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Cars 4 Heroes – Our Mission

 This was May 29th 2020 at the Lake of the Ozarks helping a first responder Jennifer with free transportation with Lake TV and Port Arrowhead Lodge 

Cars 4 Heroes is not affiliated with  Cars 4 Vets  or Cars for veterans , We have been around since 1996 helping veterans

Our Mission

 Cars 4 Heroes is a non-profit organization that provides free, basic, reliable transportation to Veterans, First Responders, their families, that otherwise are not able to obtain transportation for themselves.


Hello Everyone,
We are going to do an online raffle from June 15th to June 30th. This is a huge opportunity to raise money for the charities we support.
We are raffling off Farm raised pork. Pigs will have a finished hanging weight of about 225 pounds. Powell’s Meat Locker in Clinton will provide the custom processing. Buyer will choose how they want the pig processed and or cured.
There are FIVE of these that were generously donated.
Raffle tickets are $10.00 each
Retail value of each pig is $1000.00
On July 1st there will be a Facebook Live drawing by Deron to announce the winners.
This is the link to the raffle and we need everyone to aggressively share this on Social Media please. I will post it on the Deron Cherry Page first thing Monday ,
​You must be able to pick up the pork if your ticket wins in Kansas City area or if you cant get it we will give it to a local foodbank in your name.


The Need

   For millions of Americans, the availability of public transportation is the determining factor in their ability to access jobs and any care they require. For a lot of those people, they either live outside the range of public transit or the places they need to go to are outside of public transit zones, forcing them to miss those opportunities. Forcing them to have to walk for miles to get where they need to be.

Why do we do what we do?

   Life is not always predictable. Everyday people unexpectedly get sick, lose their job, or have their car break down on them. Most people do not expect those things to happen. Cars 4 Heroes is here to help people through those times by giving them transportation so that they can get back on their feet and turn their lives around. Our founder, Terry Franz, will tell people, “Our program is not called fix my life, we are just here to give them a tool to help them fix their lives.”
 Every year, we give hundreds of cars to families and people in need. For some, it is a wheelchair van that allows them to take their wheelchair bound family member out for the first time in years and for others it is just a simple car that can get them to work


Design Your Mission Bicycle | Mission Bicycle

1Choose Your Colors


Our own lightweight steel frame, powdercoated by hand here in San Francisco.


Wheels built one at a time with durable American-made Velocity rims.


American-made Oury grips or synthetic cork tape. Just choose your color.


A straight and static chain line keeps colored chains bright and clean.


A curated selection of parts for daily riding, carefully chosen for form & function.

3Choose Upgrades (Optional)

Frame Finish

Specialty powdercoats for colors and raw steel.

View Gallery

Rear Rim

If you want different colors, or high polish rims, choose your rear rim here.

View Gallery

Front Rim

If you want different colors, or high polish rims, choose your front rim here.

View Gallery


Upgrade tires are lighter with a higher thread count for increased performance.

View Gallery

Brooks Leather

Leather grips or perforated microfiber bar tape perfectly matched to a B17 saddle in classic Honey, Anitque Brown, or Black.

View Gallery

Fortified Chains

Fortified chains, from Izumi and KMC, offer increased strength against the stresses of wear and weather.

View Gallery


Made in Oregon to unparalleled standards, the Chris King NoThreadSet comes with a 10-year warranty.

View Gallery

Pedals & Straps

Japanese MKS pedals offer a smoother revolution and longer life. All foot retention upgrades include pedal upgrade.

View Gallery


Minimal rack with universal pannier compatibility.

View Gallery


American made Thomson seatposts improve on weight & strength.

View Gallery


The proper locks will keep your bike safe and your mind at ease. Our security bolts cover what your U-lock doesn’t.

View Gallery

Source Article


Inside the Canadian automotive industry’s mission to make more ventilators

Linda Hasenfratz, president, chairman, and CEO of Linamar, is photographed during a talk at the Rotman School of Management, on Oct. 23, 2018. Amid the novel coronavirus crisis, Ms. Hasenfratz and her company are engaged in what amounts to an unprecedented project.

Fred Lum/The Globe and Mail

Linda Hasenfratz, chief executive of auto-parts giant Linamar Corp., a company from Guelph, Ont., known the world over for building engine parts and transmissions, is now suddenly and deeply immersed in the challenge of producing hospital ventilators.

It’s not a particular business line she had envisioned for her firm even a month ago. “We had identified medical devices broadly as a market that we are interested in and are looking to expand into at some point … we’re exploring the field but ventilators were not on the list.”

Amid the novel coronavirus crisis, Ms. Hasenfratz and her company are engaged in what amounts to an unprecedented project. They are teaming up with other auto-parts makers to help a small Brampton, Ont.-based firm, O-Two Medical Technologies, produce 10,000 ventilators in a matter of months for the Ontario government.

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The Linamar CEO says, in some ways, an engine and a ventilator are not that different. “Both are complex assemblies full of very critical, precisely manufactured parts that need to be assembled in a certain way – and then the full assembly needs to be tested.”

O-Two is in charge but Linamar is spearheading the work by Magna International Inc., Martinrea International Inc. and ABC Technologies Inc., which have volunteered to bring their expertise to bear in this rapid escalation of production.

Plans are still being hammered out, but Ms. Hasenfratz said the auto-parts makers’ contributions will include parts. “We are tooling up a whole bunch of machined parts, like 40 different parts, that we can manufacture for them.”

Auto-parts makers say their industry is very good at expanding production quickly, manufacturing extremely precise items, dealing with suppliers to expedite the shipping of raw materials and components as well as eliminating or reducing bottlenecks on the production line. Plus, these firms have the financial resources on hand to quickly procure items.

“We’re used to highly precise manufacturing with very tight [measurement ] tolerances … and very high standards in terms of cleanliness,” Ms. Hasenfratz says.

She said parts makers could also take charge of subassembly – putting together components that will then form part of the ventilators – to make it easier for O-Two to focus on final assembly and testing.

Flavio Volpe, president of the Auto Parts Manufacturers Association, which played a crucial role in bringing together the assistance for O-Two, said one option would be akin to sharing assembly of a Lego kit with a 30-page instruction manual. “It might be the best way to get to 10,000 ventilators is five pages belong to Linamar, you get your current medical suppliers to do five pages, you get Magna to do five pages and then Martinrea to do five pages. By