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Transportation Preschool Theme Activities

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I’m Vanessa, a Pre-K teacher with more than 20 years of classroom teaching experience. Here at Pre-K Pages, I’m committed to helping teachers just like you teach better, save time, and live more by providing you with everything you need to create a fun and engaging learning environment, lesson plans, and activities for your little learners. As an early childhood trainer, I have spoken to thousands of teachers in person at popular early childhood conferences such as Frog Street Splash, I Teach K! and NAEYC. I was honored to receive the 2012 CCAEYC Trainer of the Year Award. My work has been featured in Scholastic Teacher magazine and on popular websites like BuzzFeed.

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Easy and Fun ESL Transportation Lesson and Activities

Teaching English language learners to talk about the different types of transportation common in English-speaking countries is essential for their success in the English language. This ESL lesson plan provides teachers and students of English as a second language with some common transit vocabulary as well as some fun activities to reinforce learning.

English Travel Vocabulary

Begin the ESL lesson by introducing the following English language transportation vocabulary and definitions:

On the Road

  • bicycle – a manual vehicle with two wheels
  • bus – a large motorized vehicle with seats for multiple passengers that usually operates as part of a scheduled paid service
  • bus stop – a place on a bus route where buses to pick up and drop off passengers
  • car – a motorized vehicle that seats five to six passengers
  • highway – a type of street between cities
  • interstate – a type of highway that crosses two or more states
  • minivan – a small passenger van
  • motorcycle – a motorized vehicle with two wheels similar to a bicycle
  • RV – a motorized vehicle used for recreation purposes and often equipped with a living area; abbreviation of recreational vehicle
  • semi – a large motorized truck with a detachable trailer used for hauling freight; abbreviation of semi-trailer
  • street – a paved surface on which vehicles drive
  • SUV – a rugged motorized vehicle designed for occasional off-road use; abbreviation of sport-utility vehicle
  • taxi – a public passenger vehicle; clipping of taxicab
  • truck – a motorized vehicle with a bed or hitch for hauling freight

In the Air

  • airplane – a motorized aircraft with wings
  • airport – an area with facilities for the landing, takeoff, shelter, supply, and repair of aircraft
  • helicopter – a motorized aircraft with rotating wings or blades
  • jet – an airplane moved by jet propulsion; clipping of jet plane
  • tarmac – an airport runway
  • terminal – a station that serves airplane passengers

On the Rails

  • cable car – a motorized vehicle operated on a cable rail
  • monorail – a motorized vehicle operated on a single rail
  • railroad – a permanent road with rails on which trains operate

  • subway – an underground railroad
  • train – a motorized vehicle operated on railroad tracks
  • tram – a motorized vehicle operated on a cable usually suspended over a canyon or between mountain peaks; clipping of tramway
  • trolley – a motorized streetcar propelled electrically from overhung wires or wires between the tracks

On the Water

  • boat – a vessel for transport by water
  • canoe – a boat with tapered points at both ends that is usually made of aluminum or fiberglass
  • cruise ship – a passenger ship used for pleasure cruises
  • rowboat – a small boat designed for rowing
  • ship – a large vessel for transport by water

For additional vocabulary and definitions, please download the accompanying vocabulary sheet from ESL Transportation Lesson Vocabulary.

ESL Activities on Transportation

After teaching the English vocabulary for travel in English speaking countries, use one or more of the following educational activities to reinforce the lesson:

  • Flashcards: Have

Got Bored Kids at Home? Check out the Petersen Automotive Museum’s Free Streams and Activities

In Los Angeles, the Petersen Automotive Museum is a go-to destination for us staffers at Automobile, and there isn’t one of us who hasn’t wiled away an afternoon there immersed in all it has to offer. While the museum is understandably closed until at least the end of March, it hasn’t taken long for it to begin a schedule of live streaming events and other educational activities from its avant garde headquarters in downtown Los Angeles, all offered for free on its website.

If you have bored kids at home, you’re in luck. The events are mostly geared toward children, though no doubt parents will enjoy following along as well. So far, the schedule is as follows (all times are PST):

  • Tuesday, March 17, 10 a.m. – Force and Motion
    • Cars are about motion. While it may seem simple to press a pedal and move forward, there are dozens of forces interacting that must be balanced to produce motion. From Newton’s laws to different types of energy, students will learn the simple physics behind the automobile.
  • Tuesday, March 17, 1 p.m. – Balloon Cars
    • For a car to move, a force must be applied. Students will explore propulsion and Newton’s Third Law of Motion by making their own balloon cars.
  • Wednesday, March 18, 10 a.m. – History of the Car
    • Cars have been in existence for more than a century (or longer, depending on when you start counting). Join the Petersen as it explores the evolution of the automobile.
  • Wednesday, March 18, 1 p.m. – License Plates
    • License plates identify vehicles as properly registered with the state, but may also serve as a canvas. Students will create their own license plates and decorate them to show off something about their home state.
  • Thursday, March 19, 10 a.m. – Storytime Featuring “Go, Dog, Go!” By P.D. Eastman
    • Students will read the beloved tale about dogs and their cars.
  • Thursday, March 19, 1 p.m. – Animal Cars 
    • Students will make a car of their favorite animal with materials found around the house.
  • Friday, March 20, 10 a.m. – Design Process
    • Utilizing the car, students will explore how things go from idea to finished product.
  • Friday, March 20, 1 p.m. – Car Models
    • A critical part of automotive design is creating a model. Students will create car models to show how the modeling process can help to explore design choices.
    • Future lessons will cover propulsion, aerodynamics, racing and a host of other topics.

More Videos

Also, head to the Petersen Automotive Museum’s Online Education area. There, kids can download and


Sports activities Bicycle Producers In Bhatinda

Using a bicycle needs balancing expertise that youngsters and elderly individuals might not have and as such one other wheel is added to the bicycle to present it stability and ease of operation. Mountain bikes usually characteristic a ‘straight handlebar’ or ‘riser bar’ with various levels of sweep backwards and centimeters rise upwards, in addition to wider widths which can provide better handling due to increased leverage towards the wheel.

Toward the rear, the cleat 6 might have a comfortable area 1 b designed to press towards the rear bridge 2 b of the pedal physique in order to counter vertical float. Rotterdam ByCycle organises bike rides for another, more lively way of seeing the city.

We held off on shopping for a speedometer and odometer unit for our bikes, but once we bought severe about losing a few pounds and getting in shape, this feature became a “will need to have.” You merely cannot observe your progress without realizing how far and how briskly you’re using.

However in any case amendments to the original design, it was J. K. Starley who launched the primary fashionable bicycle within the yr 1885 which was popularly often known as the Rover. A metropolis bike may additionally have an internally-geared rear hub for ease of use and maintenance, and a constructed-in generator and lights for security when using after dark.

Intricate homeless tunnel encampments had been discovered all along the Santa Ana River path system in California in November 2017, including one room the place more than 1,000 bicycles have been being saved, according to the Los Angeles Times.

By altering the angular place of the cylinder 28 it is possible to cause the top of the plate 18 to relaxation in opposition to a different side such as 28 a which lies a special distance away from the axis of the cylinder, thus altering the stress within the plate 18 and due to this fact the elastic return power on the bow 10. It’s thus doable to adjust the return torque applied to the bow 10.…