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825 Bicycles Are Stolen Every Day.



I’ve had 3 bicycles stolen in 18
months and I can verify that “even the very best bicycle lock can be opened in


You Don’t Believe Me


To See It Being Done!  


Still not convinced? OK,

check this list
provided by Google.  The last time I looked there were
125,000+ web pages warning us of bicycle u-lock weaknesses.

I know what you’re thinking. The manufacturer of that particular u-lock has
probably fixed the design fault. Am I right? Well, yes, that’s probably true.
They would be daft not to. If so you’re probably safe until someone works out
another way to break a u-lock.  Unfortunately you will not have to wait too long.
As you can see from the movie, it didn’t involve heavy investment in R&D to
break the last top of the range bicycle u-lock!! In fact I found a tool to open
almost any bicycle u-lock, and it costs less than £50 ($90). No it’s not a gold
plated Bic pen!

I was astonished when I looked into bicycle theft protection systems.  For
example, have you seen the protection these so called “high security rating”
bicycle u-locks provide?

How many hours of protection do you think a top of the range
bicycle u-lock is
guaranteed to provide
. Did you say 1 maybe 2 hours? – No chance. You are talking
about anywhere between 20 seconds and 3 minutes protection – AND THAT’S IF YOUR
LUCKY!!!! It’s sometimes quicker for the thief to cut the railing the u-lock is
attached too. Phone the manufacturer of your u-lock and ask them if you don’t
believe me.

Just out of curiosity I decided to investigate how secure a chain lock would be.
I didn’t waste time on one of those flimsy cheap chains. I selected one of those
chains that looked thick enough to be used to pull a small boat and long enough
to fit around a lamp post twice.  It also had a plastic sheaf to protect against
rust. I also bought an enormous pad lock. Well, it had to be to fit the chain
links. Unfortunately the chain and lock weighed 15lbs but I didn’t care about
how practical it was. I just wanted to know how secure it would be.  Do you know
what I found out? Well, the chain is great. The weak link is the
padlock. It
be picked in seconds

No wonder bicycle theft has reached epidemic proportions!!!

The results of many studies show; the best way to protect your bicycle is to
make it a less-attractive target. What does this mean? Well, one way is to keep
the bicycle out of sight. What can’t be seen is unlikely to be stolen. Another
way is to have more security on your bike than the bike it’s next to. Basically
this means if the bike next to yours has 1 u-lock,