August 03, 2021
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Austin Police ram vehicle that drove through active crash scene
Pa. transportation funding panel readies $15.6B package with mileage-based fee
SRAM opens TIME pedal factory in Portugal
Biden wants U.S automakers to pledge 40% electric vehicles by 2030 -sources
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2022 Subaru BRZ Starts Just Under $29,000
Review: The best bicycle tyre inflators to use with an air compressor
Ex-Toyota Europe CEO van Zyl dies at age 63
CPS transportation exec on leave after contentious busing plan rollout
Here’s How To Import A Japanese Car To America Without Hassle
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Austin Police ram vehicle that drove through active crash scene Pa. transportation funding panel readies $15.6B package with mileage-based fee SRAM opens TIME pedal factory in Portugal Biden wants U.S automakers to pledge 40% electric vehicles by 2030 -sources N.Y.’s Transit System Could Receive $10 Billion in Infrastructure Deal 2022 Subaru BRZ Starts Just Under $29,000 Review: The best bicycle tyre inflators to use with an air compressor Ex-Toyota Europe CEO van Zyl dies at age 63 CPS transportation exec on leave after contentious busing plan rollout Here’s How To Import A Japanese Car To America Without Hassle

Lexus UC Could Be a More Luxurious Hybrid Version of Toyota GR86

Ben Summerell-Youde/Fox SyndicationCar and Driver

  • Japanese website Spyder7 reports that Lexus is working on its own version of the new Subaru BRZ and Toyota GR86 called the UC.
  • It’s rumored to use the same 228-hp 2.4-liter flat-four as the new Toyobaru rear-wheel-drive sports cars, but with a hybrid drivetrain making more power.
  • Lexus declined to comment on the existence of the new car, but reports say it could make its debut by the end of the year.

    Lexus might have a hybrid version of the recently revealed Toyota GR86 on the way, if rumors from the Japanese website Spyder7 are any indication. If this model comes to fruition, the new entry-level luxury rear-wheel-drive sports car would join the RC, RC F, and LC coupes in the Japanese automaker’s lineup. It’s said to be making its debut by the end of the year, and we’d love to see something like this in the States since many other small luxury coupes have disappeared.

    It will reportedly be called the UC for “Urban Coupe,” using the same naturally aspirated 2.4-liter flat-four as the new Subaru BRZ and Toyota GR86. In those applications, the four-cylinder engine produces 228 horsepower and 184 pound-feet of torque. A six-speed manual gearbox is standard, and a six-speed automatic is optional. We think it likely the Lexus would only be available with the automatic. The Lexus is expected to use a hybrid drivetrain with the flat-four in conjunction with an electric motor and battery pack, which should increase power over the BRZ and GR86.

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    An alleged spy photo (above) of the car’s front end shows a Lexus spindle grille and the same overall shape of the Toyobaru siblings. The UC could be slightly stretched to accommodate the hybrid battery pack. The Subaru BRZ measures 167.9 inches in length. If the photo posted on Twitter does indeed show a prototype for the UC, we can also expect the production car to have other Lexus-specific trim pieces such as more angular lighting elements and larger wheels. The GR86 offers 18-inch wheels.

    The UC’s interior should also be a step above the BRZ and GR86. The interiors of those two feature 8.0-inch touchscreens and a 7.0-inch digital gauge cluster. The 2022 Lexus NX crossover debuted a new infotainment system for the luxury automaker with a standard 9.8-inch touchscreen and an available 14.0-inch unit. We don’t expect the small sports car to get a screen that large, but it could be larger than the other two sports cars’ screens.

    It’s unclear if the Lexus UC will be sold in North America, as entry-level sports cars including the Mercedes-Benz SLC-class have disappeared from luxury automakers’ lineups in our market. However, a Lexus spokesperson told Car and Driver that there are “some exciting things coming to Lexus.” We sure hope that includes


    Hybrid vehicle – hybrid cars and trucks, fuel cell, clean fuel’s

    Hybrid vehicle
    The next step in the evolution of the Automobile!

    Quantum Aggressor AMV

    There is no doubt that Hybrid vehicle propulsion technology will be the next big thing in the automobile and truck industry.

    I wrote this in February 2005 and now hybrid cars are not only the next big thing in automobiles they are the big thing!

