the dealer. Selling your car privately may affect its selling cost as you may not get the price you want to sell any car in Dubai. The dealers know the prices with respect to the model, age and condition, so they help get you good price out of it. If you are going for the option to sell your car privately in Dubai, then we have some tips you must follow before and while selling any car in dubai.

Tips, Dos and Don’ts

We are sharing with you some healthy tips, dos and don’ts before and while selling your car in dubai. These tips will help you sell your vehicle in a good way. 

Do Proper Research

To Sell Any Car in Dubai on your own, you must do a proper research. It means that you should be practical about mileage, age of the car, model and the health and look of the car. So, check out the prices on which the cars of your model and age are being sold. Then, select a price for yourself and find the buyer of the car in dubai. Normally, the dealer offers lower prices for the old models, so if your calculations are more than the dealer price and you get a satisfied customer, then go for it and sell any car in dubai. 

Be Flexible With the Deal

You should be sober while dealing with the customer to sell your car. If you have a deal with any person and there is a time lapse for good 10-15 days. The customer may appeal to review the price of car. If the appeal is genuine and you still have the price somewhere between 80% of the actual asking price or upward, then you are going good, you can make a deal.

Don’t Receive A Personal Cheque

When you are making a deal to Sell your car in Dubai, don’t receive a personal cheque. Suggest them for the bank cheque or cash. The bank cheque is the safe way to get the amount on the car or the other way is to get the cash. Don’t go for the personal cheque. 

Certify Your Vehicle 

If you have finally decided to sell your car, then your car should pass RTA’s annual roadworthiness inspection, at any of Dubai’s Tasjeel vehicle centers. At the time of selling your vehicle, you have to hand over the certificate. If you are sure that your car will pass the test, then make an advertisement and apply for the test. Note that the certificate is valid for 30 days so sell the car within the time of certificate validity.  

Inspections and Test Drives

When the ad is posted, the interested parties will visit you to see the car physically. Most likely the parties will ask you for a test drive. Allow then to drive for like 10 minutes and it will be enough. Plus don’t let any stranger drive your car all alone, make sure to accompany them. 

If any party wants an inspection of the car and wants to bring their mechanic with them, allow them or take the car to the mechanic and if there are any charges or the fee, the buyer will have to pay it. Clear all the dealing so there is no arguments afterwards.