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Automotive Heat Shields | Automotive Insulation

Make your car more efficient and long lasting with American-made automotive heat shield protection. Our roots in the automotive industry and decades of experience give us the expertise to know what your vehicle needs to perform its best. We have a full line of automotive thermal management products and automotive sound deadening supplies to help with a wide range of heat and sound management needs. Unlike others in the industry, Heatshield Products is always completely honest about what our products can and cannot do in terms of performance. All of our automotive insulation products are race-track tested and will always perform as advertised — that’s the Heatshield Products promise.

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  12. Improve Fuel Mileage With High-Quality Automotive Heat Shields

    Our heat shields are a great way to manage the heat in our vehicle. They keep heat away from transmission tunnels and other components to lower interior temperatures and keep you cool. Depending on where you place it, an automotive heat shield can also increase your car’s fuel economy and save you money in the long term. Heat shield sleeving can also help protect critical engine wiring, prevent vapor lock when used on a fuel line, and improve the output and overall efficiency of your vehicle.

    Lower Emissions, Higher Power

    At Heatshield Products, we have a wide range of automotive insulation options from traditional fiberglass wrap to our innovative Lava Rock wrap. Our automotive exhaust insulation is another method for improving fuel mileage. By lowering the overall temperature under-the-hood, our effective US made automotive heat shields can improve your fuel mileage, lower your emissions, and maximize the amount of power your vehicle can handle. With Heatshield Products, less heat means more money saved and more power gained.

    Make Your Vehicle Last Longer

    Using component specific automotive heat shields protects your vehicle and increases its lifespan. Our automotive insulation products will protect your car from unnecessary damage and save you from the hassle of avoidable repairs. With our exhaust insulation, heat shields, heat shield sleeving, and heat shield tapes, your vehicle will run better and last longer. Contact us today to get started on your customizable heat management solution!

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