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Look: Beagle survives 40-mile drive while stuck under owner’s vehicle

April 3 (UPI) — Firefighters in New York state said a lucky dog is expected to be OK after getting stuck under his owner’s vehicle and being taken for a 40-mile drive.

The Rochester Fire Department said firefighters and Humane Society rescuers responded to the city’s Public Market when the owner of the 2-year-old beagle, Zeke, called and reported the canine was trapped under their vehicle.

The owner said Zeke must have gotten stuck under the vehicle before it was driven at least 40 miles.

The rescuers enlisted help from staff members at Lollipop Farm, including a veterinarian who was able to sedate the dog to be safely extracted from under the vehicle.

The fire department said Zeke is being treated for his injuries and is expected to be OK.

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Why Ride a Bicycle When You Can Drive a Car

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DefaultWhy Ride a Bicycle When You Can Drive a Car –

11-21-2019, 01:18 AM

Sometimes I marvel at the stupidity of Europeans. They are Godless, but also brainless.

Take the City of Copenhagen. It is packed with bicycles. There is even bicycle congestion.

I do not want to see adults riding bicycles in Freehold. We are a city of practical people who don’t waste our precious time poking along on sweaty bicycles.

Isaiah 24:1-3 Behold, the LORD maketh the earth empty (2)…as the taker of usury, so with the giver of usury to him. (3) The land shall be utterly emptied, and utterly spoiled: for the LORD hath spoken his word.

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DefaultRe: Why Ride a Bicycle When You Can Drive a Car –

11-21-2019, 03:31 AM

Your average vegan tree hugger avocado toast eating LIEberal hipsters are the main proponents of this bicycle riding craze, and I’ve done some calculations to show just what idiots they are:

31,000 calories = 1 gallon of gas = $2.50

31,000 calories of avocado toast = $117.80

If that weren’t enough, keep in mind all the water it takes to grow the wheat and avocados, the fertilizer (made from fossil fuels), diesel trucks and trains for transporting them, the energy it takes to bake the bread and make the toast. Sure gasoline emits CO2, but so do humans – in addition to methane (farts).

This makes Freehold, Iowa probably the most sane place on earth (and Jesus would agree).

1 slice of avocado toast = 200 calories ($0.76 each)

(Note: 1 avocado per 2 slices of toast)

1 avocado (medium, whole) = 250 calories ($1.27 each)

1 slice of toast (wheat bread) = 75 calories ($0.12 each)

Hell’s foundations quiver at the shout of praise;
brothers, lift your voices, loud your anthems raise.

…and get off my lawn

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DefaultRe: Why Ride a Bicycle When You Can Drive a Car –

11-21-2019, 04:12 PM