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Transportation & Parking Services | Transportation & Parking Services

Supporting Sustainable Practices

We proudly support UMD’s efforts toward creating a sustainable environment by providing programs motivated to reduce the amount of driving to campus. Like most institutions, we only offer a limited number of parking spaces, which then demands alternative modes to get to campus. 

We collaborate with the Duluth Transportation Authority (DTA) to ensure the feasibility of taking the DTA bus around the city, which is an option many students, faculty, and staff utilize each semester. 

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Discover more sustainable transportation programs available! 

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Purchasing your Parking Pass

Interested in purchasing a parking pass for campus? Whether you’re a student, faculty/staff, or a visitor there are a variety of parking options.

UMD Parking & Transportation Study

A comprehensive parking and transportation study was conducted for the UMD campus by SRF Consulting Group, Inc. in 2015. The purpose of the study was to provide a complete review and analysis of the current and future campus parking and transportation supply and demand as well as the rate structure. Recommendations to meet current and future needs were based on data-driven analysis of benchmarks, best practices, and UMD campus information. The final report was presented to the campus in January 2016.

UMD Parking & Transportation Study – January 2016


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Bicycle Lessons, Planning, Parking & Storage, and Consulting

Bicycle Solutions develops bicycle and pedestrian master plans, feasibility studies, safety assessments and designs (conceptual/schematic) for improved streets, intersections and interchanges. 

Since 1999 we’ve teamed with many of the big names in transportation and infrastructure planning, design, architecture, engineering and construction such as AECOM, Alta, Arup, BKF, Fehr & Peers, Jacobs, Mark Thomas, Parsons, and Walter P. Moore.  We also work directly with local agencies on small to medium  projects.

Add our expertise, writing and presentation skills, skilled field observations, “handlebar perspective” and knowledge of the bicycle community to your team.  We can help you win the work and deliver success and public support for your client’s project.

BIKE ROOMS, BIKE CAGES, and large-scale bike parking

We are bike parking experts, specializing in bike rooms and high-density storage for workplaces, multifamily residential complexes, and schools.  Our 22 years of  experience began in 1995 with 4 years as the first Bicycle Coordinator of Stanford University, where we installed over 3,000 rack spaces and 500 secure commuter spaces.  We co-authored the first two editions of the national (APBP) Bicycle Parking Guidelines.

We represent five major manufacturers of bike racks, lockers, bike repair stations and related fixtures.  We can help you create the best solutions without tying you to a single vendor, with the convenience of a single point of contact.  Our pricing is the same as factory-direct.

In the San Francisco Bay Area we’ve designed and installed bike parking for firms such as Facebook and SurveyMonkey, and many condominium and apartment developments.  We also work remotely with clients throughout the U.S., transforming floor plan sketches and measurements into CAD drawings.

Let us help guide your project smoothly from concept through design, ordering, delivery and installation.

Coaching flyer August 2018

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We offer expert individual and small-group coaching for all ages and skill levels, in San Francisco, Oakland, Alameda, San Mateo, Palo Alto and Sunnyvale.  John and his Instructor Partners have taught over 1,500 persons, ages 4 to 74, how to balance and pedal confidently for the first time.  For returning riders and more experienced bicycle users, we also offer off-street Bicycle Handling Skills lessons and on-street Ride-Along Coaching.


John is a nationally certified League Cycling Instructor (LCI).  He presents bike commuter safety workshops at workplaces throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, and works 1-on-1 with employees at client firms to explore alternatives to driving to work.

planning AND design workshops

John Ciccarelli is an engaging presenter and workshop developer whose clients include UC Davis Extension, UC Berkeley Tech Transfer, L.A. DOT, L.A. County Metro, Caltrans (California DOT), and the Lane County (OR) Transit District.  Formats include half-day, full day, 1.5 day and 2-day, and can include on-bike “teaching tours”.

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Bicycle Parking Corrals | Bicycle Parking

Total Number of Bike Corrals in Portland? 158! (last updated April 2019)


Providing ample, convenient, comfortable and secure bicycle parking is an important part of serving those who currently use bicycles for transportation and encouraging future cyclists.  Bicycle parking is an inexpensive and efficient means of increasing both public and private parking capacity for the city as a whole.

City of Portland’s Existing On-Street Bicycle Corral Locations

On-Street Bicycle Parking Corrals FAQs

Are you are a business or property owner with enough bike parking demand to warrant an on-street bicycle corral? Bike corrals provide bike parking for 12 to 24 bicycles.

