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Progressive Automotive X PRIZE

Education Outreach for the Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE continued in September and October, 2011 at the  U.S.Department of Energy’s Solar Decathlon held in the National Mall’s West Potomac Park in Washington, D.C. Nineteen collegiate teams from around the world  competed to determine which group had created the most efficient solar powered home. Competition categories included Architecture, Energy Balance, Affordability, Engineering, and Market Appeal.


Though quite a few of the competition days were solar-challenged, the demonstration homes performed well, and visitors lined up for a chance to inspect the innovative design and construction inside and out.


 The Under The Hood – Drive Change Today activity cart was very popular with the energy-efficiency-minded Solar Decathlon visitors.  The activities in the cart are designed to provide a hands-on introduction to principles of energy use, by-products of energy consumption, and conservation. 


DSC01508DSC01413Mixing  vinegar and baking soda provides an immediate Carbon Dioxide reaction…





 …while yeast and water take longer to work together to create the same effect.





The aerodynamic properties of cars of different shapes and sizes were compared on test tracks. With hair dryers creating wind resistance, it was clear that boxy designs and luggage racks can drastically reduce energy efficiency.



A favorite activity was the battery circuit station, where the challenge was to complete an energy circuit utilizing a battery, wires and tape, in order to light a small bulb.  The more batteries, the brighter the light, until the tiny lights blow from the energy supplied by about 6 to 7 D batteries.








The principles how of interlocking gears work to control speed and direction of movement were explored by many visitors to the booth as well.DSC01538

At the NC Museum of Life and Science in Durham, a week of Progressive Insurance Automotive X PRIZE education events and activities were held in the museum’s hands-on investigation lab space.  



 DSC01657  DSC01675Museum visitors learned that under-inflated tires and dirty air filters are two enemies of energy efficiency.





Visitors used a high-magnification camera and display screen to compare clean and dirty filters and learned how a dirty air filter slows the intake of air needed for efficient burning of fuel. 

DSC01644 DSC01678

 DSC01690 The challenge of designing and constructing paper  luggage racks and testing their effect on a car’s aerodynamics was also a popular activity using the museum’s high tech spring loaded tester track.


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WheelsTV Showroom

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The WheelsTV Showroom is a fully-managed Software as a Service (SaaS) offering. That means we take care of the heavy lifting so you don’t have to.


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Scott Rienert, Merchants Autos


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Download Automobile Engineering PDF Books

Download Automobile Engineering PDF of various titles, authors, and publications for free in PDF format.

automobile engineering pdf

About Automotive Engineering:

The Engineering in Automotive Industry is a university degree, which grants the title of Engineer in Automotive Industry. It has a curriculum of 4 (four) years, consisting of approximately 4,000 hours of class.

Automotive engineering books pdf work in the design of automobile parts, as well as the association of the supervision of the mechanical and electrical maintenance of official automobiles PDF. They are developed by the engineers of projects for the processes of automotive operation, in which some important points, like the area of distribution, human resources, equipment and machinery that contribute to quality control and material handling, are considered.

In the area of automobile engineering, alternative sources of energy are stressed upon and developed in the automotive industry, such as the development of new technologies. They provide guidance on mechanical and electronic maintenance, through a company in the industry or on its own automotive service company in the field of work. makes it super easy for you to download automobile engineering PDF books for free. This area of automotive engineering can be developed in the industry the part of mechanical, electrical, electronic maintenance, and project engineering. It controls the production of quality control in industrial engineering and in automotive agencies that can provide you with workshop advice. Automotive engineering books and mechanisms that in ancient times called energy from the automobile. It refers to the ignition, starting, battery and charger that can focus on the development of new technologies.

Automobile Engineering PDF Books FREE Download:

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Classic Automotive Consultants – Appraisals and Valuations of Classic, Muscle, and Antique Automobiles and Cars

Let Classic Automotive Consultants provide you with a Pre-Purchase Inspection of
  • Condition
  • Unique Features
  • Defects and Flaws

before you finalize the purchase.

Could You Profit From Classic Car Investment Consulting?

Let Classic Automotive Consultants find the Investment Quality vehicle for your portfolio

Need a Valuation For Your Classic, Muscle, or Antique Car?

Let Classic Automotive Consultants provide:
  • A Stated Value Appraisal for Insurance purposes
  • A Cash Value Appraisal for Divorce, Bankruptcy, or Litigation
  • A Replacement Value Appraisal for Loss & Damage Repair

Experienced with Court appearances on behalf of consumers in support of total-loss and diminished value claims. Classic Automotive Consultants appraisals have been accepted in numerous bankruptcy and divorce litigation suits. Stated Value, Cash Value, and Replacement Value Appraisals have been prepared for virtually every major insurance company.

Classic Automotive Consultants is a recognized Automotive Industry Master Appraiser.

