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Transportation: Getting Around NYC | NYCgo

Getting to NYC
Whether you live across the Hudson or across the Atlantic, getting to NYC is easy. If you’re coming from outside the United States, check this page for visa information. See below for the best ways to reach the five boroughs from anywhere in the world, and click through each category (for example, “By plane”) for much more detail.

By plane If you’re coming from far away, you’ll probably want to fly into one of the New York City area’s major airports. There are a number of hotels conveniently located near the City’s airports.

By train Those starting from a nearby suburb can reach NYC by NJ Transit, Long Island Rail Road or Metro-North Railroad. Amtrak also offers comfortable, convenient service to NYC from cities near and far.

By bus For some travelers, especially those coming from other East Coast cities, buses are an affordable and convenient travel option. New York City enjoys service from such companies as Megabus,  BoltBus and Greyhound, as well as other local carriers.

By car Driving to NYC? Use Google Maps to get directions, and plan ahead for where to park (there’s some street parking, plenty of parking garages and some hotels offer package deals that include parking).

Getting Around NYC
New York is an excellent walking city, and getting around by foot is the best way to familiarize yourself with neighborhoods and their (sometimes subtle) divisions. Of course, sometimes you’ll need to move more quickly or cover great distances, for which you’ve got subways, buses and cabs at your disposal. Click through each category (for example, “MTA Subways and Buses”) for much more detail.

MTA Subways and Buses A MetroCard gives you access to trains and buses that travel to nearly every corner of the City. The system is accessible to people with disabilities. 

Taxis Cabs are a quick, convenient way to get around the five boroughs.

Cars Driving within the City? Google Maps can help you navigate all five boroughs.

Other Ferries, pedicabs, cruise ships, bicycles and even helicopters are all great ways to get around New York.

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NYC DOT – Bicyclists

A person standing in park beside a bike rack looks at a paper map.

Bike Map

Want help navigating the city by bike? The official NYC Bike Map is published each year. Plan your route or find a bike shop in your neighborhood.
Download or request a free copy of the NYC Bike Map

Two women ride colorful bikes on a bike lane.

Bike Share

Bike share gives New Yorkers a fun, easy, and efficient way to get around the city without having to worry about bike storage or maintenance. Find out how to unlock a bike and get riding today.
Learn more about bike share and find a station near you
Sign up to become a Citi Bike member
Learn about NYC’s Dockless Bike Share Pilot

A young boy smiles as someone put a bicycle helmet on his head.

Bike Safety

Cycling is booming in New York City. DOT provides helpful information to make your ride safer and easier, and gives away free bicycle helmet at events throughout the city.
Learn more about NYC DOT’s Safety Education for cyclists
Find an upcoming helmet fitting event on the NYC Events Calendar
Green Wave: A Plan for Cycling in New York City report

A cyclist rides on a bike lane on a street.

Building Bike Lanes

New York City is home to the largest bicycle network in North America, with over 1,200 miles of bike routes. To accelerate the growth of safe cycling, DOT is building a system of bicycle routes that traverse and connect all five boroughs.
Learn more about current bicycle route projects
Greenways in NYC

Cyclists ride on a two-way green bike path.

Ridership Statistics and Reports

DOT evaluates how bicycle lanes impact safety, mobility, and economic vitality in New York City through studies, pilot programs, and bicycle counts. Explore current bicycling trends and download available DOT cycling datasets.
View bicycle counts
Review network and safety statistics
Review annual reports and studies

A woman leans over to lock her bike to a round bicycle rack on a sidewalk.

Bike Parking

DOT provides free bicycle parking racks throughout the five boroughs. Learn more about DOT’s requirements and suggest new locations for street furniture.
Learn more about bicycle parking

More Resources for Riders & Residents

NYC Bike Laws

Cyclists have all the rights and are subject to all of the duties and regulations applicable to drivers of motor vehicles.
Download a complete list of New York City bicycle rules (pdf)

Commercial and Delivery Cyclists

Bikes are an inexpensive, fast, and efficient way to deliver goods. In addition to the biking laws, the city has laws and rules that to help make commercial cycling safer.
Get more tips for commercial cyclists and businesses

Bikes on Transit

Did you know bikes are allowed on New York City subways at all times?
Learn more about bike policies on the subway and get tips for a smoother ride

Bikes in Buildings

The Bikes in Buildings Program aims to increase bicycle commuting by providing cyclists with secure parking during the workday.
Learn more about the Bicycle Access to Office Buildings law and program requirements

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