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These guys. My favorite. They are honest, thorough, take care of what’s necessary and look out for your best interest. I won’t go anywhere else. 🙂

Took my Ford Edge in to Marysville Ford because the Low Brake Fluid light came on. They inspected it and told me it would cost $1200 to replace the master cylinder and the brake booster. Called Automotive Inc and they quoted me $300 for the same work.

After picking up my car and taking it to Automotive Inc, they informed me that he took the battery out, tightened fittings and bled system and everything looks fine, no replacement necessary and a grand total of $84.70.

I get that taking your car to a dealership can be more expensive, but 4x’s the cost seems like gouging. And on top of that, I had to pay $160 to the dealership for the hour spent for diagnostic which wasn’t even right! I will NEVER return to Marysville Ford and would happily recommend Automotive Inc for quality, speed and reasonable pricing!

Corey is AWESOME !!!
I came in on a Friday at 5:30pm with a damaged exhaust pipe. I had been quoted upwards of $17oo ~ my friend recommended Corey when I called distressed over the price of quote!
When I pulled in so late in the day I didn’t expect to have my car repaired~ BUT~
Corey said “yeah that part costs a lot of money” then: “give me a minute” he put my car up on the rack” ” said “don’t look at the blue light”. And right then and there he just welded the joint that was damaged !!!

I had NO IDEA how competent and skillful Corey was until he took care of my car with such prowess! He charged me $28! When I asked his daughter what I could do to repay him his kindness~ she said a Cabela Gift Card! That’s what I did and wrote this review: Because~
Automotive Inc. ~ IS AWESOME !!

Corey is the best! I received an insanely high quote at another place for my front brakes. I called Corey, as I had him look over my car before. My brakes were done in an hour by Corey, at half the price! He also recommended a great breakfast place called Jays across the road! Corey, your dedication to running a tight ship is admirable. I can’t thank you enough!

I was referred to Corey by a coworker. I’ve taken my car in here twice. The first time we had gotten new tires at Les Schwab and they quoted us an insanely high amount for a brake job. We took it to Corey for a second opinion and his quote was significantly lower. We had recently had a caliper replaced elsewhere but suspected it wasn’t done properly; he called after inspecting it rather than just replacing it without asking.

The second time we took it in, the car badly needed a suspension overhall (front and back). Again, the quote was fair and we were not charged for anything we did not request. He could have charged us to rebalance the tires, since we thought we would need it after getting the suspension redone, but it turned out it wasn’t needed.

The other big thing I want to point out is that I have never been taken advantage of or talked down to for being a woman. That shouldn’t even need to be included in a review, but unfortunately I’ve experienced my fair share of it elsewhere (and it’s a very common experience for women in general).

I won’t take my car anywhere else!

Corey (and company) knows cars better than anyone I’ve ever known. My friend Luther referred this shop when it still belonged to Corey’s dad. Corey was still an up-and-comer but he’s now at the top of his game.

My super duty F-350 now runs better than ever.

Brought my 2008 Chevy Silverado in for a suspension overhaul and various other fixes. Corey was prompt, professional and communicated very well about all the work being done. He never tried to upsell me, or suggest any parts/repairs that weren’t needed or requested by me. He did find some issues that I was told by another mechanic were fine just a week ago, but clearly were not.

I’ll continue to bring my vehicles to him in the future despite the fact that I live in Marysville. Its worth the inconvenience to have my vehicles worked on by a competent, honest, and professional mechanic.

Honesty, Integrity, and absolute knowledge and skill with all aspects of automotive repairs. I’ve been bringing all of my vehicles and my friends vehicles to Corey for years and he has always exceeded my expectations. Simply the best mechanic in the business. Highly recommend.

I’ve taken our VW Jetta to these guys several times, on the initial recommendation of my coworker. I have not been disappointed.

What I appreciate about Corey is that he’s not trying to sell you anything you don’t need. He’ll tell you if there’s an urgent repair, or if there’s something that you should do but doesn’t need to be immediate. When I took my car in because I kept getting slow leaks and was told the struts needed replacing, I asked about fixing my heated passenger seat, too. He told me that it would be at least 1.5 hours of labor and the part that is most commonly broken when the seat heater isn’t working is several hundred dollars to replace: easily $500+ total. For me, on this car: not worth it. He could have tried to sell me on it, but he didn’t.

Their prices are fair and they almost always get the job done same day. And, they always fix my brake light without being asked!

