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Bicycles on Washington State Ferries (WSF)

bicycles offloading in Seattle

Riding your bike  (pdf 2.82 mb) with Washington State Ferries (WSF) means you get priority loading and unloading on most sailings. Coupled with the environmental, health and mobility benefits of biking, it’s no wonder approximately 280,000 people ride their bikes onto ferries each year. Whether you’re biking onto the ferry for the first time or are a seasoned rider, you’ll find a passionate community of cyclists and ferry staff to help you out. If you have questions not answered in this guide, don’t hesitate to ask a terminal staff member, your fellow commuter, or WSF staff at wsfinfo@wsdot.wa.gov .

Getting There
We recommend that bike passengers arrive 20 minutes prior to departure time to get priority loading. Late arrivals will be loaded after vehicles, although some routes allow for a mid-load during commuting hours. Please see below for terminal-specific information  on accessing the terminal, purchasing tickets, and bike parking.

Bike Parking
Most WSF terminals provide bike racks for your convenience. When bike parking is unavailable or bike racks are full, please be considerate of others in choosing where to stand with or park your bike while waiting for the ferry to arrive. Keep walkways, ramps, entrances, and the area around designated ADA parking spots clear.


  • Bike passengers pay the standard walk-on passenger fare and are assessed a stowage surcharge of $1-4 depending on route (surcharge waived if using a multi-ride or ORCA card, except on Anacortes/San Juan Islands/Sidney B.C. routes).
  • Bikes with standard trailers do not pay an additional fare.
  • Bikes towing kayaks or canoes pay the motorcycle and driver fare.

Bike passengers will load onto the forward end of the car deck, unless otherwise instructed by deck crew. Bikes loaded after vehicles (late arrivals) must remain at the rear of the boat and are not permitted to maneuver between vehicles to get to the forward end of the car deck. If it does not interfere with deck operations, bikes may be secured to eyebolts on the bulkhead or to railings. Bikes must remain on the car deck at all times. Please take all personal belongings, including bike bags, with you if leaving your bike unattended during the sailing. Shoes with exposed cleats are not permitted in the passenger cabin.

Bikes on the forward end of the car deck are unloaded ahead of vehicle traffic, except when otherwise directed by crewmembers. Those who do not return to their bikes in time to unload ahead of vehicles will unload last. Bikes at the rear end of the deck will unload after vehicles. Please exercise caution when unloading, especially when unloading with walk-on passengers.

Forgotten/Unattended Bicycles
Bikes may be left unattended during the sailing, so long as they are properly secured on the car deck. DO NOT disembark the ferry without your bike. Bikes left on the ferry causes a “Person Overboard” response by the U.S. Coast Guard – resulting in service delays and costly search and rescue operations.

Bike Share
Bike sharing is an increasingly popular mode of