Why does engine oil need to be replaced? Oil in an engine like blood circulation in the human body. This liquid serves to lubricate moving parts and at the same time clean up from the remaining dirt. Therefore, do not change the oil until it’s too late, because it can be done alone at home with the best fluid evacuators.

So far, engine oil change has always been the main reference for motor vehicle maintenance. Users of motorized vehicles, both cars, and motorcycles, change engine oil so that the engine lasts.
Indeed, engine oil must be replaced regularly and in accordance with the provisions recommended by the manufacturer so that the engine does not wear out quickly.
So, what if the engine oil is not replaced? Why does the engine wear out quickly if engine oil is not replaced regularly? How can engine oil protect the engine from wear? These questions are rarely asked. To understand the answer, consider the following description carefully.

Why does engine oil need to be replaced

The Function of Engine Oil and its Working Principles:

1. Lubricate the rubbing components

The first function of engine oil is to lubricate the fringed components in the engine. Engine oil is the main media in the lubrication system. The properties of engine oil that are slippery and stick to the wall/surface can reduce the fracture between two surfaces that rub against each other. So, between these two surfaces, there is oil in the middle so that these two surfaces do not rub against directly.

2. Clean the Dirt on the Machine

The second function of engine oil is to clean the dirt on the engine. If you pay attention when lubricating the motor chain, often there is a lot of dust and dirt attached. Yes, this oil absorbs dirt and dust. Likewise with engine oil circulating in the engine. This engine oil circulation will rinse away impurities that can be in the form of carbon or metal debris.

3. Absorbing the Machine Heat

The third function is to absorb engine heat generated by friction or heat from a fuel explosion. Engine oil is indeed not the main cooling system on a car or motorcycle but rather is the task for radiators or fins on the engine. However, the nature of engine oil that absorbs heat helps distribute heat a lot. This function becomes more significant in motorcycles that use oil coolers such as the Suzuki Satria FU.

Why does engine oil need to be replaced? How is the explanation?

Due to Engine Oil Not Replaced Routinely

1. Machine Wear

Engine wear is unavoidable if you do not change the engine oil regularly. The components most at risk of wear are metals that move and rub against each other.
As oil ages and uses, the engine oil quality will decrease.
This causes the ability of engine oil to decrease significantly in the lubrication system. When the oil is unable to lubricate, the components will rub against each other directly which results in engine wear.

A worn engine creates gaps in the combustion chamber. This gap allows engine oil to enter the combustion chamber and burn with fuel.
Besides making drastically decreased performance, this condition makes the vehicle smoky (bluish-white).

2. Damage to the Oil Pump

If engine oil is not replaced within the recommended time period, dirt that adheres to engine oil will continue to accumulate.
At some point, these impurities will clog the oil filter so that oil circulation is obstructed.
The blockage of the oil filter will overload the work of the oil pump so that it works harder and results in damage to the oil pump.

3. Overheating

Engine oil that is not suitable for use and not replaced will decrease the ability to absorb heat. This makes the distribution of heat disrupted.
Indeed, it is actually classified as overheating due to engine oil that is not replaced unless it is very improper to use or the engine oil has been burned/evaporated.
However, excessive heat on the engine can cause engine performance to decrease significantly.

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