    Hybrid vehicles and hybrid cars have fascinated me since I first learned of Dr Ferdinand Porsche’s hybrid car, built in 1899 by Jacob Lohner & Co. The so called Lohner-Porsche.

    Petrol Electric Race car

    This was in 1984 and I was working on my BS thesis in Mechanical Engineering. My thesis was on a conceptual design of a light off-road utility vehicle, and I was investigating possible propulsion systems.

    I started thinking what had happened to hybrid technology as I saw no petrol-electric cars around. And this was 84-85 years after Dr. Ferdinand Porsche so aptly demonstrated and even raced the first petrol-electric vehicle!

    Why would a concept like this disappear?

    It seemed such a good idea!

    But hybrid vehicles, I later found out, had not disappeared at all.
    Hybrid vehicles and vessels where all around me. I just hadn’t noticed.
    Petrol-electric vehicles where maybe rather scarce in 1984 but diesel-electric vehicles existed in abundance.

    Vehicle Transport

    ad by KB

    When I say hybrid vehicles I’m not constraining the discussion to diesel-electric and petrol-electric applications only.
    The engines them selves are also within our scope as engine technology is evolving in big strides:

    • Hydrogen engines,
    • Methane engines,
    • Bio-gas engines, and
    • Bio-diesel engines are in the picture as lorries have even been made to run on fuels like fish oil and vegetable oil.

    Even fuel cells are now becoming a realistic option in many “small” vehicle applications.

    The mechanical separation of the motor from the drive train is highly interesting in it self and gives designers an enormous freedom in forming our future vehicles.
    This de-coupling will simplify the drive train and reduce costs.
    ”The gearbox” will be obsolete and we will have infinitely variable “gearing” thus increasing efficiency.

    It may even bring back into the, auto, arena technologies like:

    and make hydraulic drive, or even propulsion by compressed air viable options for the family saloon.

    Quantum Aggressor AMV

    Propelled by air! … the cleanest propulsion technology yet!

    Hybrid vehicle technology is, as pointed out, not new but it was overtaken by mass production technologies early on in the evolution of the automobile.

    Now because of this same mass production capability, environmental pressure and economics of scale, hybrid vehicle technology is back in full force!

    The purpose of this site is to bring together the technologies, the applications and hopefully create a dynamic community of both amateurs and professionals interested in our future.

    Yours truly.

    Kjartan Bergsson

    Hybrid Vehicle History – more than a 100 years of evolution and refinement
    In Hybrid Vehicle History -read about Dr. Porsches work in 1898-1900 – about Submarines and Trains – about the modern hybrid cars of today.
    Definition of

    Hybrid bicycle – Wikipedia

    Hybrid bicycles blend characteristics from more specialized road bikes, touring bikes and mountain bikes.[1] The resulting “hybrid” is a general-purpose bike that can tolerate a wide range of riding conditions and applications. Their stability, comfort and ease of use make them popular with novice cyclists, casual riders, commuters, and children.

    Hybrids typically borrow the flat, straight handlebars and upright seating posture of a mountain bike, which many bicyclists find comfortable and intuitive. Hybrids also employ the lighter weight, thinner wheels and smooth tires of road bikes, allowing for greater speed and less exertion when riding on the road. Hybrid bikes often have places to mount racks and bags for transporting belongings, much like a touring bike.

    Hybrid bikes have spawned numerous sub-categories satisfying diverse ridership. They are classified by their design priorities, such as those optimized for comfort or fitness — and those offered as city, cross or commuter bikes.[2]


    From the early 20th century until after World War II, the utility roadster constituted most adult bicycles sold in the United Kingdom and in many parts of the British Empire. In Britain, the roadster declined noticeably in popularity during the early 1970s, as a boom in recreational cycling caused manufacturers to concentrate on lightweight (23-30 lb.), affordable derailleur sport bikes, actually slightly-modified versions of the racing bicycle of the era. In the 1980s, U.K. cyclists began to shift from road-only bicycles to all-terrain models such as the mountain bike. The mountain bike’s sturdy frame and load-carrying ability gave it additional versatility as a utility bike, usurping the role previously filled by the roadster. By 1990, the roadster was almost dead; while annual U.K. bicycle sales reached an all-time record of 2.8 million, almost all of them were mountain and road/sport models. A different situation, however, was occurring in most Asian countries: roadsters are still widely made and used in countries such as China, India, Thailand, Vietnam and others as well in parts of north-western Europe.[citation needed]

