During to the covid-19 pandemic, OHBTC will not have club rides and events.

Ride With GPS Club Account

OHBTC’s Ride With GPS club account is at

OHBTC club members can join the club account free

take advantage of the paid features
unlocked for
all routes in the club route library.

With the

on your smartphone, you can have

offline maps
and turn by turn

voice navigation on club routes

The Club
Route Library is at
The club has several route managers who have been adding
their routes to


The routes can be sorted and/or
filtered by route name, tag, location, distance, elevation
and creation date. Clicking on a route takes you to
the route map, cue sheet and GPS files, which can be
downloaded to a Garmin unit. OHBTC is following a naming
convention of using the first two initials of the start
location, the distance and destination as the route
name, e.g.,

BR 44 Riverside
is a 44-mile route from Bryans Road
Shopping Center to Riverside.

Ride More – Log your miles in 2020

Log your miles in 2020 and watch the miles add up, whether
100 miles on a century, 30 miles on a club ride, 10
miles on a trail, or 1 mile to the store. Some people
pencil their miles into a paper log, some enter them
into a computer spreadsheet, and others track their
miles on a website such as

  • Download
    a 2020 Bicycling Log in PDF format
    you can print,
    stick on your refrigerator, enter your miles with
    pen or pencil, and manually tally your weekly and
    cumulative miles
  • Download
    an Excel spreadsheet version
    that does automatic
    summation of your miles showing your weekly miles
    and your cumulative miles for 2020
  • Use a web site to log your miles
  • These sites let you
    manually enter your rides or upload your rides from
    a GPS device or smartphone app. 

    Enter your rides on one site and sync it to other
    sites with


The National Bike Challenge
encourages cyclists
to ride more. Cyclists earn a point for each mile and
20 points for each day they ride. Enter your rides in
Strava and have them automatically appear on the National
Bike Challenge.

Join the 2018 OHBIKE Challenge
let’s see how many miles club members can log during

Making cue sheets

you can make cue sheets for rides. The RideWithGPS cue
sheets have turn symbols and extra words that make the
cue sheet more difficult to read than the simple format
used for most OHBTC cue sheets.

Ride leaders usually manually cut and paste a RideWithGPS
cue sheet to format it into a simpler format. Now, there
is a “bookmarklet” that can be used to make
a cue sheet in the OHBTC  format if you are viewing
a RideWithGPS route.  To install the “bookmarklet,”
go to ../cuesheet_maker.html
and drag the link for the “Cuesheet Maker”
to your browser’s bookmark bar.

Whenever you are viewing a RideWithGPS route, you can
click on “Cuesheet Maker” button on your bookmark
bar to create a cue sheet.   For an illustration
of the process, see
. NOTE: You must be viewing
the route in the “Classic Mode” view and not the “Beta
Mode.” You can switch from Beta Mode to Classic Mode
by clicking “More”  V “View in Classic

An alternative to using “Cuesheet
Maker” is using URL”route
number”; for example

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OHBIKE 2020 Challenge

Join the OHBIKE 2020 Bike Challenge at

It is easy to enter your miles into your Endomondo

  • You can manually add a ride to your Endomondo
    account by using the “Add Workout” button at
  • If you use a Garmin GPS device to log your miles
    to Garmin Connect, go to
    to connect your Endomondo account to your Garmin
    Connect account.
  • If you use your smartphone
    for a bike computer, you can use the Endomondo app
  • If you log your miles with another app, such
    as Ride With GPS or Strava, you can sync your Endomondo
    account to the other by using

You must be logged into Endomondo to see the names
of riders.

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