Appraiser of Record for:
  • John Travolta’s automobile collection
  • Cars owned by Sean Penn, Olivia Newton John & hundreds of other individuals
  • Al Wiseman and Millard Newman collections, recognized by Kruse International to be among the top 20 collections in the United States
  • Historic Vehicles such as The Batmobile, FDR’s Presidential Parade car, Zora Duntov’s personal ’56 Corvette

Auto Show & Concours de Elegance Judge for:
  • Antique Auto Club of America
  • Classic Car Club of America
  • Mustang Club of America
  • National Corvette Restorers Society qualified

Catalog and Pre-Auction Inventory Estimates:
  • Working with Dean Kruse, prepared for the Summer 2005 Streicher Auto Museum in Lalling, Germany, one of the largest collector car & vintage motorcycle auctions assembled outside of the United States

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Automotive PEEK Polymers | Automotive Thermoplastics

We worked with the Victrex team in Grantsburg to help specify gear materials and geometry that would make our goals possible. Rapid engineering feedback and expertise allowed us to confidently design and tool this system early and start testing production samples in our very first Patriot engine. The gear geometry coupled with PEEK material proved to be extremely durable and also help contribute to the low weight and inertia our customers expect.

Leveraging Victrex’s gear expertise and material offerings helped contribute to the success of the Patriot 850 engine program. I would not hesitate to work with your team again.

(Click the + to read the full story)

From day-one the Patriot 850 engine program was heavily scoped around durability.  All engine dimensions and features were on the table to enable increased durability.  Using analysis tools and premium materials we also challenged ourselves to optimize each component for lowest possible mass and rotational inertia. One central feature of our new engine architecture is the water pump and its drive.  The water pump drive uses a highly engineered cross-axis helical gear pair coupled directly to the crankshaft.  The gear set and shaft must transmit torque at a 90 degree angle whilst withstanding engine temperatures, rapid accelerations, and shaft speeds near 9000 RPM.

Aside from withstanding the operating environment, this drive also needed to be compact.  The drive set influences the overall width and height of the engine.  Due to its central location, we had to be design this system early in the engine program and have high confidence that it would not need to change.

We worked with the Victrex team in Grantsburg (Wi) to help specify gear materials and geometry that would make our goals possible.  Rapid engineering feedback and expertise allowed us to confidently design and tool this system early and start testing production samples in our very first Patriot engine.  The gear geometry coupled with PEEK material proved to be extremely durable and also help contribute to the low weight and inertia our customers expect.

Leveraging Victrex’s gear expertise and material offerings helped contribute to the success of the Patriot 850 engine program.  I would not hesitate to work with your team again.

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Welcome to Reap Automotive Design


Reap Automotive Design is a London based firm serving U.K. and international clients. We produce the highest quality product available, our color coded gauges were supplied to Porsche G.B.(993), Aston Martin Lagonda (DB7) and Nissan (Skyline R33, R34).

We have been supplying custom gauges or “white dials” to motor industry and individual clients for 30 years. We offer a gauge restoration service specializing in Porsche gauges from early 911 through to 993.

Gauges can be sent to Reap Automotive Design for Color Coding, Restoration or Repair, alternatively we offer an onsite service where colored dials can be fitted into your vehicle by a Porsche trained fitter, this service is by appointment only.



Reap Automotive Design was founded in 1992 by Julian Reap after having 10 years experience in automotive design. Julian Reap graduated from the Central School of Art & Design in 1979 gaining a degree in Industrial Design.

Producing custom gauges/white dials has become the core of the business, but Reap Automotive Design has continued to be successful in the field of automotive styling . They have managed projects from design & development too manufacture for clients as well as their own products, their styling package for Overfinch’s Range Rover Sport won the Ford Design Award at the 2005 SEMA show in Las Vegas for best new product.



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The Best Crossovers for 2020

This article was last updated by Digital Trends contributor Kristen Hall-Geisler on March 30, 2020.

You’ve got gear to haul, large items to buy, and pets that need shuttling to play dates. No car will do for you, you need an SUV. The best crossover you can buy is the Nissan Rogue. It didn’t become Nissan’s best-selling model — and one of America’s best-sellers — by accident. When we drove it, we praised its bang-for-the-buck proposition, its comfortable and spacious interior, and the decent amount of performance it offers.

Standing out in this crowded segment of the market is easier said than done. If the Rogue doesn’t win you over, there are other great options on the market. Digital Trends has driven them all; we published nearly 90 car reviews in 2018. By drawing on this vast experience, we’ve selected the best luxury crossover and the best high-performance crossover, among other options.

The best crossover: Nissan Rogue

2018 Nissan Rogue

Why should you buy this: It’s all the crossover you need.

Who’s it for? Anyone with gear or people to carry.

How much will it cost? $25,300+

Why we picked the Nissan Rogue:

The Nissan Rogue is exactly what a car-derived crossover should be. It’s reasonably big so it can carry five adults and their gear with ease, and it offers a relatively generous amount of ground clearance so it’s not afraid of light off-roading.

And yet, it’s more efficient than its footprint suggests. It’s powered by a 2.5-liter four-cylinder engine rated at 170 horsepower and 175 pound-feet of torque. Front-wheel drive comes standard, and helps the Rogue return 29 mpg in a combined cycle, while all-wheel drive is offered at an extra cost. These figures are impressive considering the Rogue’s size and weight, and they illustrate what often makes crossovers more attractive than traditional SUVs. However, the hybrid version of the Rogue has been discontinued for 2020.