    Trekking bike[edit]

    Lightweight trekking bike

    A trekking bike is a hybrid with all the accessories necessary for bicycle touring – mudguards, pannier rack, lights etc.[3][4]

    Cross bike[edit]

    Cross bikes use a road bicycle frame similar to a racing or sport/touring bicycle, and are normally equipped with nearly flat handlebars to provide a more upright riding position than a racing or sport/touring bike.[2] As a hybrid bike intended for general recreational and utility use, the cross bike differs from the cyclo-cross bicycle, which is a racing bicycle purposely designed to compete in the sport of cyclo-cross competition. Cross bikes are fitted with 700c (ISO 622) wheels using somewhat wider semi-treaded tires (1.125–1.25 in or 28.6–31.8 mm) than those fitted to most racing or sport/touring models.[1]
    The additional tire width and tread is intended to give the cross bike hybrid some ability to deal with rough or littered surfaces that might be encountered on paved or unpaved


    Hybrid and Electric Vehicle Technologies Symposium

    Shinichi Abe

    Chief Professional Engineer, Electric Powertrain System Development, Toyota Motor Corporation

    The combined contributions of Takehisa Yaegashi, Shoichi Sasaki and Shinichi Abe enabled the development and commercialization of hybrid electric vehicles (HEVs) that have revolutionized the automotive industry. They created the “Toyota Hybrid System” (THS), resulting in the 1997 Toyota Prius and impacting future versions of HEV technology. The world’s first mass-produced HEV, the Prius obtained revolutionary fuel efficiency using the THS. Dr. Yaegashi directed the establishment of the integrated vehicle energy management system. He then improved the first-generation technology to create THS II, featured in the 2004 Prius, which significantly improved fuel efficiency, performance and cost reduction. Professor Sasaki developed a unified control algorithm that achieved optimal fuel efficiency and control of the engine, motor and battery. His algorithm has been applied to all Toyota hybrid vehicles. Mr. Abe was responsible for ensuring low emissions and drivability of the vehicle. He implemented a variable valve-timing mechanism to reduce the shock that was instrumental in THS and THS II system efficiency exceeding that of hydrogen fuel-cell hybrids at that time as well as of conventional ICE vehicles.

    Source Article


    State Efforts To Promote Hybrid and Electric Vehicles

    USA FlagForty-five states and the District of Columbia provide an incentive for certain hybrid and/or electric vehicles, either through a specific utility operating in the state or through state legislation. The incentives range from tax credits or rebates to fleet acquisition goals, exemptions from emissions testing or utility time-of-use rate reductions. The five gray colored states do not have any laws or policies in place that would specifically impact the buying of an electric vehicle or the building of electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE). In addition, 20 states have enacted legislation to implement a special registration fee on alternatively fueled or electric vehicles. All fees are in addition to the standard registration fees.

    Additional maps comparing specific state incentives are displayed at the bottom of the page.


    AL flag

    Charging Rate Incentive: Alabama Power offers a residential PEV rate for customers who verify possession of a qualified PEV and a Business Electric Vehicle Time-of-Use (BEVT) rate for electricity purchased to charge PEVs used for fleet purposes. The electricity used for vehicle charging is metered separately from all other electricity use.


    AZ flagAlternative Fuel Vehicle (AFV) Parking Incentive: An individual driving a dedicated AFV may park without penalty in parking areas that are designated for carpool operators, provided the vehicle is using alternative fuel. Recognized alternative fuels include propane, natural gas, electricity, hydrogen and a blend of hydrogen with propane or natural gas.

    AFV Use Tax Exemption: S.B. 1413 (2014) exempts certain alternative fuels such as natural gas, electricity, propane, and hydrogen from the state use tax.

    Electric Vehicle Supply Equipment Tax Credit: A tax credit of up to $75 is available to individuals for the installation of EV charging outlets in a house or housing unit built by the individual.

    HOV Lane Exemption: Qualified alternative fuel vehicles may use designated HOV lanes regardless of the number of occupants in the vehicle.

    Joint Use of Government Fueling Infrastructure: To the extent practical, an Arizona state agency or political subdivision that operates an alternative fueling station must allow vehicles, other state agencies or political subdivisions own or operate to fuel at the station. For the purpose of this requirement, alternative fuels include propane, natural gas, electricity, hydrogen, and a blend of hydrogen with propane or natural gas.

