Photo of a bus loading zone.

The Saint Paul Public Schools provides transportation service to students who are attending Saint Paul Public Schools and programs, or who are attending non-public and some charter schools that are located within the City of Saint Paul. Transportation is provided to students who meet eligibility requirements contained in the Board of Education Policy 707.00 Eligibility for Student Transportation.

Under Minnesota Statutes and Federal laws the School District is required to provide specialized transportation services to students whose handicapping condition requires individualized transportation services.

Minnesota Statutes grant charter schools the option of requesting transportation service from the resident school district or providing transportation themselves and collecting aide directly from the State of Minnesota. The resident school district must provide transportation service within the school district boundaries if requested by the charter school. The resident school district is not required to provide transportation service to non-resident students attending charter schools located within the district boundaries.

The Saint Paul Public Schools provides student transportation service to:

  • 32 City wide elementary magnet and city wide option schools
  • 31 Early Kindergarten programs for four year olds
  • 16 Neighborhood schools
  • 7 Middle/Junior High Schools
  • 8 Senior High Schools
  • 37 Self contained special education programs
  • 6 out of district special education programs
  • 1 K-12 Magnet school
  • 6 Early Childhood Special Education programs
  • 6 Alternative secondary schools
  • 20 Community based special education sites
  • 56 Extended day Area Learning Center Program sites
  • 6 Early Childhood Family Education Program sites
  • The Minnesota State Academy for the Deaf at Faribault, MN
  • The Minnesota State Academy for the Blind at Faribault, MN

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