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xkcd: Car Problems

xkcd: Car Problems

Car Problems

Car Problems

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[[Person 1 stands in front of a projection of a car, with an audience of 3 people. One of the people is the Black Hat Man.]]
Person 1: Attention Please. This is a photo of my car as of two weeks ago.

[[Same person in front of a new projection of the same car engulfed in flames]]
Person 1: And *this* is my car as I found it this morning. Can anyone tell me what’s wrong with this picture?

[[The audience ponders]]

Person 2: The white balance, for one.
Person 3: Focus is a bit too close.
Black Hat Man: The chromatic abberation suggests you bought your camera because it had “The most megapixels”.

comment from audience: Maybe you should use the insurance money to get a better camera.
comment from different person: yeah

{{Title text: Or if you replace your car, we’ll be happy to set it on fire again so you can take another crack at getting that shot.}}

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