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New Zealand and West Australia 2019

Dragging a (willing!) friend on his first cycle tour + solo trip up the coast of Australia.

By Matt Pepperdine

#923 – posted Sunday March 29, 2020 by Neil Gunton

Nearing my 24rd birthday, I decided to bite the bullet and head off to a country I’d always dreamed about visiting- New Zealand… and what better way to see it than on a bicycle! Originally I’d just planned to spend a month and a half meandering from Auckland to Christchurch and catch a flight back home, but the trip ending up a hell of a lot longer.

Different from my previous tours of Scotland, and Central Europe, I actually managed to recruit someone to cycle with me this time. I somehow roped in Jamie, a really good friend from Uni, into flying 11,500 miles across the world to do something he’d never even come close to doing before! Fresh out of Uni, we were both in the position of being able to quit our basic jobs and return to them in the future which worked out really nicely… – read this journal

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