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Neodymics Cyclemotor Electric Bike Conversion Kit


Instantly add electric propulsion to your bicycle with this self-contained,
powered wheel

NEW – Videos demonstrating our Cyclemotor!

Design Benefits

Simple Installation

Install or remove from most bicycles in seconds, as a matter of routine

Intuitive Controls

Simple power on demand throttle control
Powerful Drivetrain

Maintain high speed up nearly any hill with one Hp direct drive motor
Fun to Ride

Fast and responsive, with low center of mass; hybrid using human and electric
Inherently Safe

Drive components supported by shock-mounted wheel, for minimal stress
on bicycle frame

Silent, industry standard hub motor

US and foreign patents pending
A Truly Green Ride

Excellent energetic performance; 25 times more efficient than an automobile

Strong Market Potential
here for PDF file with details)


The Neodymics Cyclemotor is a complete, integrated drive system. It will
attach to most standard bicycles in seconds.

Toggle clamps instantly secure the Cyclemotor to bicycle fork dropouts.

Quick release mechanism at the bicycle handlebar completes the three-point
attachment system.


Like a touring bicycle with correctly loaded front panniers, proper weight
distribution results in a powered bicycle that handles exceptionally well.
Batteries and hub motor are positioned to lower the center of gravity,
minimize rotational steering inertia and provide optimal balance about
the steering axis.

The continuously variable speed control is actuated by the rider’s thumb.
Prototype also features a dual speed switch and motor for efficient hill
climbing and high speed cruising.


A shock absorption system minimizes stress on rider and bicycle frame.
Three inches of travel enable the rider to safely traverse deep potholes
at high speeds. Suspension design is a durable trailing link with parallelogram
linkage to a single shock absorber.

Shroud covering for streamlined appearance.



The Neodymics™ Cyclemotor is an integrated propulsion system designed
for replacement of the front wheel on any standard bicycle. It contains
batteries, motor, transmission, drive electronics, shock absorber, and
control mechanism. Integrated design means simple installation. The “power
on demand” control mechanism is fitted to the bicycle steering column
on an arm extending down to the drive electronics. Attachment or removal
of the self-contained and self-propelled wheel is then instantly accomplished
without tools using a three point quick release system.

Neodymics patent pending design provides several advantages. The bicycle
center of gravity is moved closer to the pavement for better handling
than other motorized drives. The powertrain is dust shielded and water
resistant. This design does not change the original aesthetics of the
bicycle, and allows for quick removal of wheel for charging, security,
or protection from the elements. The original drive train is not altered,
so that pedal propulsion