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Learn how to ride a bike in LA!

This webpage is a resource hub for those who are interested in learning about biking in LA and eventually making biking part of their travel routines. You can sign up for


classes to learn how to bike in an urban environment or go on group rides. Ultimately this website should provide everything you might need to get biking!

Learn about biking

by signing up for free classes that can provide you the knowledge and skills to bike confidently and safely.

  • Experience biking

    in a car-free or group ride setting to get you more comfortable on a bike and enjoy the fun!
  • Ready to bike on your own?

Why bike? Check out the top 5 reasons here:

1. It’s convenient:

Short trips of 3 miles or less can often be quicker by bike than by car, especially in traffic. Once you arrive at your destination, you don’t have to hunt for a parking space – bike parking is usually near an entrance. Travel times running errands by bike are more reliable than by car because bicycles are rarely affected by traffic congestion. Enjoy the freedom of traveling on your own schedule and making multiple stops along the way without worrying about rush hour traffic or finding parking!

2. It’s a money-saver:

Bicyclists in the U.S. save “

at least $4.6 billion a year by riding instead of driving

.” It costs an average of just $308 per year to maintain a bike. Compare that to the average $8,220 that drivers spend each year to travel by car and you’re looking at a pay raise!

3. It’s enjoyable:

Studies have shown that hopping on your bike improves mental health. You can go on a bike ride alone or with friends and families to enjoy beaches, nature, architecture, food tours and so much more!

4. It’s healthy:

Bicycling is good for your heart, brain, and blood vessels. Regular bicycling builds muscle and increases bone density while it’s easy on your joints. Bicycling can also reduce stress. Studies have shown that biking to work can reduce stress by up to 40%!

5. It’s green:

Bicycling is ZERO-emission and making more trips by bike (or on foot) helps reduce air pollution, improving the air we all breathe in LA, and helps reduce greenhouse gases, contributing less to climate change.

Metro sponsors classes at varying skill levels to get you comfortable with your bike and riding in an urban environment. These classes are FREE, interactive, and take place all across the county.

Bike 1 – Back to Basics

Bicycling for Beginners group picture

Ideal for:

this is for people who know how to ride a bike, but are not very comfortable getting on a bike. (Note: this is not a learn-to-ride class)


this class covers bicycling basics and shows participants how to improve their bike control skills. Participants will gain a sense of confidence to get on a bike for everyday travel or recreation.

Course topics:

biking necessities (helmet fit, lights/reflectors, locks, clothing), pre-ride checklist, basic bike handling skills,


Learn Street Vehicles With Little Purple Automobile

My former employment consists of over 20 years at a Ford auto dealership. As an employee of BMW for over ten years now, I have observed time and time again that buyer satisfaction can be tremendously increased if we were to educate our prospects on a number of the basic warning symbols of their vehicles. In fact, there are a number of vehicles that sellers have tried selling on their heaps for a while to no avail before deciding to cut their losses brief by disposing of them shortly on the auctions.

In the event you store your automobile exterior, examine to make it possible for no moisture (from rain or melting snow) is allowed to accumulate under the vehicle or between the automotive and the cover. Not only the associated fee up entrance once you make the acquisition however later down the road when that you must change elements or do repairs.

Knowing what a dealer paid for the vehicle, and how many he has on the lot places you in a really highly effective position to negotiate. From the top of the range full colour vehicle wraps, which might price a number of hundred kilos plus the value of design and becoming – through too single color, minimize vinyl self applicating vehicle graphics – the selection is in depth.

( 2012) However the emissions from producing battery and electrical energy are also substantial of their impact on our surroundings, particularly with the Plug-in Hybrid Electric Vehicles (PHEV) and the Battery Electric Vehicles (BEV) models as a result of the Sulfur Dioxide (SO2) emissions from coal fires energy vegetation.

Although, automotive lovers, drivers, and riders see a unique view from the mirrors everybody knows what a automotive is and has benefitted from them (one way or one other), and everybody likes to take a look at a good looking physique (on a car), and love features that get their engines revved up.

I am unable to say for certain that that is absolutely the one choice for the Enclave, however I am studying that not all the GM vehicles with electric energy steering have the same set up. You might be able to find out if your car falls beneath the recall by going to the GM web site and entering your vehicle’s VIN quantity or calling your local GM Dealer and giving them the VIN number to check for you.…


Use A Multimeter To Learn RPM

Merck’s Performance Supplies business develops excessive-tech options for the automotive trade. However in 2009, the global automobile and vehicle gross sales trade skilled a cogent decline which was in the course of the international recession, as this industry is indirectly dependent on to financial shifts in employment and spending making, it susceptible.

Once a number of corporations had produced straightforward to navigate auto repair store software program, mechanics in every single place fleeted to the shops to get their copies. These automobiles shall be information centers on wheels with rich media cabin experiences and all the actual-time data from sensors wanted to drive on the highest stage of safety.

Our solutions increase the effectivity, safety and reliability of electric and hybrid vehicles. Following the FDI coverage, entry of plenty of international players with lowered general product lifecycle and quicker product launches have grow to be an everyday incidence within the automotive business of the nation.

Rockwell Automation and our partners provide distinctive trade information to help design, implement, and support your automation funding. Client BrandsWe help people analysis and buy cars online and join with vibrant communities of auto fanatics.

Having a automobile with a rear-wheel drive methods means that the engine power is concentrated on the two rear wheels. Front-wheel drive or FWD – a vehicle with entrance-wheel drive system means that it sends all its engine energy into the 2 front wheels. My aim is to help educate people who have little information of autos and attempt to clear up some of the thriller about automotive service and up-sells.

Widespread examples of pneumatic automotive gear include air compressors that can be used to energy a wide range of instruments together with hammers, drills, ratchets and spraying tools. As these little engines have the gearbox and clutch in-built, you possibly can study about the drive prepare at the similar time.…