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Auto Mechanic Training School | Automotive Training Centre


When you choose the Automotive Training Centre for career-specific education, you’re joining the ranks of thousands of other Canadian success stories. For more than 2 decades individuals just like you have started their professional careers equipped with the confidence, skills and hands-on knowledge provided by our high quality experienced caring staff. The Automotive Training Centre has been helping adults transform their lives through professional technical training for more than 25 years offering a wide variety of professional automotive programs.

Alexandre Grégoire-Maltais

1. Why did you choose The Automotive Training Centre?

It’s faster than the DEP. I started in April, registered 1 month before, and there were no delays before starting the program.

2. How is the staff at The Automotive Training Centre?

The instructors teach well, answer all questions and give really clear explanations.

3. Who should attend The Automotive Training Centre?

Those who want to learn about automotive mechanics quickly.

4. Why would you recommend The Automotive Traini…


Automotive Training Solutions – Delmar Cengage Learning

Review one of the largest lists of new and revised texts, supplements and
software from the leading publisher in automotive technology, Delmar Cengage Learning.
Whether you are a backyard mechanic looking for service manuals, a
professional mechanic preparing for certification or an instructor looking
to enhance your curriculum, you won’t find a better set of solutions.

To get started, explore our Automotive Training Specializations below or to the
left to find textbooks, service manuals, software and online companions or
contact us
with any questions or comments.

Automotive Specializations

ASE Test Preparation Products

Whether you require ASE Test Preparation material in print or online, Delmar, a
part of Cengage Learning has the solution you need to prepare for the ASE Exams.
We offer ASE study materials covering a wide variety of exams: A1-A8, L1, P2,
X1, C1, T1-T8, E1-E3, H1-H8, B2-B6, M1-M3, S2, S4, and S5 as well as the Spanish
A1-A8, L1, P2, X1, and B2-B6 exams.

Basic Technician Training

Features the TechOne series – a state of the art set of automotive titles that
combine classroom theory, diagnosis and repair into single, easy to use volumes
as well as NATEF (National Automotive Technicians Education Foundation)
Standards Job Sheets.

Chilton Products

For more than 80 years, Chilton® products have set the standard for reference
sources for Do-It-Yourself automotive enthusiasts and professionals. Cengage
Learning is proud to be the publisher of Chilton content and products while
increasingly utilizing technology to better serve today’s technicians, DIYers,
students, and businesses.

Underhood Systems

The Today’s Technician series – an integrated system of classroom and shop
manuals, which work in tandem to cover all mechanical and electrical systems of
automobiles and light trucks, are featured in the underhood systems section.

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