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Car body process chain: from concept to final assembly

NürnbergMesse does not continue AEE – AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING EXPO

NürnbergMesse and Vincentz Network have decided not to hold the AEE – AUTOMOTIVE ENGINEERING EXPO after four editions.
The automotive industry and its suppliers are suffering from a tense economic situation. For AEE 2019, acquisition and programming proved to be very difficult. Follow-up discussions with exhibitors, the supplier and OEM advisory board and the evaluation of the key figures have shown that a successful continuation of the still young event concept is not possible without a perspective improvement of the economic situation in the automotive industry.

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Vehicle Assembly Building

The Vehicle Assembly Building (VAB) is one of the largest buildings in the world. It was originally built for assembly of Apollo/Saturn vehicles and was later modified to support Space Shuttle operations. High Bays 1 and 3 are used for integration and stacking of the complete Space Shuttle vehicle. High Bay 2 is used for external tank (ET) checkout and storage and as a contingency storage area for orbiters. High Bay 4 is also used for ET checkout and storage, as well as for payload canister operations and solid rocket boster (SRB) contingency handling.

The Low Bay area contains Space Shuttle main engine maintenance and overhaul shops, and serves as a holding area for SRB forward assemblies and aft skirts.

During Space shuttle build-up operations inside the VAB, integrated SRB segments are transfered from nearbay SRB assembly and checkout facilities, hoisted onto a Mobile Launcher Platform in High Bays 1 or 3 and mated together to form two complete SRBs. The ET, after arrival by barge, is inspected and checked out in High Bays 2 or 4 and then transfered to High Bay’s 1 or 3 to be attached to the SRBs already in place. The orbiter is then towed over from the Orbiter Processing Facility to the VAB transfer aisle, raised to a vertical position, lowered onto the Mobile Launcher Platform and then mated to the rest of the stack. When assembly and checkout is complete, the crawler-transporter enters the High Bay, picks up the platform and assembled shuttle vehicle and carries them to the launch pad.

The VAB covers 3.25 hectares (8 acres). It is 160 meters (525 ft 10 in) tall, 218 meters (716 ft 6 in) long and 158 meters (518 ft) wide. It encloses 3,664,883 cubic meters (129,428,000 cubic feet) of space. The space is divided into a Low Bay and a High Bay. The Low Bay is 64 meters (210ft) high, 83.5 meters (274 ft) long and 134.7 meters (442ft) wide. The High Bay is 160 meters (525 ft 10 in) tall, 134.7 meters (442ft) long and 158 meters (518 ft) wide).

  • Flag & Bicentennial Emblem: Added in 1976. The flag is 64 x 33.5 meters (209 x 110 ft) in size. Each stripe on the flag is 9ft wide (as big as the tour buses used to transport visitors around KSC) and the stars on the flag are 6ft across. The Bicentennial Emblem was replaced by the NASA logo (affectionately known as the “meatball” in 1998. The logo on the VAB takes up 12,300 square feet.
  • Steel: 89,421 metric tons (98,590 tons)
  • Concrete: 49,696 cubic meters (65,000 cubic yards)
  • Piling: 4,225 open-end steel pipe piles, 0.4 meters (16 inchs) in diameter were driven 49 meters (160 ft) into bedrock.
  • Air Conditioning: 9,070 metric tons (10,000 tons), 125 ventilators.
  • Lifting Devices: 71 cranes; two 227 metric ton (250 ton) bridge cranes.
  • Siding: 100,800 sq meters (1,085,000 sq ft) insulated aluminum panels; 6,503 sq meters (70,000 sq ft) plastic panels.
  • Doors: There are 4 High

Automotive & Assembly

Digital is reworking the automotive industry. Till last decade, consumers had been involved in unorganised sector of Used Automobiles trade, there have been no organised gamers to assist the consumers in buying of used vehicles, and about 60% of used automobile gross sales were customer to buyer the place there’s a belief factor.

Nowadays, many 1940 Ford Coupes, and different similar fashions, have been scorching-rodded and customized about as much as any other American automotive and, because of this, the 1940 Ford Coupe could also be thought-about the quintessential traditional American car.

Automotive Sales Training Tip Three: Using Blogs Expertly If you happen to become an knowledgeable business blogger, with a link in your dealership website, it is possible for you to to not only inform prospects about promotional events however you may as well allow them to know what kind of salesperson you are.

The automotive business makes use of our merchandise in automotive applied sciences for body and chassis systems, comfort applications, driver data, infotainment options, miniaturization options, motor and powertrain purposes, and safety and safety programs.

They’re also perfect for a fast steadiness verify on a car with a vibration coming by way of the steering when take a look at pushed after other repairs, or for a steadiness check after fitting a wheel with a brand new tire, and balancing it on a standard balancer.

The next instance shows the standard format for the administration accounts of a service workshop or bodyshop Right here now we have taken the outcomes for one technician over 12 months, assuming fundamental pay of £12 per hour and hours sold out at a median of £60 per hour.…