Been using these guys since I had my first caddy…and been takin everything else there since then…very reasonably priced they dont try to oversell you or waste any shop time tryin to get you for $$… Corey & his crew are GREAT…just like his Old Man…

Asked Corey to inspect the vehicle before a big trip, along with doing some service. He didn’t inspect it, apparently.
My front ball joint failed catastrophically, thankfully after I’d returned from my trip. The tow truck driver and Les Schwab both said it should have been obvious to anyone knowledgeable who looked at it.
After years of doing with Automotive inc, I just couldn’t abide that. If that happened at the wrong place on a mountain road or with oncoming traffic, it could have cost me my life.
I still think they do good work and are honest, but watch the details.

Working with these guys ( especially Corey ) is the best automotive experience I have ever had. They are very knowledgeable, fast, helpful, honest, and over all wonderful.
I have been going there for years, because after my first visit they inspired me to semd them a thank you card ^_^

Went to get an oil change and tire rotation for my car. Corey was very friendly, honest, prompt and throrough with my car. Being Older (2006) he informed me of wearing parts on the car and what will need to be replaced in the future (belts and tires). He didn’t try to up-sell me and assured me the car was safe to drive as is. $42 and change for an oil change and tire rotation in my opinion is a great deal. I will definitely be back and highly recommend Automotive Inc to others.

The most honest business in Seattle. Worth making an appt with. They are worth their weight in gold!

CHOOSE THIS PLACE! Best auto shop ever! Seriously the nicest, most honest people you will ever meet. I was thinking about buying a car at a nearby used car lot, and they literally saved me a $15,000 mistake.

I called on the way up from Gig Harbor because I found these guys on Yelp, and Corey very kindly offered to check out the car I was planning on test driving. He was quick, thorough, and honest about the state of the car, and didn’t charge me a DIME for the consultation (most other places charge $100+).

Choose this place if you are looking for friendly, honest guys who just want to help you out.

Took my car in with a check engine light on to the place across the way, but they weren’t open before 9am so I wandered over to Automotive Inc and Corey said he’d take a quick look for me. He cleared the code and told me to watch how it was running and come back if it was running rough so I did two days later when it happened again. I had it back before closing running smoothly again after new plugs. Very professional/helpful, would go here again for sure (and reasonable hourly time billed for labor unlike the Seattle VW dealerships I’ve used before).

I love these guys!

After failing my emissions test, having metal to metal breaks and two broken brake lights I felt hopeless. I heard about these guys from an auto parts store and am so glad I was able to find them. My dad who lives 5 hours away knows a lot about cars but was unable to come over and fix mine so I was left to deal with this on my own. Being a young girl in the car world doesn’t give me a lot of credit and I know practically nothing about cars.

Corey at Automotive Inc. not only explained exactly what was wrong with my car so that I could understand it and not feel like an idiot but took the time to figure out a weird problem that was going on with my brake lights. He then called around to find me the best deal on some parts that would have normally cost me double the price.

I had my car back in less than 2 days and when I told my dad about not only my awesome experience but the price for everything he was in shock and told me it was a very fair price and I was lucky to have found this place. To top it off I didn’t even need my waiver for my emissions test because he fixed everything that was listed!

Another long overdue review for a great locally owned shop. Awhile back I was having electrical problems with my 2002 Honda Accord – the power door locks would come unlocked on their own, and worst of all the alarm would go off at all hours for no reason. I took it to Honda dealership in Renton, where they first diagnosed the problem as a failing battery. Replaced the battery, problems continue, strike 1. Took it back, they replaced the driver’s side door lock actuator. Problems continue, strike 2.

Electrical problems can be a pain to pinpoint, but at this point I was done with the dealer and took it to Automotive Inc. Although they were not able to pinpoint the source of the problem (which I don’t fault them for, the previous owner had installed the alarm himself and done a number on the wiring), Cory spent a good hour working the problem, and was able to at least alleviate the alarm issues by disabling the power door locks, which were causing the alarm to go off when they unlocked themselves.

Since he wasn’t able to find the real problem, he didn’t charge me a cent for his time. I was so impressed with their integrity and service that I later brought the car back to them when it was time for my timing belt to get replaced. Their price was fair and competitive, I dropped the car off in the morning on my way to work and it was ready to go by the time I got home. Outstanding!

Excellent service, super mechanics and honest, no wonder it’s so busy, I’m a repeat customer who will return for sure!!

EXCELLENT! I called at 1:00 to get the car fixed. Cory said, “Can you bring it in now?” WOW! YES!!! (Everywhere else they make me do an appointment…not here.)

Cory got us on the road again by 5:00pm.

I am a fan. I will use Automotive Inc (or ACDELCO) regularly.

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