– Do you regularly see more than 10 customer bicycles locked outside?  
If yes, then fill out a Bike Corral Application Form
If no, perhaps installing additional bicycle racks on the sidewalk is a better solution.  Fill out a Bike Rack Request Form

What is a Bicycle Corral?
Bicycle Corrals are groups of 6, 9, or 12 bicycle racks installed in the parking strip in areas with high bicycle parking demand. Bicycle Corrals accommodate 12 to 24 bicycles in one or two auto parking spaces. 
Check out this collection of community uploaded photos of Portland’s On-Street Bike Corrals. 

-Why On-Street Bicycle Parking?

On-Street Bicycle Parking provides many benefits where bicycle-use is high and growing: 

  • Businesses: Corrals provide a 10 to 1 customer to parking space ratio and advertise “bike-friendliness.”  They also improve the outdoor café seating environment by removing locked bicycles from the sidewalk.
  • Pedestrians: Corrals clear the sidewalks and serve as de facto curb extensions.
  • People on bicycles: Corrals increase the visibility of bicycling.
  • Motor vehicle drivers: Corrals improve visibility at intersections by eliminating the opportunity for larger vehicles to park at street corners.

Most of Portland’s bicycle parking is provided in bike racks on the sidewalk.  However, in a growing number of commercial areas the high demand for bicycle parking is too much for the sidewalk.  In other cases, local businesses simply prefer bicycles in the parking strip rather than autos in order to attract a customer base that is turning more to the bicycles for transportation. In all cases, corrals are installed at the express request or cooperation of the adjacent businesses.

-How can I request On-Street Bike Parking in my neighborhood?  

While the City’s Bureau of Transportation has been scrambling to meet the high demand for bicycle parking, we’re continuing to seek more! Do you know of a location that could benefit from a bike corral? Notify the owner of your favorite business that a bicycle corral is an option to deal with the bicycle parking demand (e.g. more than 10 bicycles on a regular basis). Apply online to request a bicycle corral or email BikeParking@portlandoregon.gov with questions. 

Ideal locations for on-street bike parking corrals are adjacent to destinations that attract at least 10 bicycles or more on a regular basis. Occupancy rates measure


NMSU Parking Information | New Mexico State University

Kiosks Available for Parking Permits

Two kiosks are located by the Parking/ID Card Cashiers’ area in Barnes & Noble bookstore and one will be at the NMSU Police Station’s reception area. Kiosks will have printer access  and will print temporary permits. Your confirmation receipt will serve as your temporary permit and must be displayed on the dash of your vehicle.

PARKING PERMITS will only be available for purchase online — not in person. Kiosks are also available to register and print a temporary permit. 

NMSU Parking Rules are in effect from 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Monday – Friday with free parking on the evenings and weekends, and free parking lots located around campus.

NOTE: Parking citations are administered by the NMSU Police Department. Questions or comments should be directed to parking@nmsu.edu  or 575-646-2418.

Free Parking and Shuttle Service
NMSU makes it easy and affordable to park and commute around campus. Aggie Transit provides free shuttle routes that transport riders with a valid Aggie ID from free parking lots (identified in brown on the parking map).

Permitted Parking Lots
A variety of NMSU Parking Permits are available for those who wish to park in a designated “permitted” parking lot. Parking rules are enforced Monday – Friday from 7:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Please consult the parking map for designated parking locations.

Departmental Placards 
NMSU Departments may request a special placard that will allow parking in specified areas of campus.

Just Visiting?
For those who only visit campus periodically, a variety of Visitor Permits are available.

Plenty of Spaces!
There are about 13,500 available parking spaces on campus. However, during the university’s peak hours (9 a.m. – 2 p.m. weekdays), only about 7,900 of those spaces are filled at one time. Therefore, there are generally at least 5,600 open spaces available when you arrive!

HELPFUL TIP: The lots around the center of campus near Corbett Center Student Union (CCSU), the Horseshoe, and the Barnes & Noble at NMSU Bookstore & Café tend to fill up very fast and remain occupied most of the day. Reduce the time and stress of driving around looking for a spot by simply parking in the “All Permits” lots east of Chamisa Village on Stewart Street. These lots are historically underutilized and are only a couple minutes walk from CCSU.

Parking & Traffic Regulations

Click here for parking & traffic regulations.

Road & Parking Closures
Click here for information on campus road and/or parking closures.

Questions? Click here for more information.

Transportation & Parking Services is pleased to employ nearly two dozen NMSU students!

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