    Plug-In Electric Vehicle Charging Rates:  The Salt River Project offers an experimental reduced rate time-of-use plan for certain plug-in hybrid and electric vehicle owners.

    Reduced AFV License Tax: The vehicle license tax for an AFV is $4 for every $100 in assessed value. During the first year after initial registration, the AFV ‘s assessed value is 1 percent of the manufacturer’s base retail price (compared to 60 percent for conventional vehicles). For each succeeding year, the original value of the AFV is reduced by 15 percent. The minimum amount of the annual AFV license tax is $5. For the purpose of this tax, AFVs include those powered exclusively by propane, natural gas, electricity, hydrogen, or a blend of hydrogen with propane or natural gas.

    Vehicle Emissions


    Hybrid Cars

    Horsepower calculators can help you figure out how a lot horsepower to achieve a certain prime pace figure along with your automotive. As quickly as a vehicle is driven after an oil change, small quantities of condensation start showing up contained in the engine. Nonetheless, every car kind has it is strengths, so differences in miles, fuel prices, and journey lengths make some cars shine over others.

    four. Messengers and the typically affectionately referred to ‘gophers’ in a business atmosphere are usually given use of an organization vehicle, though primarily solely during work-hours. Now we have had automobiles that once we get them in and inform them of poor repairs we discovered after we took them aside, they are saying ‘effectively they showed me the carfax and there was nothing on it’.

    After accessing this knowledge you’ll by no means purchase a vehicle from a car dealership again, you may only go to Auctions to choose up the most effective offers potential. 6. Federal and different-excessive rating officials in the securities field are sometimes times provided with a company vehicle because lots of their duties require traveling to other counties, cities and even states.

    Engine oil is in fact one of the most properly-known and significant fluids for automobiles and trucks. When operating such large vehicles, commercial drivers must be particularly vigilant in the operation of their own vehicle and in maintaining an eye fixed out for passenger vehicles.

    If your vehicle has a “upkeep-free” battery, then you’ll not be required to verify its fluid ranges. DOWNSIDE-2: Some Rear-wheel drive vehicles would require the set up of a Solenoid Switch Kit which disconnects the axle in the vehicle to be able to keep away from comparable harm to the transmission and rear-end.

    Is there a steadiness between the price and the savings on gas related to the hybrid vehicles? The bare minimum of maintaining a vehicle is to verify the heart of the vehicle is maintained healthy by changing engine oil and oil filter in keeping with manufacturer schedule or earlier.…


    Hybrid Expertise

    Typically instances, the driving force primarily chargeable for an automobile accident will not be the owner of the vehicle he or she was driving. A vehicle is commonly declared an Economic Total Loss when the cost of repairs exceeds the value of the vehicle, plus sales tax, much less your deductible. With a click of your mouse you will discover the bill price of most vehicles as well as different key information like vendor inventory levels, unadvertised seller incentives plus different auto buying ideas.

    One video shared on Twitter exhibits people carrying signs of protest round sheriff vehicles. This task can price much more than a carpet alternative if you end up with a camper with a bad sub-ground, so check the ground out intently. As far as choosing a vehicle, I am lucky in that my husband has had firm vehicles for over 20 years.

    Typically you sign a document that is known as “RETAIL INSTALLMENT SALES CONTRACT.” This can sometimes have a bit “Vendor’s Proper to Cancel.” This section tells you that after you sign the purchase contract and leave with the automobile, the dealership goes to find a finance firm or financial institution to purchase your contract (this is very similar to what occurs with dwelling mortgages).

    These are just a few of the great 7 passenger vehicles which are out on the street immediately. In response to me it will likely be very difficult for autonomous vehicles to return in existence as a result of not only in USA but in addition in other nations, individuals are obsessed with driving.

    The corporate acknowledges the truth that a majority of these employees are required to journey ceaselessly as a part of their job and shouldn’t should bear the expense of maintenance and or fuel prices, in addition to wear on their personal vehicle, so they provide the person with the use of a ‘company’ automotive.

    After accessing this data you will never buy a vehicle from a automotive dealership again, you may only go to Auctions to select up the most effective offers doable. 6. Federal and other-excessive ranking officers within the securities discipline are often occasions provided with an organization vehicle as a result of many of their duties require touring to other counties, towns and even states.…