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Bike Advocacy – Massachusetts Bicycle Coalition

Riding in MA during COVID-19

Massachusetts is under a stay-at-home advisory, per notice by the Governor, until the foreseeable future in order to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 novel coronavirus. This is something that has never occurred on this scale and severity, and in these unprecedented times MassBike has received a lot of inquiries as to whether it is still safe and smart to ride your bikes outdoors. (Got an indoor trainer? No problem!)

Our response has generally been to follow the directives of the Governor’s Office and the CDC, which have not suggested banning bicycling or other forms of active transportation or exercise as long as folks can maintain safe distance from one another. But MassBike certainly agrees with, and wants to reiterate, the official message of #StayHomeSaveLives. We encourage you all to stay home as best you can.


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Doctors in Wuhan, China enjoying a bicycle ride on their break. (ChinaDaily)

But we also recognize that bicycling is a lifeline for a lot of people throughout Massachusetts, and not just during the public health crisis. For many essential workers, bicycles are a primary mode of transport to get them to their jobs. Doctors and nurses, grocery clerks, cleaning and sanitation staff, pharmacists, journalists, and more depend on their bikes to get to work (which is why MassBike advocated strongly for bike repair to be considered an “essential service” by the Office of the Governor, read more here). Bicycles also allow for short and long distance travel while still maintaining physical separation from others, especially for those who do not have cars and want to avoid public transit. Bicycling also helps people save money, which is crucial for all of us as we unfortunately have an economy in free-fall that has millions of people suddenly out of work. And biking of course still allows for active transportation, so people can get exercise as they get where they are going. For these reasons, and more, the bicycle will be an important tool for fighting this disease by building mental as well as physical fortitude.

So how should we modify our riding to fit these uncertain times? Since the data is still changing by the day, we recommend checking with the CDC and mass.gov for latest updates, but in the past few weeks we’ve seen some basic guidance from riding clubs and advocacy organizations that boil down to these six points:

1. Ride solo, or with those you’re already quarantined with.

2. Carry all you’ll need, so you won’t need to rely on interacting with other people or depend on stores that may not be open.

3. Take the path less traveled, and find places that have open space.

3. Ride with caution, since our medical community is already overburdened you really don’t want to end up in a hospital.

4. Wash your hands, you’ve likely got some grease on them anyway.

5. Wear a mask even if you’re not feeling sick, since we know there are many asymptomatic people out


The Small Business in Transportation Coalition

Truckers.com is the official website of the Small Business in Transportation Coalition (“SBTC”), a 501(c)(6) non-profit transportation industry trade group, which promotes and protects the interests of small businesses in the industry. We encourage ethical business practices and support teamwork, cooperation, transparency, and partnerships among truckers, carriers, brokers, forwarders & shippers who seek to do business with the utmost integrity.

Join the Coalition as an Individual Member for just $50

Join the Coalition as a Corporate or Industry Supplier Member



SBTC’s Request to President for Nationwide Suspension of HOS Rules Due to Corona Virus COVID-10 Pandemic APPROVED by Federal Officials

Click Here to Read the SBTC’s March 12th 2020 Letter to the President

SBTC Files March 2, 2020 Trucker Pets Exemption Application with USDOT

SBTC Stands Up for Trucker Pets’ Rights. SIGN THE PETITION.

SBTC Calls FMCSA Staff Out over Poor Treatment of Disabled Veteran Applicants. Please Click Here to Read FMCSA’s January 13th Notice to all members of Congress.  

SBTC issues January 3, 2020 Rebuttal to FMCSA’s Alleged “Accomplishments”


Trucking Industry Trade Group Calls for

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration to be Dufunded 

SBTC Calls on Congress to #DefundFMCSA

UCR Plan Admits Data Breach on UCR.gov as Alleged by SBTC

SBTC Proposes Immediate Suspension of ELDs to Congress

SBTC Appeals to Secretary of Transportation to Publish ELD Exemption Application.

