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Fender Flares and Windows Deflector

Something Good for Your Car

Fender flares are usually embedded in off-road cars, especially jeeps. Besides being a decoration, it turns out that over fender has other functions that are very useful. Fender flares are useful as protective mud for cars when crossing a muddy track. Because if over fenders are not installed, mudflows can also hit other riders and trigger a commotion. Therefore, it is not only a car accessory, but also to prevent the mud from the wheels from spreading to your own car and other people’s vehicles. The price varies, from $ 80 to $ 150 more. Fender flares are made of fiber and some are made of aluminum. People often choose over fenders made of aluminum because the quality of the material is good when compared to fiber. So no wonder the price of over aluminum fenders is more expensive.

A Solution You Need to Take into Account

If the vender is large because the size of the car is bigger, the price is definitely more expensive. If it’s too complicated to install it yourself, it would be better to leave it to the workshop, so that the buyer just has to see the new look of the favorite car. So, if you have a jeep or any other car, it’s good to have over fenders with good quality, because besides your car it will look more stylish when crossing extreme lines, but also protect your car from mud.

Currently Window Deflectors is no longer an accessory in some types of MPVs and SUVs, as a result, car owners don’t have to bother buying them separately. Although not foreign, but most car owners still underestimate the function of gutters. The main function of Windows Deflector is not only supporting the appearance of the car. Like the head, the gutter is in charge of protecting the water that tries to enter the cabin area. Its role is quite crucial, especially during the rainy season. With the presence of gutters will reduce the potential of water into the cabin area, and protect electronic devices in the car from splashing water. For example, like the power window in the door trim, and prone to problems when exposed to water, splashes will be blocked into the car cabin when the window is opened. For example, when a driver is making a toll payment, or opening a glass for air circulation in the cabin. The presence of gutters will reduce the potential of water entering the cabin area, and protect electronic devices in the car from splashing water. Examples such as the power window in the door trim, and prone to problems when exposed to water.

In addition, the windows deflector also allows the driver to open the glass slightly when it is rainy or hot, which makes the air circulation in the car better. Although not the main component, there is nothing wrong for cars that have not been equipped with windows deflector to apply the device. Because in addition …


Check Online If You Need Quality Aftermarket Car Part at Affordable Prices

After your car has completed the required running hours or clocked in the stipulated miles, your guarantee would automatically lapse unless you decide to have it extended at a price, and that too if such an extension is a facility provided by the manufacturer. In most cases, the owner is free to buy spares from the aftermarket car part stores that are available in the locality where the owner resides. If you were not a thorough automobile expert, you would do better in consulting an experienced mechanic who can suggest you the correct spares and accessories to buy that would get your car moving again. Learn more about Car Parts 4 Less here.

Most of the times, the new car owner would not take the risk of buying spares outside the manufacturer’s specifications even if the warranty has expired on the vehicle. To keep the car in ship shape and to ensure that the best quality spares are available, he or she would visit the showroom or the workshop specified by the manufacturer or the dealer from whom the car was purchased. Often this would prove much costlier than a visit to the local mechanic who would be able to do the same job at half the price and render excellent service as far as replacements are concerned. It is because of the local mechanic and the reason for a cheaper but the best quality substitute that the aftermarket car part dealers are doing business today. The revenues from this segment are much more than that generated by car sales. Of course, there is a simple reason for this – the aftermarket car part retailer is selling the same product several times in a single day whereas the automobile dealer is in profits by selling one car in a day. Financially the aftermarket car part segment is doing a brisk business in larger volumes than the original car seller segment.

Initially, these spare part shops owe their business to the mechanics who refer the car owner to them for the spares that they are looking for. The segment is strictly competitive since several manufacturers are manufacturing the same accessory or spare, and the pricing also varies. The buyer has the option of choosing the one that suits him or her the best depending upon the ability to pay a higher price. The mechanic usually recommends which specific brand to go in for so that the utility is lasting and has a less strain on the pocket. The aftermarket car part stores and shops are generally listed in the published directories from time to time, and the information is available online. Just log in and look for the specific product dealer nearby and a list of the dealers would come up immediately on clicking. You can select the supplier who gives the guarantee to replace in the event the product is faulty and accordingly make the purchase. The spare or the accessory would be specially delivered to him either by


How to Use a Catalytic Converter Cleaner


There are lots of catalytic converter cleaners that are available on the market and which to use is a personal choice. They come packed in different ounce- cans priced accordingly. The converter is in most cases placed under the car close to the exhaust for ease of location, and since it is an additive to clean the catalytic converter, its placement is justifiable An engine works hard to filter out generated carbon and other dangerous chemicals from the combustion of fuel to power the motor. It is fitted with a catalytic converter that has to do this job to maintain the efficiency of the engine.

Selection of your catalytic converter cleaner

Select a catalytic converter cleaner that has been extensively tested to ensure that by using it, over 50% of hydrocarbons can be removed from exhaust gases. This additive to clean the catalytic converter is extraordinarily mandatory if your vehicle doesn’t pass the emissions test. The catalytic converter cleaner works differently in different engines. Some have a wide range of use, and so when selecting the right choice for your engine whether petrol, diesel powered or hybrid, it is prudent that you do some research.

using a catalytic converter cleaner

The most effective way of cleaning your converter is by pouring the detergent into the fuel tank. The car is driven until the tank is close to empty to ensure that this additive cleaner has been used up. This additive to clean catalytic converter also known as “cat-cleaner” is mixed with the engine fuel when the tank is just about 4 gallons filled and run down the fuel system until the fuel light indicates. If you wish to clean your car, you can mix your fuel with it to let your convertor self-clean as you keep using your engine. The number of times you have to do this procedure depends on how clean your motor is. Use this additive to clean your converter before it gets permanent damage. If it gets damaged beyond repair, the cleaner may not help restore it; however much you use it.

Even when your engine light is off on your dashboard and the car is emission from the exhaust appears normal, it is a good maintenance practice to wash down some cleaning solution through your fuel tank at regular intervals. It is done to ensure the cat converter remains clean and in good working condition even though this is not entirely necessary, especially if your engine has passed the emissions test.

After you have the fuel mixture runs out, the car is refueled with clean fuel and drove for a distance of around 50 miles along the edges of the road until the computer on the dashboard has been recalibrated and the light indicating possible engine failure is off. If you had failed in an emission test, you could then retake the test to ensure the problem is fixed.

In some instances, the catalytic converter can be wholly removed from the engine and thoroughly …