If you are looking into renting a limo for transportation to and from your ceremony and reception, you should know there are beautiful and luxurious alternate vehicles to choose from. Classic wedding cars are just one of the many options you have when it comes to getting around on your big day. Both classic and vintage cars are a perfect choice whether you are having a quaint outdoor wedding or a lavish indoor celebration that could rival any Presidential banquet. Luxury car rental is your one-stop solution, when it comes to booking a luxury or classic cars. As these companies offer affordable rates on the booking that is why people love to rent cars from them.   

One thing is sure — whether you rent Ferrari or adding a classic car to your ceremony or reception location backdrop will be a stunning vision as your guests arrive.

A Country Club Event

Having an event at an exclusive location such as a duck club, country club or golf resort will offer the perfect backdrop for classic wedding cars. Known for being upscale and luxurious, these ceremonies and reception locations necessitate luxury choices in ever wedding planning step of the way. This includes transportation to and from the venue, which could include a Rolls Royce, Bentley, or modern classic cars such as a Shelby or Camaro. Arriving in style is a must for the bride-to-be, so be sure to pick a vehicle that is equally stunning and classy. You can also inquire about the suitable decoration of the car as per your event theme from luxury car rental company. They are very flexible and may charge you extra money to make it possible. Consult with event companies in Dubai that helps you in finding the best car for your wedding.

Indoor or Outdoor Estate Wedding

When you plan a wedding or reception at an estate, you are choosing a location that represents beauty, strength, loyalty and luxury. Formal estates are usually handed down generation after generation, and are typically large and unique. Nothing could compliment the scenery better than classic wedding cars for added props at the venue. Imagine the couple’s picture taken on the grounds of a large estate, with a shiny white classic vintage car to the side. Since many estates are in the countryside, renting a wedding car also provides practical transportation value.

Oceanfront Ceremony and Reception

Nature is a beautiful backdrop for any of life’s occasions, and it suits none better than the marriage of two people deeply in love. For the perfect outdoor oceanfront or beach house wedding ceremony and reception, consider adding classic wedding cars to the list of rentals for the big day. Arriving in style, the bride could choose a convertible or other modern classic car that would have quite frequently been found at the beach surrounded by surfboards and campfires.

Choose A Perfect Car For The Special Day

Choosing classic wedding cars for your themed wedding works whether the overall look and feel of the day are small and intimate or large, formal and luxurious. With the large variety of vehicles available, from vintage to more modern classic cars, you are sure to find the perfect car for the location you have already painstakingly chosen for your ceremony and reception. Finding the perfect wedding car for your big day all comes down to your personal taste, your wedding budget, and the overall look you want to achieve for your wedding. Whether that means having your day at the club, a million-dollar estate or the beach, you will be set to make memories of the best day of your life.

Final Thoughts

Lots of people may think that making a grand entry on exotic cars like ferrari, lamborghini or limosuine would be epic but classic vibe always have upper hand once present properly. You can enquire about the cars availability from a trusted luxury car rental dubai company, as they have diverse car ranges in their car fleet. Once you find a car of your choice, just check it thoroughly for any defect. This is important because you don’t want to bring a wedding car which can deceive you on the special day of your life. Always go through the history of the car rental dubai company before booking. If they have good authentic reviews then you may choose the company.