Car financing refers to the various financial products that allow a person to purchase a car, including car loans and leases. The most common way to buy a car in the United States is to borrow money and then pay it in installments. Over 85% of new cars and half of the used cars are financed, say drivers on

Before you decide to buy a car in installments we suggest you read reviews related to American car companies. If you are planning to buy a car, but cash is not a solution for you, start informing yourself about how to buy in installments.

What does a car purchased in installments entail?

In the case of a car loan, the owner of the car is the user, the bank being only the institution that grants the financial loan, which it will subsequently recover in monthly installments.

In this situation, it should be mentioned that the customer has owned the car since the beginning of the crediting period. The customer also can repay the loan in full at any time during the contract. In general, car loans involve higher interest rates and a busier bureaucracy than personal loans.

After you have decided on how to finance, the next step in making the final decision follows: finding the most advantageous loan or leasing offer on the financial market.

Advantages of car loan compared to other ways of financing

For people interested in purchasing a car, but who do not have the necessary funds, financial institutions have three dedicated products in their financing offer:

  • car loan
  • personal needs loan
  • car leasing

If we had to choose between them, car loans have obvious advantages: lower interest than personal loans, and the customer becomes the owner of the car from the beginning of the lending period, as opposed to leasing financing.

Also, the amounts borrowed by car loans are higher than in the case of personal loans, being between 2000 euros and 75000 euros. And in the case of a car loan, unlike car leasing, there is the possibility of early repayment of the loan after at least 6 months from its contracting.

The car loan can be used to buy a new or used car, depending on the bank’s specifications.

The repayment period is between 6 months and 7 years. In general, for second-hand cars, the amount borrowed is lower, and the loan repayment period is shorter, reflecting the repayment period of the guarantee.

To be able to choose a financial solution – personal or car loan, car leasing – the particularities of these products must be analyzed. In the case of the personal needs loan, the destination of the borrowed amount must not be justified, and the amount granted may cover other expenses occasioned by the purchase of the car. That would be the main advantage. A car loan is a type of financing with a specific destination and does not cover other costs besides the purchase of the car. The advantage of buying a car by car loan over the loan for personal needs is the lower level of final costs, due to interest.

In conclusion, statistics show that in the last four years, the growth of car sales has doubled from year to year. An important factor in this evolution is the advantageous financial solutions to which a growing segment of the population has access and last but not least, the adaptation of the offers of banking and non-banking companies to market requirements.