SBTC Resubmitted the AIPBA Broker Bond Exemption Application on Sept. 10th, 2019

SBTC President James Lamb Testifies on August 19th, 2019 before the SBA Regulatory Fairness Board about FMCSA’s Discriminatory and Retaliatory Practices; Discusses Release & Public Dissemination of Truckers’ SSNs without their consent. 

SBTC Refiles Exemption Application with FMCSA

SBTC Files Amended Complaint against FMCSA Over ELD Exemption Application

2019 UCR Deadline Extended to May 1st Due to UCR.gov Data Breach. Visit Our Industry Supplier Member’s* Website www.UCRAuthority.com for more information about the UCR Filing Requirement. 

Truckers who are worried that their Social Security Number was exposed during the month-long data breach can email privacy@dot.gov and/or privacy@legal.ucr.gov or call the UCR Help desk at 1-833-UCR-PLAN.

SBTC Files DOJ Pattern & Practices Complaint Against NHSP After Police Recklessly Force Truck Drivers to Climb on Top of Trucks to Remove Snow




SBTC Launches Emergency Relief Fund for Coast Guard Families. Donate Here.

SBTC Files Comments on Broker/Forwarder Financial Responsibility

Stop Midland, TX from Coercing Interstate Drivers to Violate HOS Regulations!

SBTC aka Truckers. com Files Federal Coercion Complaint Against

Midland, Texas. Add your name to the letter of complaint here.

Truckers.com is helping identify and connect available trucks that can help with the Hurricane Michael Relief effort. Truckers looking to help should contact Jessy Broughton via Facebook:

https://www.facebook.com/jessycayne or


SBTC Launches Anti-Bullying Campaign.



Friday Night September 28, 2018 Event Truck Parking Information

Saturday, Sept. 29th


Atlanta Bicycle Coalition

Bike Shops are Essential Business

Our lives are being challenged in many ways — businesses are being closed and workers are left without income;  transportation decisions and options become dilemmas; spaces to practice safe, healthful activities are being reshaped.
At the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, we’re doing what we can to lessen the impact of these challenges.  This week, we worked with local bike shop owners, city council members, Mayor Keisha Lance Bottoms, and ATL DOT Commissioner Josh Rowan to establish bike shops as essential businesses under the Mayor’s shelter-in-place executive order.  In our outreach to bike shop owners on Tuesday, we learned that some bike shops were closed and many were seeking clarification on the city’s stance.
Today, we are pleased to relay this message from Peter Kadushin, the Director of Communications for the mayor. 
“Bike shops are considered essential under the order. While not listed specifically, bike shops are authorized pursuant to Section 6(f)(15) as essential businesses.”
We shared this breaking news with two bike shop owners who had closed shop. “Thank you! Oh my goodness that’s great news.” celebrated Earl Serafica, owner of Earl’s Bike Shop, which now will re-open. 
Bike shops we spoke to are adhering to social-distancing guidelines.  Some are only doing drop-off and pick-up, all have created environments limiting access to store floors, and at least one has set up online bike-repair scheduling.  
Kate Rockett from Outback Bikes asked us to spread the word that “Outback has a full run of free bike rentals available for healthcare workers, first responders, and other essential employees to get to work”.  This shop is just one of many upholding the intentions of Section 6(f)(15) of the Mayor’s Order – ‘Essential Businesses’ means businesses that supply other essential businesses with the support or supplies necessary to operate.
Local bike shops support essential bicycle trips through repair services, similar to auto repair shops for car trips. Designating bicycle shops as essential businesses and permitting bicycling for both transportation and light recreation are crucial steps to providing relief to people in Atlanta.  To find local bike shops closest to you, check out our map.  Onward and be safe.
*Update: On March 27, the Mayor issued several clarifications of the Stay at Home Order, adding bike shops to the list of exempt businesses. 

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