Even the entry-level Rogue comes with features like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay compatibility, automatic emergency braking, and intelligent lane intervention. Leather upholstery and Nissan’s ProPilot Assist technology, which assists with braking, steering, and lane centering tasks, are offered on more expensive trim levels.

Read our full Nissan Rogue review

The best midsize crossover: Subaru Ascent

best crossovers 2019 Subaru Ascent

Why should you buy this: It’s a big vehicle that doesn’t feel big.

Who’s it for: Large families.

How much will it cost: $31,995+

Why we picked the Subaru Ascent:

The Ascent was designed primarily to keep Subaru owners who needed bigger vehicles from defecting to other brands, but it’s a solid choice even if your current ride isn’t a Forester or an    Outback. In addition to plenty of space (including a headline-grabbing 19 cupholders), the seven- or eight-seat Ascent boasts a solid array of tech features and impressive driving dynamics.

Available tech features include built-in Wi-Fi that can support up to eight devices, and a rearview mirror that displays streaming video. Similar to versions offered on certain General Motors and Nissan vehicles, it displays a feed from


Bear Automotive


Bear Automotive is a full service auto repair shop located in Kimberling City MO— owned and operated by Mike and Nancy Connelly. We have been in business since 1999. We moved here from a small town in Colorado, where Mike was a Service Manger for over 20 years. 


Since then, we’ve come to be known as the auto repair and service place that you can trust. That’s because we care about our customers and we show it with our excellent customer service. We treat our customers the way we want to be treated — with kindness, respect, and courtesy. We also give you information about your car in a language you can understand and appreciate. We know you’re not an expert and not schooled in the technical aspects of auto repair, so we make it a practice to put things in terms that are easily understood by everyone. Automotive Care That You Can Trust.

When you bring your car, SUV or truck in to Mike or Ted  at our shop, we listen carefully and investigate the problem before we give you the news about your vehicle, good or bad. We make it a priority to give you honest answers to your automotive questions and concerns. Our auto repair staff is extremely knowledgeable and skilled when it comes to the repair of most vehicles, whether Domestic, or Asian model.

Whether you need simple maintenance, an extensive overhaul or a complicated diagnostic — we can do it all. Additionally, we provide alternatives to expensive dealers in providing professional and reliable service and repair. Mike is our ASE master certified technician and service writer, who has earned us the ASE Blue Seal of Excellence.



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Alternator (automotive) – Wikipedia

Alternator (silver) mounted on a V8 engine

Alternators are used in modern automobiles to charge the battery and to power the electrical system when its engine is running.

Until the 1960s, automobiles used DC dynamo generators with commutators. With the availability of affordable silicon diode rectifiers, alternators were used instead. This was encouraged by the increasing electrical power required for cars in this period, with increasing loads from larger headlamps, electric wipers, heated rear windows and other accessories.


The modern type of vehicle alternators were first used by the military from WWII, to power radio equipment on specialist vehicles.[i] Post-war, other vehicles with high electrical demands, such as ambulances and radio taxis, could also be fitted with optional alternators.[1]

Alternators were first introduced as standard equipment on a production car by the Chrysler Corporation on the Valiant in 1960, several years ahead of Ford and General Motors.[1][2]

Magnetos in early automobiles[edit]

Some early automobiles, like the Ford Model T, used a different sort of charging system: an engine-driven magneto which generated low-voltage alternating current that was supplied to trembler coils, which provided the high voltage needed to generate ignition sparks. (This was different from a true ignition magneto, which generates high voltage directly.) Since such a magneto system only depended on the engine’s motion to generate current, it could even be used when starting a manually cranked engine, provided the crank was pulled sharply, so that the magneto would produce enough current for the coils to make good sparks.

The Model T incorporated its magneto into the engine flywheel. The first Model Ts used the magneto solely for the trembler coil ignition. Beginning with the 1915 model year, Ford added electric headlights, also powered by the magneto.[3][4] The magneto circuit was strictly AC, with no battery included. (There was a switch on the ignition coils to use a battery instead, which could be helpful when starting in cold weather, but Ford neither provided a battery nor did it encourage the use of one before it introduced an electric starter in 1919. The owner would have to install the battery himself and charge it externally.)

Starting in the 1919 model year, Ford upgraded the Model T to include an electric starter, which was standard for some models and optional for others. This starter installation also included a battery, charged by a conventional dynamo, and the lights were now powered by the battery. However, the flywheel magneto still powered the ignition, and since models without the starter had no battery, they continued to use magneto-powered lights.[5][6]

Advantages over dynamos[edit]

Alternators have several advantages over direct-current generators (dynamos). They are lighter, cheaper, more rugged, and can provide useful charge at idle speed. They use slip rings having greatly extended brush life over a commutator. The brushes in an alternator carry only DC excitation current, a small fraction of the current carried by the brushes of